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Posted by Mark at 22:30
It's always good to see the fruits of the gradual march of gaming towards being a Socially Respected Pastime™- and just as the PlayStation got Lara Croft onto the front of The Face and irregular reviews in the entertainment sections of the red-tops, it seems that Wii Fit and Brain Training are getting games into real newspapers.

The Telegraph yesterday launched their shiny new games website, with an article where they talk to Shigeru Miyamoto on games design, Wii Music, and the balance the company has had to find between their new 'casual', mainstream market which has made them untold millions of late, and the older 'hardcore' niche market which got them through those darker, Sony-dominated days.

Oh, and confirms new Mario, Zelda and Pikmin.

There's nothing here we haven't seen already, as is to be expected of the non-specialist media, but this article does a good job of explaining the situation not only to 'outsiders', but also manages to explain the casual/hardcore situation in one place, in a manner that doesn't patronise one faction or the other.

As well as that, unlike some people, The Telegraph have been forward-thinking enough to link the games section in Arts and Culture, and not just hide it in Technology.

This should be well worth keeping an eye on.

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