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The Best Top Vh1 Horror Movie Series


VH1 has everything you can talk about in entertainment. It has produced top and worse of everything. The show started a decade ago and has covered almost every aspect of music and entertainment.

Horror movies come every year and some of them have been around in Vh1. Vh1 is currently set up for its own horror series “Scream Queens”. It will be an eight-episode long series.

Vh1 has created lists of tops of every kind. It has not left horror movies behind either and some of the best are in its list of top 50 horror movies of all time. The old classic movies are on the list and some new ones as well. They have not forgotten to include all the big hits which are every horror lover’s favorite like Psycho and The Exorcist.

Movies from this decade have also made it to top Vh1. Some even released after Vh1 was started. SAW and hostel were the most popular horror movies of this decade and did some good business for weeks after their launch. The hostel was in the top 10 horror movies list of 2006.

Evil Dead 2 has made it to the list which was a great horror movie of its time. It really made people shiver with fear in the dark. The final destination is in the top Vh1 as well. It really impressed people in all of its sequels. Final Destination 4 was not as big as the previous sequels were but it still managed to generate some good revenue income.

Talking about horror movies is incomplete when we don’t include names like Night of the living dead. This movie really set the standard within the horror genre. It was made back in 1968 and still leaves its impression on new viewers. People who are horror fans watch this movie again and again. Night of The Living Dead is at number 2 on top Vh1’s list of horror movies of all time.

The number one spot has been given to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie was released in 1973 and did record business worldwide. Its sequel did come out but did not make as much impact as the first one did. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been on top of many lists and Vh1 has certainly not forgotten about the fact.

Horror movies will keep coming out and new lists of top Vh1 will keep on coming. Twilight is one great movie and it rests assured it’ll make it up the list when next top Vh1 comes out for horror movies.

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