Posted by Mark at 15:25
Argue with the CMS Code Simulator 2016

A less fun game than you'd think.
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Posted by Mark at 19:08
I continue to kick it old-school with Pokémon HeartGold.

With the eighth Gym beaten, it's time to go meet Ash Red at the top of Mt. Silver.

Being the very endgame of the title, effectively after the postgame, they've had to do something to make it special- and they have.

It's not that the environment of Mt. Silver's is particularly interesting, it's a cave with a maze in it- and not a very complex one even by Pokémon standards- but the atmosphere.

At the bottom of the mountain, as you'd expect, is a Pokémon centre- and naturally, you go into it to heal up before you start.

It's empty.

The staff are still there- the nurse who treats your pokémon is there ready to help, and so are the attendants for the link features as they were in the old generations- but the usual random three or four people you'd see in every other branch are nowhere to be seen, and that's jarring.

It really helps to hit home that this is it- you're out on your own.

It's a good example of re-use of an environment to drive the narrative and provoke a reaction- keeping with Nintendo, it's like in Ocarina Of Time when you first leave the Temple Of Time as Adult Link and see the previously bustling, brightly-coloured and jauntily-soundtracked Hyrule Castle Town Market in a now-silent, dilapidated state and full of those zombies that dry-hump you.

It's not even as heavy-handed as that, there's no new art assets and the music's still there, but the feel is not the same at all.

The whole 'less-is-more' is something that games seem to have forgot over time, and it's perhaps through low-tech necessity that the early Pokémon games do manage to nail this- I've pontificated for ages about the way the same game uses less than a second of silence in the past- and it's difficult not to compare this to the most recent generation, X and Y.

The usual Elite Four of these games- as well as the moments leading up to them- are surrounded with so much ridiculous ceremony as they revel in their new-found polygonal glory that they reach the point of self-parody, and certainly begin to irritate on multiple attempts. HeartGold's loneliness meanwhile sits in the background quietly and only really makes its presence felt when you look for it.
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Play Expo
Posted by Ben at 17:13

In a past life trip to the annual Play Expo in Manchester would have been a feature of its own, but time being the precious commodity it is nowadays means for a variety of reasons that's not going to happen. A big reason though is that the Play Expo maybe wasn't at its most interesting this year. It's still a fun event, the focus has shifted away from retro gaming over the years but that's still absolutely the best thing about it and the reason to go, but there's something to be said for new and shiny and that's what felt absent this year.

Not that there was nothing new, if you wanted to queue there was the Playstation VR Battlezone, the less busy Tekken 7, and Jeff Minter brought his new VR version of Polybius. There were a few indie games too, not as many as last year, and that's something I'd like the focus to return to next time. All that I didn't play so I can't comment on it. I did manage to play some Sociable Soccer, the modern take on Sensible Soccer.

I say modern take, it kind of feels exactly the same as Sensible Soccer, it's certainly better than the PS2 version of Sensible Soccer that Eurogamer bizarrely gave a 9 out of 10. I watched a dad trounce his son and celebrate the last couple of goals, always a heartwarming sight. Playing on my own (none of my friends wanted to play a football game) I dominated Chelsea with my off-brand United side, but couldn't put the ball in the back of the net, which is both accurate to my memories of learning to play Sensible Soccer and the current Manchester United side. Still, first impressions, Sociable Soccer seems pretty good

I'm not going to go in to everything I played at Play Expo, so instead here's what else I played over the previous week. South Park The Stick of Truth is something I've been wanting get around to for ages, and it's not really been worth the wait. Stick of Truth isn't a bad game, but it is a bit boring. There's obviously lots of good stuff in there, I like South Park, I've no complaints about the content, but there's also a lot of samey combat and trudging around. Maybe the 2nd half of the game picks up, but at the point I stopped I wasn't itching to play more.

