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Posted by Ben at 13:28
I'm sure you're aware, but Sega have been teasing some Bayonetta news over the past week. The more optimistic amongst us have been hoping it will be the announcement of Bayonetta 3, unfortunately not (but never say never). Instead the more conservative theory that it was a port of the original game to PC turned out to be the big Bayonetta news

Not that I'm sniffing at that, prior to the WiiU getting a port of the original Bayonetta I'd have leapt at the idea of a steam port, particularly one priced at the Bulletstorm-antithesis price of £14.99

Bayonetta is on Steam right now, and boasts 60fps, up to 4K resolution, Japanese and English voice tracks, and some more advanced graphical options like improved anti-aliasing and SSAO lighting

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Posted by Ben at 13:31
We knew Nier: Automata was coming to PC, but over recent weeks the details have started to become a bit muddied, with people speculating we might be in for a long delay.

Well good news, Nier: Automata is coming within 2 weeks to the PC

There is a bit of a delay over the console version, with the PS4 version releasing in Europe on the 10th March. The PC version is coming to Steam a week later on the 17th March.
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Posted by Mark at 17:29
Platinum seem to be quite fond of their multi-game deals, bursting onto the scene with a deal with Sega and then moving onto what looked like a tie-up with Nintendo to make The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 and StarFox Zero.

Now, they're working with mobile publisher Cygames.

The first game is a console spinoff of their obscenely popular mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy, subtitled Project Re:Link.

It's going to be a 3D action-RPG, and the trailer looks to contain plenty of the spectacular fighting we're used to from the company:

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Oh, and Nobuo Uematsu off of Final Fantasy is doing the music.

There is no specific platform specified for the game yet, but it's interesting that Cygames seem to be looking to move beyond their mobile roots, also announcing Project Awakening for 'high-end consoles', which Platinum is ostensibly not involved with.

The other game, however, demonstrates that even Platinum aren't immune from having to dip into the mobile market, with their debut smartphone game Lost Order, a 'Real-Time Tactics' RPG, which Siliconera has screenshots of.

It's likely that this will be a Free-To-Play title, as this has been what Cygames has generally made their money doing, but this has as yet not been confirmed.

There are no release dates set as yet, and a blog post by Platinum even goes out of its way to stress that the games are not confirmed for the West at all.
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Posted by Ben at 16:47
Nier is very much on my pile of shame. I started it, definitely going to play through it, then stopped after my first day. Way too early to form an opinion, but people's reactions to Nier have always fascinated me, the fans of the game are captivated by it, and so while I might never, realistically, get around to finishing the original Nier, I am very interested in NieR: Automata

Not least because Platinum Games are working on NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata doesn't look quite as morose as the original game, which might be Platinum's influence. There's a trailer below where you can see the combat is looking fairly decent, and NieR: Automata will be released in early 2017

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Posted by Mark at 20:57
Ahead of next year's Wii U sequel, there has been an announcement that Bayonetta is getting the animated movie treatment, courtesy of Gonzo.

The studio is no stranger to videogame adaptations, handling Final Fantasy: Unlimited and an adaptation of Street Fighter IV in the past, but both of these have generally been considered underwhelming.

Kizaki Fuminori is on directorial duties, with Hirota Mitsutaka tasked with the unenviable job of somehow extracting a coherent story from the game.

Subtitled Bloody Fate, it's due out in Japan on the 23rd of November, with no word on a western release, although it might be worth keeping an eye on the official website here.

For what it's worth, Ben quite liked the game when he reveiwed it back in 2010.

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Posted by Ben at 14:34

Bewilderfuck isnít a word I use often to describe a game, but it perfectly describes my first experience with The Wonderful 101. The demo is up on the WiiU eshop if you have a WiiU and want to try it yourself.

Thatís not to say itís a bad experience, just one thatís leaves you a bit overawed. The funny thing is, if you have the right touch stones, The Wonderful 101 isnít all that hard to describe. It looks not unlike Viewtiful Joe, it even sounds like Viewtiful Joe, but the way you command a horde of bipeds around, flinging them at larger enemies, thatís Pikmin. Itís kind of fitting, because while it looks fine, runs fine, and uses the WiiUís tech to its full extent, it does feel slightly out of time, reminiscent of the Gamecube era.

