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From Online Zombie Games to Zombie Tv Shows


There is a wide variety of games that are played by many people online. Amongst the variety of games that are played, zombie games have also gained popularity. Everyone seems to be familiar with free zombie games which are seen on almost every internet gaming site. However, not everyone knows what these games are actually about.

There are some individuals who may not even know what zombies are! Here is a brief introduction to both so that the next time you come across free zombie games such as zombie shooting games online, you decide to give it a try.

Zombies are creatures that are related to witchcraft and magic and they are thought to be the living dead; basically those people who have died coming back from their graves to haunt people and to cause havoc. Zombies are certainly very scary creatures which is why you should be prepared for some crazy and scary fun with free zombie games.

Legend states that zombies initially began in West Africa due to people practicing a great deal of magic, witchcraft, and voodoo. However, the zombies which people are now familiar with are aware of these creatures due to a zombie-related movie that was released.

Free zombie games such as zombie shooting games online depict the legend of zombies and show them as being creatures that walk very slowly and must be told what to do. These games have become very popular amongst a large majority of people which has led to many game developers creating zombie shooting games.

Adults and kids alike both seem to be fascinated by these games due to the scary aspect associated with it and the thrill which comes from playing the game. However, for those who scare easy, it is recommended that you do not opt to play these games.

Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies is a free zombie game in which players are required to bash zombie heads to earn points. This zombie game is in collaboration with cricket; the more heads you bash, the more points you win hence increasing your chances of playing the ultimate cricket match.

Ninjas and zombies are another popular game belonging to the free zombie games category. This game contains a lot of action in which the ninja continuously throws swords, knives, and other weapons at zombies and tries to stop them from attacking which gets very difficult as the levels progress. It is a very exhilarating game as every zombie is crushed with its head ripped off!

Last but not least is the game called Snakes eat Zombies in which players are required to load the snake with guns, throw it into a specific area and kill a number of zombies. This game too is fun however many players find it funny to kill zombies this way.

Either way, this game just like the others is a great way to pass time and to enjoy mind-boggling and interesting free zombie games! Say bye to old zombie games and enjoy these graphical and visually exciting games.

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