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The Frantic Farm Fowl Fun Game Review


I haven’t been on the farm for years, so I had almost forgotten just how many fun chickens could be. “Chicken Chase” on Legacy Games brought it all back to me, with slick graphics, engaging sound and some really intense action.

So, what could be fun about chickens?

How about healing, birthing, buying, selling and protecting them, all while trying to keep them fed and picking up the treasures they unearth?

As you try to make a buck with your beloved fowl, you are given objectives to achieve, from collecting eggs to making a certain dollar amount, with each completed objective progressing you to the next level and greater challenges.

The more chickens and roosters you have roaming around, the more intense it gets, with the pace quickening to the point where you almost can’t click fast enough to keep up. This is just part of the fun – it’s balanced enough to make each level possible to beat but hard enough to walk away with some pride when you finally do it.

I chose to play the game in windowed mode, because I usually have other things going on in the background, like… work. The game runs great in both windowed and full-screen mode, so no matter your preference it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve tried to think of another game that I have played to compare “Chicken Chase” to, but I can’t get one to come to mind. Maybe it’s the fact that you are managing a chicken coop in real-time, and this in itself is a singular act with no real comparison. No matter what aspect makes it original, it’s a welcome change; it’s rare to find something that has true originality.

I’d recommend giving it a shot. Even if you didn’t grow up on a farm, and have never experienced the sublime fun that is chasing down angry chickens, you may find this game interesting enough, original enough and frantic enough to make you wish you had grown up on that farm.

The free trial gives you more than enough time to get a feel for the game, so what do you have to lose, other than a few chickens to some hungry ravens?

For myself, while I have “Chicken Chase” minimized, I think I’ll load up the old web browser and buy a plane ticket back to the farm. There are some… unfinished business that I must attend to.

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