That's kind of the case with Rise of the Tomb Raider too. Probably inspired by the imminent PS4 release I picked up the PC version. Technically it looks amazing, but it's also crashed more than any pc game I've played in a long time, Batman Arkham Knight was a mess but I don't remember it crashing on me. It's notable how sedate Rise of the Tomb Raider is to start off, it feels like the developers really took the criticism of Lara's murder rate to heart. It's not that she doesn't kill in Rise of the Tomb Raider, but it's less frequent than the previous game, instead focusing more on exploration. The result, possibly infuriatingly for Square Enix, is I think it's a more boring game than Tomb Raider. There's a lot of down time, simple platforming, doing busy work quests so you can get some equipment or a new gun. personally I preferred the Apocalypse Now horror of the previous game. Still though, I'm probably not quite half way through so it could quite conceivably click
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Posted by James at 14:56

I've had an itch for pick-up-and-play, arcade-like experiences lately, which nudged me in the direction of an imported copy of Kururin Paradise to play on my lovely Game Boy Micro. And it’s reminded me of how much craft large teams poured into decidedly lower budget handheld game back when the majority of the market only consisted of these two, very distinct worlds of console and handheld.

Much has been written about Kuru Kuru Kururin before here, but for the uninitiated, you pilot a helicopter (a helirin) through a series of puzzle mazes in search of the level goal. Except it's not really anything that resembles a helicopter; it's a constantly spinning stick as seen from above and the direction it’s facing determines where you can lead it on the way to the goal.

The beauty of Kururin is it’s an idea that can serve an entire game and then some, much like Super Monkey Ball, which has you rotating a maze to guide your simian to each level goal. That's reflected in the game's name, where "Kururin" is Japanese for "spin".

What sequel Kururin Paradise has to offer, then, is an expanded version of this very concept. In the first game, your stick only spun at a set speed, making harder levels feel a lot more restrictive than they ought to. It was too easy to be stuck waiting for your stick to rotate back round to where you needed it to, and it meant there could only be a certain number of ways to tackle some of the trickier levels as a result.

Paradise lets you speed up your stick’s rotation with the R button, and it’s revelatory. Impatient players like myself can use this new move to try and “game” the game as much as possible, calculating when and where to speed up the stick’s rotation ahead of any upcoming obstacles and never slow down on the way to the goal.

Above and beyond opening up new opportunities to attempt speed runs, it simply gives you so much more control in dodging obstacles, and this is reflected in the game’s level designs. One level sees you try to avoid ghosts that latch onto your helicopter, slowing down its movement. Another sees you dodge a plethora of flames, danmaku style. There are minigames which ask you to perform abstract tasks – like mowing a lawn – against the clock. This all wouldn’t be possible in the game's predecessor.

I really enjoyed my time playing through Kururin Paradise. It has all the hallmarks of a great Game Boy Advance game: A super solid gameplay concept, excellent use of sprite scaling, beautiful pixel art sprites and backgrounds, and a catchy soundtrack that also manages to make use of Game Boy backwards compatibility.

There’s a GameCube sequel: Kururin Squash. I've yet to play my copy of the game, but when I do it’ll certainly be interesting to find out whether Eighting can improve the core gameplay concept once more with the addition of analogue control…
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Vroom Vroom
Posted by Mark at 18:02

A fairly unexciting week, as I've mainly been making small progress on Forza Motorsport 6- although I did also find time to crack open Freedom Planet.

I don't really have an awful lot to say about either- I'm not deep enough into the latter to cast any real judgements, and the former does what it does very well, but not in any particularly exciting way.
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An Analogy For The Class Divide
Posted by Ben at 17:49

I've got until the end of this article to think of a pun for the title, you'll see above how I got on.

I'll give you a bit of a window in to my life from the past week or so. Thanks to a discount code I've been having my meals provided by Hello Fresh. If you don't know, they send you a box full of ingredients, from my experience it always includes a leek, you get some recipes, and you make the meals yourself.