The Wonderful 101ís problem is primarily to do with its controls, because itís a demo youíre donít get them spelt out to you like you hopefully will in the full game. They arenít complicated, thereís a bit of touch screen stuff to change the form of your most powerful attack and to gain helpers, a jump button, a light attack button, sprint, dodge.

The problem is with the nuances, I played the demo through a couple of times and still donít see the point of the block button, nor can I consistently chain sword and power fist attacks. Iím sure itís not a hard skill, Iíve managed it, but picking up new information with how busy the gameís screens are, and keeping in mind all the controls, all the subtleties, when you canít even pick your character out, it makes for a bewildering experience. Thereís a moment where youíre told to use some of your items but Iím not entirely sure what Iím supposed to be aiming at, itís little things like that.

Hopefully then this is another case of a demo not doing a game justice because thereís actually quite a lot of ideas in there. Your Wonderful powers arenít just for fighting, levels are more involved than just travelling from A to B smashing things, and the enemies seem to have plenty of variety.

Obviously itís far too early to say how good a game The Wonderful 101 is, but it certainly doesnít seem a bad one. Hopefully the control issues and sensory overload wont be a problem in the full game, and hopefully the good ideas keep coming thick and fast.
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Posted by Leigh at 18:18

In an era of gaming where online multiplayer seems to be the focus of the industryís attention it shouldnít be unusual to even see Platinum games, usually creators of single-player action, get in on the multiplayer bandwagon to see what they can come up with. Past projects such as Bayonetta and Vanquish are finely tuned and surgical examples of the genre so can Platinum Games bring that design philosophy from their past games to the unsympathetic waters of online multiplayer with this game, Anarchy Reigns?

While they waters they sail are uncharted to them, as it is one of the few games of its kind, they do so in a ship that is familiar. Anyone who has played MadWorld will be familiar with how the gameís fighting system works, and the fact it shares many characters with that game makes it feel like something of a spiritual sequel. The big difference between Anarchy Reigns and MadWorld is the addition Ė and focus - of multiplayer.

In Anarchy Reigns, youíll find yourself wandering around post-apocalyptic environments which seem like they could be lifted from Borderlands or any number of other games that have a similar setting, and you swing your fists through swarms of enemies that donít put up much of a fight. This isnít like previous games from the studio where each enemy is a satisfying opponent, but instead we have sacks of meat that bust under the force of a quick one-two. Sometimes you come across larger mutants that offer up a challenge but the gameís ďSuper SaiyanĒ style ability where you can become powered up and invincible for a short time make these kind of engagements quite unsatisfying after a while. Once you get into the flow of fighting to survive long enough to fill your metre then unleashing it then you find you donít need to do anything else, and there also isnít much else.

As for the single-paler campaign you work your way through a number of identical fights that are interrupted by out of place cutscenes that tell a story that seems to have been cobbled together as an afterthought. The story mainly follows two characters and you choose which story you will follow at the start of the game: one is about Jack, the star of MadWorld, and the other tale follows Leo, a new character.

Essentially, a story of revenge and redemption in the most basic form, and one that doesnít do anything interesting; not only that the very aesthetic of the game is somewhat lacking. The fact that it stars so many characters from MadWord - a game known for its bold art direction if known for anything at all Ė it just highlights how visually muted Anarchy Reigns is. Seeing characters born from the black and white art design coloured in and placed in a brown world that doesnít add anything to the formula is sad to see. Even Bayonetta who is in the game as a bonus for anyone who purchased the game day one, even looks bland in the company of Anarchy Reignsí characters and environments. The life is sucked out of Bayonetta.

But Anarchy Reigns is primarily a multiplayer game so if Platinum gets this right then much can be forgiven. Unfortunately, that also isnít the case.

The multiplayer is just anarchy, but not in a good way. Up to 16 players can take part but all it consists of is someone sneaking up on two others who are battling out and performing damaging back attacks, and the camera is placed close to your right shoulder so these attacks cannot be seen or realistically avoided; that is all that happens in any given match-up. Itís not too hard to master the simple combat system, but you donít even have to as exploiting the mechanics is how you succeed. Even in one on one match ups fights arenít like a good fighting game where you can use mechanics to be unpredictable and creative, you merely exploit the systems. Learn them, and then exploit them.

