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Posted by Ben at 15:55
As is the way with things, when we post that a game is being ported it's usually accompanied with a link and me saying I quite liked it. Well, Mantis Burn Racing is getting a Switch release, and I quite liked it when I reviewed the PS4 version

For the uninitiated, Mantis Burn Racing is a top down racing game, infamous for being amongst the first 4K native games on the Playstation 4 Pro, which I'm fairly sure the Switch version isn't boasting.

The Switch version will have 4 player splitscreen in both handheld and tv mode, plus online racing, and will be getting the dlc tracks and cars

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Posted by Ben at 15:28
Headup have announced some Xbox One ports too, which we'll get to, but the most notable thing is a new WiiU game, with Headup bringing the PC platformer Toby: The Secret Mine to Nintendo's not long for this world WiiU console

Headup are also bringing Toby: The Secret Mine to the Xbox One at the same time. They're also porting over Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, which I'll admit to not knowing much about, and Trulon: The Shadow Engine, which I reviewed and quite enjoyed when it came to Steam.

All 3 games are due out in January and February
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Posted by Ben at 01:19
In some ways the release of GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- has snuck up on us, I knew it was coming, but in amongst the E3 stuff it still struck me by surprise when it appeared on PSN

GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- features an expanded story mode, and the same outstanding CEL shaded look as the previous Guilty Gear game. In a nice touch PQube have brought both the PS4 and PS3 version over, so if you haven't made the jump yet you can still get the game

Trailer below

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Posted by Mark at 13:37
If you remember Hook, a puzzle game Ben loved and described as "a lock-picking mini-game crossed with Kerplunk", but didn't fancy buying it on mobile, you'll be pelased to know it's just made it to Steam, and is on there for much the same price as you'd have found it on your phone.

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Posted by Ben at 02:14
As title really. The well regarded, and still on my Steam wishlist, Abyss Odyssey is coming to PS4with a few bells and whistles added

Abyss Odyssey on the PS4 will take its cue from the PC version (rather than the earlier console versions), with 1080p support, online co-op, and local 2 - 4 player battles. there's also "a few tweaks" to the combat, with new moves for enemies.

There's a trailer below if you'd like a look

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Posted by Ben at 16:06

It's tempting to write "Deathtrap is Diablo with tower defence mechanics, only less mobile phone than that sounds", stick a score at the end, then walk away. There's not a whole lot more description you need for Deathtrap, but it is deeper than the description might imply

There's very little story to speak of. Demons are seeping in to our world, and you must stop them before they reach our portal. There is lore, but the way it's presented makes it feel like nothing more than flavour. It does work hard to set the tone though, the designs look the part, the levels suitably ancient and dank.

The gameplay is the important part of Deathtrap. You control a warrior in the world, with Diablo style hotkeys and cool downs, and can drop traps on set locations. You can level your character up, buy, find, and craft armour and weapons. There's stat boosts, equipment that can increase your perks etc. It's very action rpg. Enemies spawn from gates, with each new wave usually adding a new gate to occupy your thoughts.

Enemies follow a set route, which can change between rounds, making placement of traps important. At the start of each round you have a set number of Ďessenceí to spend on traps, with set locations where you can place them. As you level up traps will start to cost you less and youíll be rewarded with more essence, depending on which perks you pick. Over the course of each wave youíll earn more essence to spend on the next wave, or, if youíre struggling, mid-fight, although this can leave you in trouble for the next onslaught.

As you might be able to tell, Deathtrap is a pretty simple game thatís a bit of a nightmare to explain when you get to the minutiae. Itís tempting to say that thereís not a lot more to it, and certainly I didnít delve in as much as I could have, but what makes the game fun is the small stuff. Your use of powers in battle is hugely important, it obviously depends which character and which skills you pick, but playing as the fighter one of my skills was to boost the power of a trap for a period of time. My tactic became to wait for a horde of enemies to head towards a ground trap, power that trap up, then position myself in the way, aggroing them, keeping them there so they were taking extra damage from the trap. I then began to couple that with other spells, the one that gave me extra essence for killing enemies, and a continuous AOE attack that increased the damage enemies were taking. This 30 second blast of attacks was designed to help me out with the next wave, letting me buy and improve my traps.

