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Posted by Ben at 13:41
We've known Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 is coming for a while, but we now have a firm date for the latest sequel in the stunning looking Guilty Gear franchise, and it's coming pretty soon

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 will arrive in Europe on May 26th, for both the PS4, and impressively the Playstation 3.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 boasts a rebalancing of characters, the return of Baiken, and improved tutorials. If you have Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator then Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 will also be available as a digital upgrade on both PS4 and PS3

Trailer below

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Yakuza 0
Posted by Ben at 12:55

The late Western release of Yakuza 0 may actually turn out to be a fortuitous for the series. Sega have tried a few times to find some traction for the Yakuza games in the west without much luck. The series undoubtedly has its fans, and they've generally been good games, but as the series has gone on its been harder and harder for new players to find a foothold. Yakuza 3 and 4 felt like too much canon had passed to be an entry, and while Yakuza 5ís addition to Playstation Plus will have undoubtedly put the series on people's radar, it was on the PS3 as people moved on.

Yakuza 0 then is the first time we've seen the series on the Playstation 4, and that it's a prequel, one that doesn't need a storied knowledge to get the most out of, it's a great time to jump in. That's not to say that a knowledge of the characters and world won't have benefits, knowing who Kazuma Kiryu is acts as a pretty good short hand for what to expect from the Yakuza games.The brutal, joyous closed area brawling the series is famous for. The game opens with a young Kiryu, still low on the pecking order in the Tojo clan, beating a guy senseless to collect a debt he owes. He's then walked around town by a friend, who takes the time to explain where Kiryu is going wrong as a Yakuza, he's a bit too brusque if you can believe!

It soon turns out Kiryuís victim has turned up dead, and the murder is being pinned on him. Yakuza 0 begins to reveal a complex story or betrayal, loyalty, and real estate land grabs. When the Yakuza series lands their straight faced stories they're fantastic, complex and interesting. Where Yakuza 0 diverges slightly from my previous experiences with the series is that the more ludicrous aspects of the game are introduced along side this, straight faced. It's sensible, it's what a good portion of the franchise are here for. So, while you're on your tour of Tokyo, learning how to be a better Yakuza, you're taken out for some karaoke (which is hilarious), and introduced to the fighting mini games and the leveling system.

Something that has changed is the levelling. Rather than gain experience through combat and side missions you instead earn stacks of cash from smacking people about. This money then buys items on the skill tree, be that new moves, extra damage or increased health, with specialists dotted around the map to teach you some moves. The introduction of these specialists is invariably hilarious, or at least so over the top itís cool.

Which, for the uninitiated is pretty much what youíve got to look forward to from Yakuza 0. It seemingly presents itís barmy side a bit more front and centre than in previous games, but that belies an interesting and well presented crime story. There are moments that will have you rolling with laughter, but equally some of the brutal combat will make you wince before snorting in delight. Thereís mini games and side quests a plenty, and a ton of sub stories to fill out the world.

Weíll see where it goes as we progress through the game, but so far Yakuza 0 is shaping up to be a great entry to the series.

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Posted by Ben at 01:13
For the past few months we've been working on the assumption that the new Berserk game (now called Berserk and the Band of the Hawk) was coming right at the end of the year, well, not Koei Tecmo have given a firm date and it's 24th February for the EU (21st of Feb for America)

I'll admit to being slightly disappointed, I know it's only a Berserk Musu game but it was one of the few games this year I'm looking forward to. Still, better to be done right than rushed out.

I'll also admit to one of those people that hate the name. He's not Geoff Berserk, it's Guts, it should be called Berserk: The Band of the Hawk or something. Anyway, trailer below, and I hope the fairy story makes it in to the game

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Posted by Ben at 02:07
Worded that title a bit strangely but basically, we Europeans will get Persona 5 the same day (slightly earlier thanks to time zones) as the American release

February 14th 2017 is the date where we all finally get to play Persona 5. That includes both the PS4 version and PS3 version, however only the PS4 will get the collectors edition

There is a bit of bad news for our European brethren, if you don't speak English well enough to understand an rpg script you might struggle a bit, as it seems Persona 5 will launch with only English speech and text
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Posted by Ben at 16:03
I still think the new musu Berserk game will have a subtitle when it heads to the west so I'm kind of reluctant to keep calling 'Berserk' or 'Berserk Musu'.

Anyway, finally, we're getting to see some gameplay for the first new Berserk game in a couple of console generations

It's kind of what you'd expect from a musu Berserk game. Guts swings his sword through a screen full of enemies who kind of just stand there, lots of blood, and a weird darkening of tint that I think does a decent job of capturing the look of the manga.

Beyond that there's not a lot else to say. There's a definite weight to the character movements, although it's arguable that Guts really should be moving lightning fast, he does in the manga after all. Presumably we're looking at the PS4 version here, looks alright to me

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Posted by Ben at 14:26
Yep, the "west" in this case means both North America and Europe, and Yakuza 0 will be available to us all on January 24th.

It's a bit of a shame that Yakuza 0 isn't sneaking out the other side of Christmas, from a personal standpoint, as that's when I have a week off, but that the game is even coming to the West is enough reason to celebrate.

Add to that then, Yakuza 0 is getting a physical release in North America AND Europe.

And one more piece of Yakuza news, you can prepare yourself for Yakuza 0 on PS4 by playing Yakuza 5 on PS3 next month if you have Playstation Plus
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Posted by Ben at 14:22
Not a bad way to try what is a very good game if you're still unsure about it. Square Enix are releasing Life is Strange: episode 1 - Chrysalis for free, on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, 360, and Mac

Granted it is, of course, a marketing move, they'll lose nothing from doing this but may drum up some extra sales next time the rest of the game is reduced, but still, I'd urge you to try it as it's a really good narrative game.