Here's what I'll say, firstly the recipes are missing some details, and there's an assumption you're middle class enough to have copious amounts of olive oil, baking paper, a pie dish. I've not even got a toaster at the minute. Secondly, it takes aaaages to cook stuff from scratch. The menus say 25 minutes but you can double that because you don't know what you're doing

Why am I telling you this? Well, because it means that I've not had time to play games most nights. Stupid healthy eating

I played Don't Disturb, there's a review on the site. I like it, but it's a bit broken, or it has been both the times I've played it. It had been patched last time I played it, which had tidied up the script a bit, the glitch I mentioned in the review has been fixed, but the next puzzle now made the character freeze so I couldn't progress past it. It's been patched today, hopefully the new bugs have been fixed

Other than that it's been all Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Deus Ex Mankind Divided starts a little slow, once you're past the prologue at least, but once I left Prague for the first time the game clicked and I really enjoyed it. I wish it threw you back in to the city at the end of the game, you end up with a lot of perks you don't really get to use. Anyway, great game, I'll probably even play the dlc if it's received well
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Posted by James at 15:20
So Nintendo’s shutting the DSi Shop at the end of the month. While DSiWare will continue to live on as part of 3DS’s eShop thereafter, this is our last chance to download the games to an actual DS, the best way to experience them. And it served as good enough an excuse as any to take a quick look back at the DSiWare service.

DSiWare gets a bad rep for shovelware, and while there is a fair amount of junk on the service, there are some gems too. The service arrived at an awkward time - the iOS App Store had only just opened for business, and physical and digital were words used to describe two very different worlds of video games.

The tried and tested way of getting games to audiences was still through physical media, something which held especially true for the DS, a platform with no means of purchasing games digitally for four years.

Which begs the question: How could you make a compelling DSiWare game DS games already thrived on emphasising a gameplay concept and good art direction and had relatively lower development costs than most games?

It turns out you had to take those ideologies even further. The best DSiWare titles aren’t attached to the most eye grabbing IP, or the biggest development budgets. And due to the comparatively smaller publishing costs, even the quirkiest game ideas became that much more viable.

Take Reflect Missile for example. It’s Arkanoid mixed with Puzzle Bobble, rethought as a methodological puzzle game. You aim a scarce number of Missiles at an arrangement of blocks, hoping to destroy those marked for clearing each level. It's simple enough, but developer Q-Games took this one concept and ran with it, programming characteristically playful physics for for each missile type and offering a whole tonne of level layouts that make the most of the idea of bouncing stuff off walls and blocks.

Then there's Mighty Milky Way, a game about exploding planets. Tap a planet and it explodes, propelling your green-skinned character into outer space. It's another simple concept, but the circumstances to which its released means it's also surprisingly well polished for what it is.

These games celebrate the importance of good game design above all else, and there are much more of them, listed below.

I’ve also found them fairly refreshing - it’s rather neat to see large scale publishers like Nintendo and Konami invest in tiny ideas like these, and the simplicity of the game ideas on display here.

If you’ve got a few quid spare, dig out that DSi XL, pick up a few of my recommendations below and remind yourself of simpler times. Times when digital distribution meant realising a simple game idea that might not make it to a store shelf. Times before publishers all set their eyes on the gamification movement on mobile...

DSiWare gems: Sujin Taisen: Number Battle, Art Style: Digidrive, Dragon Quest Wars, Art Style: Decode, Wakugumi: Monochrome Puzzle, 3D Space Tank, Trailblaze: Puzzle Incinerator, Aura Aura Climber, Glow Artisan, Snapdots, Art Style: PiCOPiCT, Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology, Maestro: Green Groove, Primrose, Surfacer+, Bomberman Blast, 10 Second Run, Starship Patrol, Divergent Shift.
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Hybrid Edition

Posted by Mark at 16:30

The main game I've been playing lately is The Evil Within, a game helmed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and pushed as a return to that series' roots after it- and the horror genre generally- diverged after its fourth installment.

In truth, it winds up being a strange halfway house, where attempts to resurrect mechanics from the older games fail to gel properly with newer ones.

One immediately obvious example is where the game has attempted to reproduce something similar to the typewriter save points, this time utilizing a cracked mirror to transport you back to a asylum, which is where the save point proper lives.

However, unlike the small open world of Resi's mansion, The Evil Within takes place in what boils down to a series of one-way linear Gears of War-style shooting galleries, which come complete with automatic checkpoints, making the manual save points functionally redundant.

It also tries to pull the ammo scarcity trick as well, but achieves this by limiting the amount you're able to carry- leading to frustration as you have to leave bullets behind that you're unable to pick up, only to run out when you turn the next corner and unable to backtrack to pick up what you've left behind.

