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Posted by Ben at 13:12
I have incredibly fond memories of playing Micro Machines 2 on the Megadrive, using 4 pads thanks to the two extra ports on the game cartridge itself, and playing 8 player races thanks to the pad sharing mechanic. I'm of a generation that is watching Micro Machines World Series with impossibly high expectations

It's with some relief then that Codemasters have released a trailer for the upcoming Micro Machines World Series, and it's actually looking pretty good

Race and Elimination modes are back, as well as a 12 player battle mode and online modes, and nicely, 4 player local split screen. Micro Machines World Tour is set to release in June on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Trailer below
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Posted by Duane at 05:19

I was going to cover Bizarre creations' Fur Fighters this week, but I was unable to give it the time it deserved due to decided to have a "quick blast" on this game. I'll try and get Fur Fighters done for next Sunday.

Anyway, yeah, its another racing game, this time its Re-Volt a game from summer 1999 that appeared on PlayStation, N64, PC and Dreamcast. I'm covering the Dreamcast version, which just happened to be the better release. If you're not aware of the game, and unfortunately it seems most aren't, Re-Volt is a Radio Controller Car racing game that blends in comfortably somewhere between Micro Machines and Super Mario Kart.

In the single player you take part in championships where you have to finish at least third in each race to progress to the next, races take place in worldly locations like out in the streets of an American suburb, the supermarket, museum or ornamental gardens and the racing can become pretty fast and hectic especially as the handling requires some getting used to. Each of the cars has different stats, some are heavy, some are fast etc and these directly effect more than the cars straightline performance. For example on the suburbs based circuit you'll be able to throw some of the cars over the kerbs, using them as shortcuts, others will take a more thoughtful approach where you really have to consider a racing line whilst others will need you to rely solely on intelligent use of power ups to gain an advantage meaning there's a car for every type of player even really early on.

Unsuprisingly, the game absolutely sparks in multiplayer, 2 players can enter into the Championship mode together, where as four can either race or enter the battle arena. There's also a really user friendly track editor that can provide some really entertaining circuits to race on without any major planning involved.

For me, Re-Volt is one of the forgotten good games from the Dreamcast era, its by no means an excellent example of its genre, the tricky handling of some of the cars and tight elements to some of the circuits can put some people off for example, but its highly entertaining and has enough of that "one more go" factor in multiplayer to keep you plugging away unlocking cars and circuits.
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