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Posted by Ben at 14:22
I'm still not 100% sure exactly what World of Final Fantasy is, which is probably why a demo is a good idea

On the 17th of October we'll get a demo of World of Final Fantasy on the Playstation Store for PS Vita and PS4

There's a trailer below for the opening cinematics and the game itself launches on the 28th October

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Posted by Mark at 19:11
There's been an amount made about the state of the event at this year's EGX- and while I'll be trying to focus on the games played, there are a few things that can't be avoided.

First, and the one which created the most noise was Sony's handling of Horizon: Zero Dawn- only available to play in a closed-off area, the 30-minute demo meant that formal queuing was abandoned early on in favour of booking sessions, all of which were filled up by 11AM each day- completely shutting out anyone who didn't have an Early Access ticket to the event.

Sony are not the first people to underestimate the demand to see a title at such a show, but questions have to be asked as to why so few consoles were made available considering the length of the demo, more so when the games immediately next to it on Sony's booth were Overwatch and Uncharted 4- both well-marketed games that have been out for some time, the former of which had its own dedicated booth.

The other two platform holders were also conspicuous by their absences- Microsoft's presence being limited to showing Gears of War 4 in a corner of the 18+ area and Forza Horizon 3 making an appearance on the Twitch booth, and Nintendo not showing up at all.

Microsoft's decision not to showcase the XBox One S and let Sony hog the limelight with PS4 Pro seems like an own-goal, but at least one of their flagship series made an appearance, to an extent doing what Nintendo did at E3 with Breath Of The Wild.

The next Zelda game, like its developer, didn't make an appearance at EGX, beyond a glancing mention in the show magazine (this year just an advert for Amazon rather than telling you anything about the games being exhibited), not even in a closed-off Horizonbox or as a developer session.

Nintendo not being present is almost inexplicable, especially when you consider that in the much less-attended Hyper Japan earlier in the year, Nintendo had a not insignificant showing, including integrating BotW's UK premiere into its stage show and creating a Pokémon showcase, capitalising on the back of the then-new Pokémon Go.

Despite what that event's name would suggest, Nintendo's showing there wasn't entirely niche titles with little appeal outside the otaku market, so it probably wouldn't have been too difficult to simply pick up that show and drop it into EGX, maybe adding a bit of Super Mario Run if they really had to.

Mainly appealing to otakudom still probably wouldn't have hurt, if Square-Enix' booth was anything to go by, showcasing World Of Final Fantasy- one of three FF games exhibited (four if Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 counts), a dungeon crawler whose gimmick seems to be that the characters can transform into cute chibis at will, a mechanic which seems to exist solely to sell Nendoroid figures.

More interesting was the adjacent Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraftalike that Ben has already posted the trailer of.

(And if you were waiting, this marks the first appearance of a game I actually played)

The notion of Minecraft with story and objectives appears interesting, and advanced platformer-y tasks could be seen played on Sony's stage, although the playable demo didn't seem to last long enough to reach that point. The move to third-person, despite certain control changes to accommodate, makes placing blocks slightly harder than it could be, which is likely to cause frustration.

The rest of Squeenix' booth was made up of Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Hitman, promoting their PS4 re-release and latest episodes respectively.

Possibly as a factor of the absence of Microsoft and Nintendo, aside from the usual iterative titles (This year's CoD, FIFA, WWE, Pro Evo and Battlefield) the only other meaningful showing- save for Sega settling nicely into its strategy niche, and Sniper Elite 4 helping Rebellion continue to punch above its weight- from a AAA developer was Bethesda, showcasing Dishonored 2.

The level shown in the demo featured a mansion whose rooms could shift into different configurations at the pull of a lever- meaning in order to complete the level's two objectives (saving a colleague from the first game and taking down this game's antagonist) the player has to creep around the crawlspaces under the floors- a little like a Victoriana latter half of Portal.

The enemies shown, rather than the humans which made up the previous game, were all robots, which added an extra element of strategy to combat. Decapitation causes them to attack anything that makes a noise, meaning they can be used by the player to take down other enemies.

Sniper Elite 4, incidentally, was pretty much Sniper Elite 3, but bigger. Which is absolutely fine by me.

That feels like a nice cut-off point, tomorrow I'll recap the better indie and smaller games of the show.
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Just a game of cards
Posted by Duane at 15:42

Thanks to the remote play functionality that exists on the Sony hardware I've found myself returning to Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XIV. I found GAME selling both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward cheap on PS4 and as I'd missed the chance to upgrade my PS3 ARR for free I took the chance to snap it up.

