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Posted by Mark at 14:55
As part of Scotland Loves Anime.

If you fancy subjecting yourself to two of the three CGI Resident Evil films, you'll soon be able to do so on the big screen.

Screening at The Edinburgh Filmhouse as part of the regular Edinburgh leg of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival, 2008's Resident Evil: Degeneration will be shown on the 18th of October at 8:45, and this year's Resident Evil: Vendetta the day after at 8:30.

When Ben reviewed it back in the Loading Screen days, he said
it's not exactly a classic, but it is fun and thatís all you can ask for. Definitely worth a watch
It's screening alongside classic anime films such as Tokyo Godfathers and Venus Wars as well as the more recent critical darlings Your Name and A Silent Voice, so may be worth a look if you're already in town.

As the Glasgow films are yet to be announced, it's not known if the Resi films are going to be shown there as well.
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Posted by Ben at 16:08
Seems like the far off future doesn't it 2012. But then so did 2010 two years ago and now look at us, surrounded by hoverboards and that virtual sex from Demolition Man.

Come 2012 we'll probably be living in some steam punk dystopia, but we will have another Resident Evil CGI film to watch, this time called Resident Evil Damnation

Resident Evil: Damnation will star Leon S. Kennedy, and will be in 3D. Hopefully it looks, is acted, and just is better than the last one (Resident Evil Degeneration)
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