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EGX 2017 Impressions:
Mostly Nintendo
Posted by Mark at 17:48

But also Dissidia and Dragonball!

Where last year's EGX was notable for two platform holders basically not showing up, this year's, today at least, feels as if it's the punters that have skipped the show.

This may be a quirk of the show feeling a bit bigger this year- it's probably not so much fewer people as fewer people per square foot, with what seems to be a lot of (very welcome) empty space between demo pods. The event marketing alleges that there's more games than ever before, but that has to be balanced by the appearance of so many games that are already out- Nintendo alone brought ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario & Rabbids, Samus Returns, Sonic Mania (which also made a significant appearance at Sega's booth), Lego Worlds, and NBA 2K18- and that was just on their main booth. (As if to make up for lost time, Nintendo had three seperate booths this year- their main one, one for indies which we'll cover in the next few days, and a tournament booth in the eSports area)

The upshot of this is that for many games, there's not been a lot in the way of queueing- except for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, beset by technical issues relating to the game's 3-on-3 network play meaning that for a while at the start of the day nobody was getting to play while people scrabbled under tables fiddling with wires. A functioning single-player mode was eventually deployed. Gameplay centres around using high-powered, spectacular attacks rarely rather than small attacks more frequently, making it feel less like a teamplay beat-'em-up and more like Warriors but without the chaos which makes it make sense.

On the subject of Warriors, one of Nintendo's new games was the format's excursion into Fire Emblem- much like Hyrule Warriors before it there's not much to fault in the Warriors-ing, and this iteration brings the ability to switch between characters to the table. While only a pre-set group were playable today, players can not only cycle between the four characters at will, they can also be individually directed to specific areas of the map, using a grid in a nod to its turn-based strategy roots.

There are flaws in this process, at one point all four of my characters levelled up within very quick succession of one another taking me through the a full recreation of the Level Up ceremony from 3DS four times very quickly, but this is obviously an edge case. It's also a lot of fun to see your favourite characters from the 3DS games in Glorious High Definition, so we can probably overlook it for now.

There was also the opportunity to showcase the new side-game in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions- it's not a lot to write home about, as a crowd of what are traditionally enemies from the Mario series butt heads with another automatically with minimal input from the player. A nice add-on, but unexciting on its own.

Super Mario Odyssey was also present, but that appeared to be the same build Nintendo had already exhibited at Hyper Japan earlier this year- and since there's been big previews of that recently, we'll be stepping over it here.

What is probably one of the last examples of a big third-party 3DS game, Monster Hunter Stories was also available to play. Traditionally where Nintendo have presented specially curated demos of their console games at events like EGX, 3DS games presented tend to be final retail games and that appeared to be true here- which meant the game seemed a little directionless as you were effectively picking up someone else's save file and all the mistakes they made with it and it's hard to get a feel for it. It does, however, feel exactly how you'd expect a traditional JRPG version of Monster Hunter to be.

Floating about independently of publisher booths- or at least, those as obviously branded as the first-party booths was DragonBall FighterZ, which has pulled the clever trick of running its cutscenes at a lower frame-rate than the gameplay, imitating the framerate of the hand-drawn animation of the original TV show.
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But do you know what? I'm glad. Healthy lads like yourselves, out rowing in all weathers- what do you want with computer games?

Only Connect's Victoria Coren consoles the Rowers team, as they fail to spot the connection between "World", "64", "Land" and "Bros." as Super Mario games.
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Posted by Mark at 20:27
Because Oddity Central has found one!

Georgian Sherod Grayer designed his Super Mario Kar five years ago, but only more recently was able to bring it to fruition, the outside displaying some relatively tasteful NES controllers on the outside, and the inside featuring Mario and Luigi on almost every seat, "Game Over" emblazoned on the rear seats, and power up mushrooms on the inside of the doors.
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as technology changes, so does what you want to do. If it weren't for that, I don't think I could have stuck with it this far.

What do you mean "It's Saturday"? Shigeru Miyamoto, on Mario's longevity. [Asking In Place of Iwata]
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Yoshi's not only a friend, he's a friend you can ride on- so he's like a best friend, who doubles as a scooter.

Jonathan Ross neatly explains Yoshi's relationship to Mario during the plumber's 25th birthday celebrations. [Eurogamer]
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Posted by Mark at 11:52
Yes, there is. Of course there is, don't be silly.

But, if you needed confirmation, look no further than the twitter page of long-time Mario voice, Charles Martinet.

He tweets:
Awesome new Mario Game! And it's not NSMB Wii, and it's not Galaxy 2, but it's going to be crazy fun!
So if it's neither of those, it's either going to be a new Mario Golf, or more likely Mario Party 700. Watch this space.
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Posted by Mark at 13:39
Word comes via Sports Entertainment Scoops that Captain Lou Albano- the former WWE wrester some of us may know better from his role as Mario in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show has passed away at the age of 76.

His wrestling career saw him managing wresters to a total of eighteen championships, as well as help popularise wrestling into a more mainstream entertainment form in the 1980s. The video below, of course, is how most of us here will remember him: falling over at the end of the programme's credits sequence. Rest In Peace.

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Posted by Mark at 13:39
Ronseal. Jump:

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Posted by Ben at 05:44
Now this is more like it, I'll admit I was quite looking forward to the MS Sonic and maybe a bit of Megaman that the Americans got, but I will never turn my nose up at the VC's sporadicly appearing import festival.

We get a return of the formarly temporary Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - 600 points. No idea why this was removed in the first place otther than to maybe ensure people rushed out and bought it.

The big one though is Snes classic Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - 900 points. It's actually 100 points more than the US paid (OUTRAGE!) but apparently it's worth it, though I've never played it myself.

Not a bad update, and like I said I do love a good virtual festival.

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Posted by Duane at 11:34

Christ, is anybody else sick of seeing so much Mario related stuff online? I don't mind playing the odd game, particularly the platformers, that feature him from Nintendo, and the Paper series looks bloody good, aswell as the RPG's released on the handhelds, and I understand his infamy, for a period in time he was more recognisable than Mickey Mouse and with retro being a big thing in today's culture, its unsuprising he's made a big comeback in peoples interests, but as a gamer, and one who loves a bit of variety, I'm begging you all, stop with all the Mario stuff!

I've seen enough renditions of the famous theme tune to last me a life time, in fact the only rendition I haven't seen of it is possibly some old geezer playing it on the spoons!, hell, today I even witnessed a YouTube video of someone using a Tesla Coil to perform the music from Level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros..

Not a week goes by without Kotaku or one of the many other gaming weblogs publishing something, usually from America complete with whooping and hollering, where some "creative" person has thought of a great and "original" idea to fart (maybe not) the theme tune from Super Mario World or something similar.

It was fun and cool the first few times, but its just tedious and boring now, please just stop, find another game to take influence from, there's plenty of them out there, hell it doesn't even have to be a popular title/franchise, you could be bringing public attention to a game you think truly deserves some more recognition, like Gitaroo Man or something!
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