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The Make Your Best Move Try Playing Chess With Online Game


Almost all countries around the world know the game of chess. It was believed that the game originated during the Gupta Empire in India. It was known that time as capturing and it was being played using the elephants, cavalry, infantry, and charity. The game was introduced in other countries and all these pieces were soon changed to a different name.

The elephants are now known as the bishop, Calvary is the knight, infantry is now known as a modern pawn, and the charity is known as the rook. Each piece has its own distinguish move on the chessboard. When the game reaches southern Europe the rules were modified and in 1475, major changes were made that most of it is still being followed today.

Chess was soon known in almost all parts of the world and became the most favorite past time board game. Similar to its beginnings the game is being played by two people that used their skills and a lot of strategies in order to win. More individuals became enthusiastic about the game that tournaments are being held annually.

The game has earned its worldwide popularity that provided attention to some computer wizards. They have created computer games that became part of the internet world. From one site to another until hundreds of online chess site was developed. The chess game online follows the rules of the live game. It has the same chess and chessboard, which viewed through the computer monitor.

With the use of the mouse, players can move the chess pieces from one area to the place where you want to move the piece. Similar to the live game, the chess pieces have their own moves. The chess on the internet can be viewed using a 2D effect or the more advance 3D. The game online has amazing effects and smooth graphics that show a detailed chess piece.

There are different site online that offers online players to play it for free. There are those that can be once you have registered and join the tournament online. The winner of the tournament will win prizes.

There are also a lot of chess sites that show videos on how to play it and tutorial lessons to those who want to learn to play chess online. Free sites offer a great deal to those who are just beginning to learn the game. Try playing against other players online or a computer programmed player.

There are free sites that you can play it without limit, which makes it a great way to practice your skills and learn more strategies. Since the internet is open 24 hours you can enjoy playing the game anytime that you want. With its accessibility, you can also play it anywhere you want for as long as you have a computer with and an internet connection.

Adding the game online allows more players to enjoy it. You can now play the even without asking someone to play with because online you can easily choose your opponent.

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