There's a new trailer below, and Life is Strange: episode 1 - Chrysalis will be free 'indefinitely'

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Posted by Ben at 01:19
In some ways the release of GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- has snuck up on us, I knew it was coming, but in amongst the E3 stuff it still struck me by surprise when it appeared on PSN

GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- features an expanded story mode, and the same outstanding CEL shaded look as the previous Guilty Gear game. In a nice touch PQube have brought both the PS4 and PS3 version over, so if you haven't made the jump yet you can still get the game

Trailer below

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Aegis of Earth:
Protonovus Assault
Posted by Ben at 15:19

Aegis of Earth, or Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault to give it its full name, is that rarest of things; a tower defence game that gets a retail release. A decision Iíll happily admit I questioned; why would you release a tower defence game at retail? A sub-£10 download game sure, that makes sense, but whoís going to buy it for around the £30 mark for a PS4 tower defence game? What I hadn't realised was quite how big Aegis of Earth is.

The set up of Aegis of Earth is pretty simple. You control a city besieged by monsters, your disc shaped city is split in to rings, all of which move independently from each other. Each ring is made up of tiles, some of which are quarantined and canít be used, the rest are where you build your weapons. Once youíre happy with the set up with your city you head off on Ďstrikesí. Strikes are the battles, enemies head towards the city in vague lanes and you have to spin the rings of the city to line your guns up.

Generally speaking the strikes take it fairly easy on you. Thereís certain points where the 3 inner rings (the 4th outer ring is used for shields and the like) will line up perfectly, cannons, lasers, and gattling guns will combine when lined up perfectly to form more powerful forms, needed for the giant enemies that will appear later on. As a general rule when enemies attack down multiple lanes theyíll do so in line with these tiles. Itís not always true however, and when itís not thatís when youíll have to spin things around so the very inner ring is covering one area, the middle another, and the outer somewhere else. Itís a layer of panic that makes you realise the developers could really mess with you if they wanted to, Aegis of Earth isn't that cheap too often. It is in these moments though you realise the isometric camera does you no favours. Itís all too easy to misalign cannons because you canít muster the coordination to move the camera while spinning the discs.

Fighting in battles nets you a variety of rewards. The main benefit are the crystals, used as materials for new units, with each city specialising in different coloured crystals. The crystals can also be destroyed to make illuminite, a material used to upgrade units, something youíll have to do a lot. If you do well in the strikes youíll also have refugees requesting to move to your city, rather than a swing to the right this results in more money raised through taxes, again needed for upgrades and new units. Essentially, if you want to improve your city you have to fight, easy enough to understand.

What Iím less sure of are the various character levels that can be increased. When you take in refugees your city level increases, I donít think this increases anything, the only benefit I can see if that youíll be rewarded with items youíll rarely feel the need to use, and that unlockable units and city improvements require you to reach certain levels. Same with your own level, it increases after every strike, but apart from gaining you items and access to units, I'm not sure thereís any benefit. At least thereís that much though, you see you donít run the city alone, you have various attractive young people manning various tasks. In real terms this just means a different voice giving you information, but they each gain experience and I've no idea to what end.

Your team do require some management though, use them too much and theyíll become exhausted. Early on you donít have any alternatives so the only way to recover their stamina is to commend one of them on their performance, which also nets them some bonus xp. I'm not sure if youíre supposed to be able to pick out who actually performed well and who didn't but I've never managed to. The benefit to keeping people in is that their focus increases, meaning they can use special moves more often. Leave them out too much and their focus plummets, something that feels inevitable when you have 3 characters vying for one position.

I guess this is why Aegis of Earth manages to be so long, it has a wealth of meta games running through it, a host of systems that have to be addressed for no great reason beyond giving you something else to think about. That in and of itself isn't a problem, thatís most games after all, but it becomes an issue when you have to harvest crystals. Because different cities drop different crystals, youíll find yourself having to perform strike after strike in the same one to farm the crystals you need to fortify a different city altogether, while having to bounce out to different ones to keep their happiness up.

Aegis of Earth has a visual novel story running through it, nothing major, a host of characters having crisis of confidence then pulling together. Thatís not to knock it, itís perfectly functional and none of the characters are especially grating, I actually like a few of them, but itís not the reason to get the game.

I've been down on Aegis of Earth in this review because it does have problems. The soft upressed graphics can make things a little hard to pick out, the structure can get a little monotonous, and it is far too long. However, take it as absolutely commendable that for the 20+ hours I played I would never say I was bored. The core gameplay is sound, thereís a potential to the game I never quite saw realised, but Aegis of Earth is undoubtedly a good game. I doubt many people will see the end of it, but if youíre after a novel, and substantial, console tower defence game, I'm not sure thereís too much better out there
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Aegis of Earth
Gameplay Video
Posted by Ben at 01:48

I've put a fair few hours in to Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault to get to where I am in this video, but I still feel like I'm not even half way through. I'm probably not even close, so going in to too much detail as to the quality of the game probably isn't the best idea, I'll save that for the eventual review, but it's certainly not a bad game

Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault is a tower defence game of sorts. You place units between missions, level them up by spending or destroying crystals, encouraging new migrants (which will no doubt upset the #Brexit lot) by doing well in strikes. Then, once you're set go and commence a strike, killing enemies, possibly a boss if you're "lucky", earning more crystals and gold along the way.

Your city if split in to 4 rings, you spin them and the camera to face approaching enemies, ideally lining up similar units to gain a power boost. And that's pretty much it, I'll go in to more detail in the review, but Aegis of Earth has managed so far to keep a simple premise interesting

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