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The Closest Burger Flipper and Play Stand O’ Food Games


Ah, the good old days of high school where all my friends worked in the fast-food industry and I got to poke fun at them while they slaved behind the counter.  Some weird side of me always wanted to experience being on the wrong side of that greasy counter, and with Stand O’ Food I finally got to satisfy that strange urge.

The first thing you might think when you see this game is, “why in the world would I play a game where am I am working in fast food? And, I do mean fast food because anybody who sues McDonald’s for getting fat from eating their food should not reproduce! They call it fast food, not health food!

Now that I’ve shared that little pearl of wisdom, let’s talk about the game.  This is yet another “clickfest”, but unlike many others, this game makes it worthwhile by putting money in the bank to afford a new mouse after you burn out your left mouse button. (Poor little Click…you will be missed…For as long as it takes me to replace you!!)

This game is simple, very fun, and addictive.  I don’t really suggest the tutorial since all you need to know is to click on each piece of the sandwich that the customer wants.  After you figure that out, they still find ways to mess with you.

First, it starts off slow with some decent animation of each person on the screen and cool sound design. You hear sounds when you sell each sandwich, whenever a person walks through the door, and when you receive a bonus for selling a sandwich to a businessman with a briefcase.

And, for some odd reason, every businessman just wants to get rid of their briefcase so they just give it to you.  It has the strangest things like a claw to allow you to grab any item, even if it is behind others or more money.

After a few rounds of piecing together burgers, the game starts throwing curveballs at you by adding more combinations of burgers, fish sandwiches, and whatever else that stuff is. (I do not want to know!)  There is also a problem with how the sandwiches look once you get a top bun added.  Sometimes two items look almost the same (the egg and the fish/onion.)

During the course of the game, you can purchase new store items such as more plates, sandwich containers, a jukebox, and more.  Each of these affects the game differently, and I highly recommend getting as many plates as possible early on since they help you out with stacking taller sandwiches.

After playing like a genuine burger-flipper, I am sure you will have to take a break since your old grease fire scars will undoubtedly start to act up. Overall Stand O’ Food is a great game that is fun and will keep you busy for hours on end IF you buy the full version which I recommend.

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