The absence of the magic chest that usually accompanied the typewriter means it's not even possible to hoard the stuff you don't need and pick it up later.

The game does attempt to approach the issue by dotting macguffins around the game- keys to unlock lockers in the asylum and green gel to upgrade stats like ammo capacity, covering the issue of ammo supply and giving the player a reason to return to the asylum beyond the occasional time the plot brings you back there- but this is papering over the cracks rather than truly integrating the old mechanics with the new.
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Posted by Ben at 17:27
I'm waiting for the day one patch for Deus Ex Mankind Divided to download, having switched to the Dutch servers because the UK ones are "fucked", so it seems like a good time to write a What We're Playing before starting something new.

And first up, a bit of Deus Ex

Not the original one, instead Deus Ex Go. I know I spent Ł3 on marketing material, I know I'm now part of some graph somewhere that shows "divergence" or some other office word, but I could do with something to play on my commute. Truth is I've not been that taken with the Go games. Lara Croft Go didn't really do anything for me, and while I think Hitman go is better, I still got a bit tired of it.

I do prefer the Deus Ex franchise though so hopefully that counts for something. It's very much the same sort of thing, move Adam Jensen from point to point, taking out guard or avoiding being spotted. Deus Ex Go feels a little more cobbled together in its design though, there's power ups that and traps that feel a bit glitchy. Hard to explain maybe, but triggering an enemy so he charges, then changing a floor tile to a red zone so he can't return back to his start point, he'll just judder in place. It feels a bit "Steam Server".

Talking of fucked, I went back to Batman Arkham Knight last week. I've posted a couple of times about the state of the PC release, and I can say it seems to be fixed now. Granted, since writing that article I'm now running the game off an SSD, which would help significantly with the data loading, but I had played a chunk of the game prior to the most recent fix and was still having significant problems even off an SSD.

When I stopped last time I felt pretty done with Batman Arkham Knight. The technical problems and how they were handled had really soured me, and frankly, it's not that great a game. Fortunately though, where I picked it up from (teaming up with Robin) it kind of felt like the second part of the 'season', after the winter break, where the writers have had a chance to sit and think about how to fix things a bit. I enjoyed it so much more. Not all of it, fuck the Riddler challenges still, but the story really picks up. The season pass is borderline theft if you paid full price for it, but at Ł4 or whatever it cost on CDKeys just before launch I can't complain, short as the story content is.

Anyway, it's all done, aside from the Riddler stuff, and some of the season pass stuff. I guess I can't really complain about it any more, but I think I'm done with Batman for the foreseeable

Elsewhere, I played some Merdian Squad 22, there's a First Play gameplay video for it and there might well be a review at some point. It's... well, I can't say I've enjoyed my time with it. Not that it's bad, I've just not enjoyed it. I'm hoping some of the other modes get me a way in on it
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Pokémon Go
Posted by James at 15:44

It's obligatory Pokémon Go article time!!!

But there's a good excuse: It's the summer games drought, where publishers decide not to release any games because we're all out getting some sunshine in our free time and no one else can say otherwise. The climate does make a great case for Pokémon Go, though, so that's what I've mostly been playing over the last month.

In a way, Pokémon Go is the all-encompassing idle game. You walk around your neighbourhood or areas unknown in the chance that a rare Pokémon might come into proximity, or hoping that one of the nine nearby Pokémon will pop up on your map, ready to battle and capture.

Your phone then gives off a satisfying buzz, you prod the Pokémon on the map, catch the critter and then it's off to look for more. It never really requires your full attention, but the heavy reliance on random Pokémon spawns combined with the social pull for groups to play or discuss the game makes for a game that’s nearly irresistible to leave alone. You're not only always making progress; you’re increasing your chances of being able to do so in the first place.

I’m still unsure whether playing Pokémon Go has made my journeys more exciting yet. Discovering new Pokémon in the same old areas is always exciting, but on the flipside it can all feel like busywork if you’re playing on your own and the novelty of the AR feature wears off. In particular, evolving Pokémon for experience points is often a long and cumbersome experience, and it can be disheartening to visit gym after gym of more powerful Pokémon than your own.