Not a great deal of joy comes from these fights which is strange considering the pedigree. Anarchy Reigns is an experiment, and an experiment which doesnít seem to have a great deal of passion behind it. There is a place for a game like this but someone is going to have to really want to make it and not just be an obligation, which what Anarchy Reigns mostly comes across as.
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Posted by Ben at 10:37

Perhaps I wouldnít be saying this if we didnít know the development history of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, but it does have the feel of a game that has been saved. Areas are fairly small, levels mostly short, and thereís not a lot of enemies. Itís not unusual to beat 4 enemies, some more spawn in out of no where, move on a bit, watch a cut scene, beat another 4, cut scene, boss fight. Gameplay elements are re-used, the building running is less than great and is repeated in slightly altered forms a couple of times.

Itís apparent in the cut scenes too, not that theyíre of poor quality, far from it, the cut scenes are great. Thereís also a lot of them, which is pretty much par for the course for a Metal Gear game, although they arenít quite as gameplay obstructing as they could be in Metal Gear Solid 4. Instead there are scenes, crazy scenes admittedly, that Iím convinced youíd play in another Platinum Games product. I know itís a common complaint of CG cut scenes, that theyíre showing you all this cool stuff you canít do, but knowing that you would have done it in Bayonetta and Vanquish does make it more apparent.

Revengeanceís problems arenít all about the feeling of what could have been, there are a few issues with the gameplay. The camera isnít great, in fact if you do find yourself backed up against some scenery it feels oddly archaic, itís been a while since Iíve played a modern game with camera issues like this. For the most part itís fine as for the most part youíre fighting in fairly open environments, but there will be plenty of times during the game where youíll helplessly be smacked around by enemies all because you canít see the attack coming. Itís a problem exacerbated by Rising not doing a good enough job of explaining its systems to you. For example thereís a lock on feature which is a big help in boss fights, that was something I had to discover for myself.

The parrying mechanic too illustrates the lack of guidance. Rising does show you how to do it, kind of, but it doesnít go in to the timing. What that means is that youíll master blocking fairly quickly, reliably and almost accidentally avoiding damage, but itís only later on youíll realise that you can take a bit more time that you think for a counter. Thereís a dodge move that can be purchased, itís located in the combo list, again another feature oddly hidden. I never really felt the need to consult the move list apart from to learn that dodge move, not that Iíd describe the combat as mashy, but there is a certain spongey, instinctiveness to it. You naturally begin to make your own combos, knowing roughly what you need to do to get the desired effect.

While it probably reads like thereís a lot wrong with Revengeance, itís still a very good game. The combat isnít as deep as Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, but itís still way better than it has any right to be. The Zan Datsu adds precision and a conclusion to combat, ensuring that you donít just mash away. Instead you need to precisely slice limbs from enemies, and hit the right area to refill your health. Theyíve even included stealth moves, they add something different, tying Rising to its Metal Gear routes.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is superb, itís stupid, daft, but also surprisingly politically charged. It manages to feel like a Metal Gear game whilst also feeling like a Platinum game, a quality brawler with some unique dynamics. Itís got a few too many issues for it to be a true classic, exacerbated because the core game is so much fun. but I dare say itíll be as well regarded as both Vanquish and Bayonetta.
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Posted by Duane at 12:47
Konami have released a video showing off three of the bosses that Raiden will have to defeat in the Platinum Games developed Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.

In the video, below, Raiden battles with three members of the Desperado Enforcements "Winds of Destruction Unit" - Mistral, Monsoon and Sundowner. Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is released on 22 February 2013.

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Posted by Mark at 15:02
Announced after their press conference as part of GameTrailers' online coverage, Project P-100 is probably its name, and they're aiming for that popular "launch window" release time.

Not much in the way of details as yet- aside from a genre of "Mass-Hero Action", a trailer (below), and a brief look at the game's backstory.

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The game's heroes- including such luminaries as Bonzai Man, Vending Machine Man and Toilet Bowl Man- find themselves too weak individually to send off alien attack, and must work together to morph themselves into weapons and other tools which will help save the world.

Never a dull moment with Platinum, eh?
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