The problem I've mostly been having though is that my other half is sinking just as much time into the MMO that she plays, Lord of the Rings Online, that I have been FFXIV, but because hers is strictly tied to the PC I've been, as mentioned, using my Vita to go to Eorzea thanks to Remote Play.

I'm not actually all that fussed about this as, surprisingly enough, FFXIV features a hell of alot of single player content, its mostly fetch quests and the like but they're pleasent enough to play through on the handheld and the controls are mapped really rather well.

Where the game has sunk its teeth in most though is its version of Final Fantasy VII's Golden Saucer. Each day you can enter the "Mini Cactpot" lottery, essentially a scratch card. You can purchase 3 a day and this resets at 4pm, so I'll go over to the Golden Saucer, try and win a few extra MGP (which can only be spend at the Golden Saucer) via playing this and then maybe partake in a couple of the events that pop up and definetly get some Triple Triad going, the music to which I have engraved on my brain.

Its gotten to a point now that I have a seperate costume on my hotbar just for my trips to the Golden Saucer, its a cool tuxedo affair, minus the bottoms, which you can see in the image above.
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Platinum Demo
Final Fantasy XV
Posted by Mark at 15:33

Earlier today, Duane livestreamed a playthrough of the Platinum Demo of Final Fantasy XV.

The demo was released today, alongside confirming the date for the main game as September 30.

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Posted by Mark at 18:33
Also Cloud and someone from the new Fire Emblem.

In the final Nintendo Direct not only of the year but also for the current Smash Bros. games, Nintendo have revealed the final three characters to be added as downloadable content- all three of who will be getting an Amiibo at some unspecified point in the future.

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First up is Corrin from the forthcoming Fire Emblem: Fates, who, like other FE leads has a selectable gender and for reasons which will probably be better explained in his/her native game, can transform in whole or in part to a dragon.

Next on the list is Final Fantasy VII protag Cloud, putting recent rumours to bed as to his inclusion.

The very final character to be included, right at the end of the presentation after revealing a new stack of hats for Team Fortress 2 Mii Fighters, was Bayonetta's Bayonetta.

What's interesting about the presentation is that Sakurai goes to great lengths to explain the unique aspects of each character.

Corrin's weapon can be stuck in the ground, indefinitely stunning its recipient allowing the player to take a second to decide what to do with them. Cloud has his Limit Breaks, and Bayo her Witch Time.

The reason this is interesting as they've shown you all the tools you'll have at your disposal when you download the characters ahead of time, allowing the player to roll straight into using the characters to their full potential rather than spend ages working out how to operate them properly- and of course, let those who are playing against them what to expect.

Cloud should be available to download now- assuming the news hasn't just left a smoking crater where Nintendo's servers used to be- and the other two are out in February.
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Posted by Mark at 15:09
The sequel... Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, subtitled Curtain Call, is getting two songs from The World Ends With You.

"Calling" and "Twister" are joining the game's downloadable roster in Japan this week, alongside "World Revolution" and "Wind Scene" from Chrono Trigger, "Liberi Fatali" from Final Fantasy VIII, and Romancing SaGa 3's "The Last Battle"

There's no word on a western release for the DLC, nor is there any word on a proper new TWEWY game, despite Squeenix's endless teasing.

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Posted by Ben at 14:01
I quite liked Theatrhythm to a point, that point being midway through the 2nd difficulty where I couldn't get any further. A lot of people really loved it though, and for them there's some good news.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is getting a UK 3DS release on the 19th September, with Square-Enix selling a special edition version through their site

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Posted by Duane at 05:47
Okay, you got me, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was actually patched almost a week ago, I'm just catching up with everything I've been wanting to post.

So yeah, the latest patch, 2.22 Through the Malestrom came out Friday, reminding me that I need to resubscribe soon. the latest patch reveals Leviathan for the first time new quests for both the main and Hildibrand story lines and the ability to change the appearance of your gear, plus more. Check out the trailer below:

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently available on PlayStation 3 and PC and launches on PlayStation 4 on April 14th.
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Posted by Duane at 17:40
Check out the new trailer for Square-Enix's "Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remix" which is available on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 from Friday.

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Posted by Duane at 16:40
As we approach the February 14th release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Square-Enix have put together a rather cool video that provides a recap of the story so far in the two key titles in the "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy" (that'll be the Final Fantasy XIII series to everyone else) so far.

Obviously, if you haven't played the games and want to, then dont watch the video, otherwise, if you want to remind yourself of the key events surrounding Lightning, Snow et all or just want to jump straight into Lightning Returns then the video below, presented in a gloriously retro 16-bit fashion, is definetly worth a watch.

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As mentioned above, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is released on February 14 2014 on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, you can download a demo of the game on both formats now.
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