What makes Pokémon Go a bit more unique in the realm of games-as-a-service apps on mobile is that it’s compelling without the need to rely on tempting you back with superficial rewards.

There are no daily log-in bonuses, and a new player can quickly get accustomed to the game without being "trained" through a long and arduous tutorial that points the player towards all the different things they can do. Many of Pokémon Go's mechanics are left entirely unexplained to the player, which gives the experience the same sense of adventure as your first main Pokémon game.

Because Pokémon locations are all shared among players, it doesn’t feel as cynical as other games in the genre can. Niantic simply doesn’t – and can’t – discriminate directly between players in an obvious, direct way.

While Pokémon Go is undeniably seen as a social experience, the game actually lacks any sort of direct social features, too. There’s no way to spam your friends’ social media feeds with invites to the game for in-game currency, neither is there any way to directly compare your own achievements with friends’.

Social interaction is mostly driven from within the game’s intrinsic mechanics – I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with others, comparing our roster of creatures, or what we managed to capture over the weekend. It almost feels like a return to purer times as a result, where games weren’t actively trying to use their current playerbase to convert new players, or existing players into payers.

While I've unknowingly sunk many hours into catching dozens of Pidgeys and other common Pokémon in the name of levelling up and making progress, there's a lot to appreciate about Pokémon Go's design, and it certainly feels less cynical than other games on mobile.

