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Posted by Mark at 11:00
So we all know that PlayStation Vita is pretty much dead in the Western Hemisphere. But not to 2K Games!

Digital Spy have unearthed a listing on PEGI's rating database, suggesting that Civilization Revolution 2 Plus is coming to the platform.

The Plus at the end of the name would suggest that this is an in some way enhanced port of the previously mobile-only title, a condensed version of the popular PC TBS.

Nothing has been announced by either 2K or Sony as of yet.
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Posted by Ben at 12:10
It's a bit vague and a definitely not confirmed, but according to an interview the GM of Nintendo Germany gave both Smash Bros and Mario Kart are due on the WiiU in spring 2014

“For next spring two more big license games are also announced for our TV console with Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.”

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Posted by Ben at 17:48
You might have noticed, but I really liked Witcher 2, so much so I bought a couple of the books. As you might imagine any talk of a sequel is going to get me fairly excited, so credit to Peace Walker over at NeoGaf for finding some hints about a Witcher 3 announcement

In the trailer for CD Projekt's upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 is a hidden message from the developer.

"And that's not all that's new. We are about the reveal our other project, which is much closer to being completed, and yes it will be a fully open-world game with an intense story. You can probably guess the game we're talking about. On the 5th of February it will be all clear."

There's only one game they could be talking about right? The "open-world" comment is a bit odd, I'd take an open-world Witcher game, but I suspect they mean it in the sense that you can go off and explore and pick up the odd side mission
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Posted by Ben at 13:48
There's a rumour going around that Steam's Autumn sale starts tomorrow.

Now, I'm not saying we should jump to any conclusions from this, but there's no midweek sale up on Steam when there ordinarily would be....

Obviously that doesn't mean anything and we shouldn't get exciSTEAMSALE!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by Mark at 14:48
Budget time again- that point in the year where the British government decide how they're going to bring in tax money for the following year and how big a duck moat they're going to build what they're going to spend it on. Oh, and the press speculates on what's going to happen.

Part of that speculation is what's being called the "Downton Abbey Break" by much of the press- a reported quarter off taxes for TV shows filmed in the UK- with an eye to attracting more multi-million pound productions such as- yes- ITV1 period drama Downton Abbey, bringing the form into line with existing film incentives.

Naturally, long-term advocates of tax relief for games, UKIE, have not let this go unnoticed.

Ian Livingstone in particular, fresh from his successes with the Raspberry Pi, said:
Today's report is encouraging news. [...] We hope today's announcement is a forerunner to a Budget statement [on Wednesday] that extends production tax credits to all digital content industries, especially the videogame industry.
The argument is not without support from within The Corridors Of Power- the Telegraph reports that members of the "All Party Computer and Video Games Industry Group", which includes Stephen Timms, Select Committee chair John Whittingdale, and your friend and mine Tom Watson, have written to George Osborne suggesting that breaks be extended to the games industry.

The budget will be revealed on Wednesday at about lunchtime.
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Posted by Mark at 20:08
If you want to have a nosey at TMView, a Europe-wide trademark information resourse, you'll notices that Capcom had a go at trademarking "Darkstalkers" this very Valentine's Day.

We know series head Yoshinori Ono wants to see another title in the series, but it remains to be seen if his desire is enough to see it happen.
The application remains "under examination" still, with the European trademark office, so don't get your hopes up for anything just yet.

That being said, as Eurogamer points out, last time this sort of thing happened, it was for PSP title Darkstalkers Chronicle.
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Posted by Ben at 13:28
We've had a couple of stories regarding a possible release date for Atlus' anime puzzle-em-up, with the only British one we could find being December.

Now though thanks to Play it seems we have a new date of 28th October (which I've checked and it is a Friday). I've hope that this date is accurate, not that Play are adverse to just plucking a date out of the air, but it's getting to the point not that release dates are set for the 2nd half of the year.

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Posted by Mark at 06:53
So it was rumoured a bit ago that Catherine's UK release date was set to be December 9, but it seems that Australians are getting it slightly earlier.

Aussie distributor QV Software has the game pegged as coming out on October 20- fully seven weeks and one day before its alleged UK release.

Now, far be it from us to start rumourmongering, but the product page puts the publisher down as "Koch Media", who are Deep Silver's parent company, which may well mean that its European release may also fall at around that time.

That being said, the Australian ratings board haven't classified it yet, so going off past form, all bets may still be off.
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Posted by Ben at 07:01
VGReleases have spotted a release date for the Deep Silver published Catherine on The Huts website. It could of course just be a place holder date and actually be coming much sooner/later, and while it may be the UK release date for Catherine, it might not be the European release date.

The Hut have it listed as 9th December, I've checked and that's a friday, so it's looking like a possibility.

Of course that being The Hut the game could actually be out this week, and 9th December is the date they'll eventually get it to you

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Posted by Mark at 14:43
While I'm sure you enjoyed Bitparade's comprehensive E3 coverage last week, and would like some extra time to reflect on it, you're not getting any, as Crytek have had to break cover and allege that Microsoft's next console will be unveiled at next year's event.

Videogamer allege that a higher-up at Crytek believes the above, and the firm is readying its technology to capitalise on its release.

The story goes on to add fuel to the Timesplitters 4 fire, with the Crytek UK- formerly Free Radical- titile being used internally as a showcase for Crytek's graphical muscle.
The source reports that the graphics on TimeSplitters 4 are noticeably improved over current generation technology, with the DX11 tessellation effects allegedly having a huge impact on the visuals. Crytek believes that the game - and CryEngine 3 itself - will be seen as the cornerstone of next-generation development.
It seems odd to me that Microsoft would consider launching their new console only one year after revealing another massive overhaul of their current system's dash, but then the announcement of Wii U, alongside talk of PS3/Playstation Vita cross-play may force their hand. Or it may not and this is all an exec getting too excited and a website following suit. We won't know until next year.
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