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The World Top 3 Places and You Should Go for Your Life Best Entertainment


Of the many interesting and alluring places, there are to visit in the vast world we live in, there are three places I would love to visit in 2019. Costa Rica, Italy, and Egypt are three of the most highly sought-after places to visit both for their beauty and intrigue.

Each location is popular for different reasons ranging from history to the natural beauties that adorn its borders. You should go for your life best entertainment. I hope you will never forget these entertainments in your whole life.

Costa Rica

For a relaxing and wondrous time, Costa Rica is the country to visit. With its quiet beauty, this country offers many activities ranging from leisurely sunbathing on black sand beaches to zipping through thick rain forests attached to nothing but a rope and a helmet.

Many visitors spend entire vacations exploring the culture and majesty that is Costa Rica and only uncover a small amount of it. For a warm and welcoming visit, I would love to see Costa Rica and my best memories. I love to be there and see all the places in Costa Rica.


Days filled with history, power, and unmatched cuisine can be spent while visiting Italy. With every building showcasing the architecture of yesteryear and every street corner holding a story of the struggle for power and wealth, this country has surprises at every corner. Statues and artwork adorn these countries every wall.

Fields of luscious wineries are a welcome change from the busy city streets. For a culinary experience like no other, Italy offers palette-pleasing entrees that make the mouth go wild. I daydream about visiting Italy in 2019. Italy has some different places in the whole world.


Great mystery and myth cloud Egypt. For a trip filled with stories of a past world of gold and unimaginable feats of construction, Egypt is at the top of my list. Exploring the great Pyramids and learning about the myths that surround each buried king can whisk you away into a world of ghost stories and a history shrouded in stories of a time long since passed.

Egypt is a place I would be very excited to visit. Egypt has many museums and I feel to go back to our history. These museums have very mistress histories for every culture. In these museums have every kind of mummies and these mummies look so dangerous and show historical culture.

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