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All About the Best LCD for Home Theater


When it comes to newer technology like LCD televisions, it’s important to recognize the manufacturers who produce the best products. In general, you will find that the Sony brave and Samsung LCD TV are the highest in quality.

While there are numerous other companies that manufacture LCD televisions, these three tend to stand out above the rest. When purchasing an LCD television, you want to ensure that you get the right size for the right price.

For example, if you’re looking to place the television on a wall in your living room, you probably want something a little larger. 46 inches is the standard size for family televisions. If you’re looking more for a personal television, something 16-20 inches might be more your style.

Where you purchase is also important, as this can save you a lot of money. Avoid the retail stores unless you see a huge bargain on a sale, and shop online where there are more competition and thus better prices.

LCD Technology

LCD or liquid crystal display is the most cost-effective technology for flat screen displays, such as LCD HDTVs and other electronic devices.  They are usually exceptionally thin and they have a number of connective devices that allow for more space on a table or wall for other items.

The flat display is made up of numerous monochrome pixels arranged neatly in front of a source of light.  It is ideal for use in most situations because it takes so little power to operate.  LCD was first created in black and white screens and eventually, these screens were extended to color.

In these modern LCD screens, each tiny pixel is subdivided into three cells that are red, green and blue.  Each cell can be controlled individually so that thousands to millions of possible colors can be implemented in each pixel.  Unlike CRTs, LCD screens use this technology precisely, while the CRTs that use the same technology are not exactly firing.  Find an LCD screen that fits you the best.

Why an LCD Flat Screen?

Why an LCD Flat Screen for your home theater system?  There is a lot that can be said as to why an LCD flat-screen viruses and Plasma flat screen. It also can be said that there is a lot to be said as far as why Plasma flat screen over an LCD flat screen.

The biggest thing between the two was, without a doubt, the price of the LCD flat screens when the first hit the market. The other big item was that LCD did not come in sizes bigger than 32 to 36 inches. But now you can get an LCD in just about any size that you want from the smallest to largest and the price is about the same as a plasma flat screen.

The LCD and plasma flat screens here there positive and negative points to them. The negative side of the LCD flat screen is much smaller than the negative side of the plasma flat screens. If you take a look at one the of best LCD flat screens that you can buy like the LCD TV brave Flat Screen you will see this to be true.

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