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Let's just say there's an Xbox made of gold involved. GOLD.

Mayor of Behemothtown Kelly Revak on Castle Crashers reaching two million players. [Kotaku]
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Posted by Duane at 19:26

Fairytale Fights, like American McGee's Alice and Grimm games, takes a different approach to the "normal" world of fairy tale stories. Here, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and the Emporer (the guy who gets "new clothes") have all seemingly lost the plot (and their popularity), and decide they need to redeem their worth as heroes. What follows is a wonderfully gory and over the top version of Castle Crashers.

Rather than being a digital distribution release though, Fairytale Fights is attempting to take on the big boys in the retail market, personally I think it would gain much more attention if it had of been distributed via XBLA or PSN. Thats not to say its a bad game and its undeserving of attention as thats quite the opposite of what I mean, I'd personally want it on those platforms as its better suited to them, I don't think Castle Crashers wouldn't of survived if it weren't for its digital release.

The visual styling lends the game a rather cutesy family friendly look at first, but this is quickly removed the moment you get into a fight with one of the many foes you encounter throughout the game, blood is literally splattered everywhere and your character soon begins to slip and slide around it. There's something satisfyingly sadistic about dismembering a lumberjack with a chainsaw, complete with blown up graphical representation of what you've just done, then sliding around in a giant pool of blood whilst trying to spell your name, just because you can.

The fight controls are a little odd and can easily lead to you being thrown off guard, attacks are performed by constantly flicking the right analogue stick, theres no real skill or technique involved and its very easy to chain a combo of random hits together. However as previously stated this can leave you off guard, leading to you taking hits or even falling off a platform. This is only a mild frustration as it only really results in a loss of weapon (of which there a more than enough available, with some great idea's thrown in there) and some of the money you've earned. This can only really be spent on wishing wells to gain acid or love potions, or on improving your sculpture in the hub world, neither of which is ever really important within the game.

Fairytale Fights is an incredibly repetetive game, but that's that nature of these scrolling smack em ups and that doesn't make it any less fun, its pretty damn entertaining in multiplayer, despite the fact it can lead to some major (but still funny) arguments when you accidentally cut a friend in half, a devillishly delicious little game that deserves more attention than it will ever actually get.
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Posted by Duane at 18:30

As a kid, I spent many hours playing the likes of Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon and all of those style of games in arcades during holidays on the British coast or in a mates bedroom on their Mega Drive, but in recent years these games have pretty much become an extinct species, aside from the occasional appearance on compilation discs or re-releases on downloadable services. Castle Crashers though is an all singing all dancing new inclusion into the genre from Alien Hominid developers The Behemoth, which you can purchase from the XBox 360's Arcade marketplace.

As you can expect from this developer, Castle Crashers has a hand-drawn flash visual style, the same as their Metal Slug homage Alien Hominid, that lends a certain character to the on-screen violence that makes certain things, such as beheadings, comical rather than gorey and all the on screen characters incredibly cute. All of this combined gives Castle Crashers a unique appearance on XBox Live and one that The Behemoth are becoming increasingly associated with.

The game is incredibly easy to just pick up and play, with controls focusing on a weak attack, a strong attack, a magic attack and combo's that are unlocked as you level up your chosen Castle Crasher knight (or one of the many other unlockable characters), whilst you can also heal using potions. In single player, its great fun and incredibly addictive, and you'll notice alot of the smaller entertaining things that are happening in the levels as you progress through them, whilst in multiplayer it becomes a chaotic side scrolling brawler that encourages both co-operation and a bit of old school back-stabbing, or front stabbing for that matter when you are fighting over the loot or princesses on offer, not to mention over who is actually finishing off each on screen enemy for the experience points so you can level up and increase the handful of stats on your character.

At 1200 Microsoft Points, Castle Crashers is one of the more expensive titles on the Arcade marketplace, but with single player and multiplayer both locally and over Live, plus arena battles and a sort of button bashing competition, theres plenty of value to keep you playing for a very long time, Castle Crashers is most certainly one of the shining examples of an XBox Live Arcade game.
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Posted by Duane at 09:35
Castle Crashers, from The Behemoth makers of Alien Hominid, hit XBox Live Arcade yesterday for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. This past few weeks on Microsofts downloadable service have certainly been more expensive than normal, but Castle Crashers is most certainly worth its price.

Enjoy, I know I am, and if I play online with you at any point, baggsy Orange ;-)

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