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The Best Movies for Your Entertainment


Fewer genres tend to elicit as much loyalty and devotion than fantasy and science fiction. From Harry Potter to the Lord of the Rings, nearly everyone has their own particular favorite world in which to escape from reality.

In light of the boom of love for these realms, we have scoured the Internet for the absolute best in science fiction- and fantasy-related blogs. We’ve included as well fan thinking for such shows and movies as Buffy and Twilight, Potter and Back to the Future. Click around—and may the force be with you.

The Best for Geek Mom

You know that your Mom is embarrassing when you own your own lightsaber—but Mom owns three! Yes, it’s not just kids that are into science fiction and fantasy material; often their parents are full-out Woolies or Trikes themselves. This site is made for parents who just cannot give up their fantasy loves. You can even apply to write for the blog yourself, should your fanaticism translate into great writing.

As an example of such excellence, check out our five pieces: Sci-Fi Girls Finally Have a Home.

Fantasy SF

“Fantasy and science fiction news and commentary” are no better handled and discussed than on this amazing and very well polished. Think of it like the CNN or ABC of the fantasy realm: exceptional news coverage on the most imaginative Movies. Everything from Battle star to LOTR will pop up as a new post or discussion on the Science, meaning that fans from every sect will have a great time.

Werewolves Join Vampires Movie

Wands and Worlds

Fantasy and science fiction for children and teens”—this is an amazing site for young fans that might not yet be mature enough to dive into more general discussion and chat rooms online. There’s also an official review policy, declaring that only material appropriate and readable by this blog site’s target audience will be allowed to post to the site. The writing and reviews maintain mature yet clear rhetoric.

This exemplifies what we mean that is for best movies forever

Mark as Harry Potter Movie

The late years sometimes in California has done an exceptional job of picking a surefire hit for this kind of topic: Read through one of the most popular literature series of all time and then post thoughts as one proceeds from chapter to chapter, from book to book. As the series nears its end, Mark has expanded and diversified his blog sites and topics, yet this Harry potter remains hip and fun.

The Wizard World Movie

The Super-Secret Twilight

We’ll admit, the Twilight series is not our desert island sci-fi read of a lifetime. But this movie makes a strong bid to change our opinion. It features a catchy web design that hearkens back to Tiger Beat and other such old-school teenybopper material. Overall, it’s an amazing place for Twin-Fans to unite and gather as they read the new books as they come and link arms to wait for the films to premiere.

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