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Posted by Duane at 06:34

Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed is one of those games that will always gain attention for all the wrong reasons, and that is because its story and elements of its mechanics are so heavily tied together. We'll get all of this out of the way now, as the games title "Undead and Undressed" quite clearly states, at regular points in the game on screen characters will be in some state of undress. Gameplay revolves running around Tokyo's Akihabara district and getting into fights. The combat requires you to target three area's of your opponents body: their head, their torso and their legs and then remove their clothes to strip them to their underwear and thus exposing their skin to the sun, in order to defeat them. It's a ridiculous concept, but its kind of fun in its own way and, surprisingly, the gameplay doesn't feel exploitative, although there are strong elements of fan-service

The plot revolves around a bunch of vampire like creatures that are overtaking Akihabara attacking people and converting them to these same vampires. You play the role of an Otaku who has been lured into their trap to be converted but that all goes a bit wrong and you are then recruited to take down said vampire-creatures. As mentioned above, this is achieved by getting into fights with them (with them often in groups) and ultimately stripping them of their clothing. The premise and the mechanics are equally ridiculous which should make it all entertaining, but this is all let down by the way that the developer has tied it all to some really dull combat and how heavily the games loading times slow the entire experience down.

Attacks are split between light and hard, as is normally the case, with some Quick Time Events thrown in when you've weakened a particular part of the body enough to then strip your opponent of an item of clothing. However combat always feels sluggish and clumsy and that you never really feel in proper control of you characters actions. Other problems crop up when in combat too, such as NPC's being able to stand in area's that you cannot reach and it can take some time to coax them out. It's also far too easy to get overwhelmed when there are a large number of enemies to take on and it never really feels like your AI team-mate is contributing enough.

This is all a huge shame, the script for the game is mostly well-written and amusing and the "Strip" mechanic is amusing enough to carry the game for its moderate length but it feels artificially fleshed out by a ridiculous number of loading screens that then force the player into wanting to use the fast travel system, which also pretty much negates the entire point of trying to recreate the atmosphere of somewhere like Akihabara and the culture that it contains, mix in the aforementioned sluggish combat and Akiba's Trip becomes a chore to play rather than a light-hearted combat game with a love for its target demographic.
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Posted by Duane at 06:27
Last week NIS America announced that they would be releasing Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed on PS3 and PlayStation Vita in Europe on October 10th 2014.

The game takes place in the Akihabara district of Tokyo where demonic creatures have invaded. It appears that they have mostly Body Snatched female victims and its upto the protagonist to save the day by damaging their clothing and exposing them to the sunlight, or thats what the majority of the Gaming Press would have you believe, theres been a kind of papering over of the fact there are Male demons for you to attack and strip off too. We'll have to see how it all pans out when its released in October, but lets hope that it doesn't rely on Fan Service quite as much as Senran Kagura Burst did.

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