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To Rome With Love, the Best Entertained Movie


The Italian capital Rome is the common background to four different stories that develop independently of one another, in a typical Woody Allen style.

Jack is a student of architecture who lives in the neighborhood of Taste was with his girlfriend Sally. One day he meets John, a famous American architect who becomes his mentor. John offers him several advice first of all not to fall into easy temptation, which means for Jack try not to fall in love for Sally’s best friend Monica, a young actress capable of bewitching people with her ‘embellished’ stories.

Jerry (Woody Allen) is a record producer and former opera director, a bit neurotic (of course, it’s Woody’s typical character), who comes to Rome together with his wife in order to meet his daughter Hayley and her fiancé’ Michelangelo. However, Jerry seems more interested in trying to pursue the career of his daughter’s soon to be the father in law.

The guy, a mortician by profession, is an original self-taught opera singer, who is able to perform at his best only while taking a shower. At this point, Jerry/Woody Allen reveals his genius and originality: a peculiar version of the opera I Pagliacci is soon put in place where the tenor performs on stage singing while washing him inside a shower cabin!

Famous Italian actor and director Roberto Benign, known by the international public especially for his Oscar movie ‘La vita e’ belle’, in this film is a boring clerk who one day, for reasons which remain unknown, finds himself in the middle of a media scene, constantly assaulted by reporters, surrounded by beautiful ladies looking for a date with him, and left with no hope for any privacy.

He soon understands the price of fame. Everything ends as suddenly as it started, when one day another ordinary guy, also without any logical reason, takes the lights of the scene.

Antonio, newly married and just arrived in the capital hoping for the help of some relatives to find a new job, is forced to a misunderstanding to pass off the prostitute Anna (Penelope Cruz) as his wife. Meanwhile, his real wife Millie, who got lost in downtown, meets the Italian film star Luca Salta and she is taken by him in a hotel room.

A robber breaks into the room interrupting Luca’s imminent flirt towards Millie. In a succession of hilarious and unexpected scenes, Millie decides to take advantage of the beauty of the thief, interpreted by the famous Italian actor Riccardo Scenario.

In the meantime, Antonio also cannot resist taking one ‘class’ using Anna’s “expertise”. Finally, back together, Antonio and Millie agree to put an end to their Roman adventure and return back to the Northern city of Pordenone from where they come from.

If you are familiar with Woody Allen’s movie, here we can find again some of his most typical characters, starting from the neurotic, obsessed with the fear of death, but funny at the same time, character Jerry interpreted by the director himself.

The characters of Benign/Leopold and Cruz/Anna are also outstanding. The best of both character’s qualities highlighted throughout the movie.

Roberto Benign shows a mix of wit and irony and laughing with him is always a guaranty.

Penelope Cruz shows all her beauty and sensuality also with a lot of ironies. Her Italian with a slight Spanish accent sounds brilliant and is very effective.

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