Where Deathtrap falls down a little is in its depth. Thereís actually a lot there, with around 15 levels, all with multiple scenarios, and a level cap of, I think, 100 (I was getting up to about 20 when I finished the game). You only get points to spend on upgrading your traps on the first time beating a level/difficulty/scenario, which is understandable but it causes a couple of problems. You can redistribute your skills for the price of some gold, which you'll have an awful lot of, with very little to spend it on (similarly I never got to the point where the crafting was useful), and you can scrap and rebuild traps during levels. However, I still ended up playing levels where I'd built everything I possibly could, with a wave or so left to play. Something to do with that extra essence would be nice.

There's skills in the game where spending a point on them will incrementally improve something, a nice idea, but given how limited upgrade points are even at the point where Iíd finished the game, dropping 10 points to get a 3% chance of some bonus just never seemed like a worthwhile spec. If you're going to play through everything in the game then sure, but there were a few occasions in the game where I found myself falling back on the same tactics, the same skills and the same perks.

For £15 there's a ridiculous amount of content in Deathtrap. You may well use the same tactics on each map, not delving in to the minutiae of respecing, never playing the alternative scenarios, and youíll still comfortably get your moneyís worth. Deathtrap is a game thatís done no favours by a written description. Because of the price itís hard to be too critical that itís lacking the gloss of a proper story and a more involved campaign, but it still manages to be compulsive enough that I was squeezing games in before work, rushing things to make time between commitments, Deathtrap is a good game, and one hopefully that gets built on
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Posted by Ben at 14:15
Hot on the heels of the first Dragon Quest game's release on android, comes the cleverly named Dragon Quest 2

Priced at £2.99, Dragon Quest 2 plays much the same as the first game does on smart phones, in portrait mode with a touch screen d-pad

At some point I'll have a review up of the original Dragon Quest on android. It's not all I'd hoped, but it's not a terrible way to experience the early Dragon Quest games
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Posted by Ben at 18:00
Shelter isn't a game I expected a sequel to. I loved it, I thought it captured the tone it was going for really well, even if I never felt connected to my cubs the way it wanted me to. It's definitely an interesting game, one I hope more people play.

Anyway, today Might & Delight revealed that a sequel is coming to Steam in August, this time focussing on a Lynx rather than a Badger, which may mean the hunting portion of the gameplay will be expanded on.

As I said, I'm not sure I really need another Shelter, but we'll see if they subvert what happened in the first game, it's a unique enough idea that there could be more to explore
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Posted by Ben at 10:05
This is a bit of a surprise. Suda 51's Killer is Dead is coming to PC on the 9th May Deep Silver have revealed.

The game will have a new difficulty mode called 'Nightmare Mode', where enemies can only be defeated by certain attacks. It will also have the Smooth Operator Pack unlocked after chapter 3, a google of this suggests it's items, outfits and a special mission.

Hopefully Deep Silver, of Grasshopper themselves if they're handling the port, do a good job, up the resolution and lock the framerate, with some vsync to cut the tearing that reportedly plagued the console versions.

I'm interested, 9th of May might be a quiet time, who knows, and I never did get around to the console version. I'm interested to see for myself if the game is any good and if it deserved the outcry over its objectification of women. And while the £20 price tag is nice in theory, that the game is also going to be $20 and Ä20 is a little annoying. Whatever, let's just be happy that this is another Japanese action game making its way to the PC
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Posted by Ben at 04:51
Is it really sad that I've been waiting for this? It probably is, but who cares, I'm going to lay waste with my Torterra.

Pokemon Bank, for those that don't know, is the thing that brought down Nintendo's online infrastructure at Christmas, and the means to transfer your old Pokemon to Pokemon X and Y

Just a word of note, I haven't tried to get it myself, but I'm hearing that the eshop is getting hammered already, so be patient, or at least wait until I get home to download it before you all jump on
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