Perhaps that's reflected in the spending patterns of players -- Macquarie Securities claimed that the majority of purchases in Australia were driven by a large number of players rather than super-engaged big spenders. Maybe I was wrong to point my finger at The Pokémon Company after all...
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Blimey, it's been a bit heavy today, hasn't it?
Block It Out
Blockbuster offering extra credit for Max Payne 3 buyers
Blue Dragon heading to DS
Blue Skies In Games
Blur Dated, plus video
Bonus RPG in Professor Layton 4
Boobs in games
Boost Beast Out Now On Nintendo Switch
Borderlands 2 Vita dated
Bosses of Toukiden: The Age of Demons
Bound by Flame launch trailer
Braid coming to PSN
Brain Training "discriminates against" northern and Scottish accents
Brain Training Games can Improve Cognition in Elderly
Bravely Default Confirmed For 2013 In Europe
Bravely Default Dated For December 6th
Bravely Default Demo up on EU eshop
Bravely Default Still Coming This Year
Brawl due in Autumn?
British Intelligence Agency recruiting gamers?
British player to feature on the cover of NBA Live '09
British retailer Asda to drop Nintendo products in-store
Brutal Legend
Buggy Saint's Row: The Musical
Bully For Two?
Burnout Paradise demo available
Buy SEGA Help Japan
Buy Street Fighter Help Japan
Buy your way through NHL 11
By removing old iOS games, Bandai Namco remind us of the costs behind long term support
Byron Report missed the mark?
Call of Duty 4 Gun Remix
Call of Duty Cyber-Attack Boy Arrested
Call of Duty Film on the Way?
Call of Juarez
Cannon Fodder composer dies, aged 53
Capcom announce new game on XBox Live
Capcom announces more downloadable games
Capcom Apologises For Quiet Final Fight DRM
Capcom launches new Fight Club UK tour, juggles for absurdly high combo
Capcom sets out to wind up the internet by registering a Darkstalkers trademark
Capcom Step Up Production
Capcom taking pre-orders for Dojo Edition of SSFIV
Capcom's E3 Line-up... Sort Of
Captain Picard voices FFXII ad.
Captain Toad to release this Friday in Europe? (Updated)
Castle Crashers
Castle in the Darkness Dated
Castlevania Film Back On
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 not coming to Wii U
Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Metal Gear Revengeance Heading to PC Soon
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow DLC Hits This Month
Castlevania Mirror of Fate Hits XBLA This Week
Castlevania Mirror of Fate Leaked
Castlevania Rebirth Coming to Wiiware
Castlevania Sequel In The Works
Castlevania Series Coming To Netflix
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Revelations DLC Revealed
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gets Euro Date
Catherine confirmed for Western localisation
Catherine demo now generally available on US xBox Live marketplace
Catherine European launch details lack boxer shorts
Catherine TGS Trailer
Catherine to get demo
Catherine UK Release Date Leaked?
Catherine US announcement trailer
Catherine, Down Under, Release, make your own joke up
Cave announce announcement of three new games in February
Cave Collection is HUGE
Cave COO resigns
Cave give up, switch focus to social games
Cave hold fan event, show games
Cave loses second bigwig this year
Cave reveal three new games
Cave shooter to get boxed UK release!
Cave shooter to get boxed UK release?
Cave's Western Social Arm Shutdown
Ceoncption II gets EU date and demo
CGI Tekken Movie On The Way
Championship Manager 1980's Announced
Championship Manager PC No More?
Channel 4 documentary series to chronicle Dare to be Digital
Channel 4 Game Night Dated
Channel 4 Having themed Games Night in November
Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Coming March 15
Charity Cheat Codes
Charlie Nash Returns in Street Fighter V
Check out Mario Kart 8's new tracks in 5k resolution
Check out Rise in Persona 4: Dancing All Night
Check out these amusing Hakoboi! 4-koma strips
Check out this trailer of Japanese brawler "Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds"
Cherry Tree High Comedy Club. Sequel Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Released
Chie and Akihiko get Persona Q trailers
Child of Eden Dated
Child of eden gets It's Own Shop
Child of Eden gets its release date
Child of Eden To Support Move
Child of Eden To Support Move
Child of Light trailer and release date
Chime Sharp Coming To Consoles
Chime Sharp Out Now
Chime Sharp Releases Soon
Chip-and-piano arrangement of Mabe Village from Link's Awakening is suitably charming
Chonchords songs confirmed for Rock Band
Christmas Lights Guitar Hero
Chrono Trigger hits JP PSN store this week
Chrysler announce Cod: Black Ops tie-in Jeep
Circle Announce Conveni Dream for 3DS eShop
Circle Bringing Ambition of the Slimes To The West
Civilization VI City Unstacking Explained
ClaDun x2 out on Steam today
Classic FM to dedicate two-hour show to games music tonight
Classic FM's "Videogame music" show
Classic Levels Coming To New Super Mario Bros 2
ClayFighter Getting A Remake
Clock Tower Successor 'NightCry' Gets Teaser
COD4 to blame for Marines dissapearance?
CoD: Black Ops jeep dated and priced
Code Of Princess Coming To Europe As A Download
Codemasters Announce Dirt 3 Charity DLC
Codemasters announce GRID Autosport
Come on, it's time to go- former Mario actor dies
Company actually intends to make Wonderbook game
Company of Heroes Movie Exists
Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Gets May Release Date
Conception II demo landing on March 25th
Conception II to be released in the US
Conception II to get a European release
Conduit 2 Detailed
Conduit Delayed
Consoles to get TF2 maps?
Content on XBox Live: Undertow & Devil May Cry 4
Control games with your voice?
Controversial art at Leipzig
Cool looking shmup coming to LIVE
Cosplay record attempt.
Costume Quest Getting Winter DLC
Could Atlus be localising SEGA's Yakuza 5?
Counter-Strike On Sky Sports
Country gets longer shaft from Nintendo than Europe does
Crackdown Demo available Tuesday
Crazy Taxi City Rush Announced
Crazy Taxi Coming to XBLA
Crazy Taxi XBLA date confirmed amongst other November releases
Crimson Shroud Dated For Europe
Criterion to patch Burnout Paradise
Crunchyroll simulcasting Ace Attorney anime
Crysis 2 Demo Dated
Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Release Date
Crysis Coming to Consoles
Current TV running King of Kong this week
Curse: A New Dark Souls II Trailer
Curve Digital Releasing The Little Acre On PC & Consoles Later This Year
Custom Radio Station for GTAIV
Cute: people drawing out Hakoboi! solutions
Cygames developing Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS
Daedalic Entertainment to release
Daily Mail Finds Tenuous Links to Games and Violence
Daily Telegraph launches games site
Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Dated For Europe
Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition Out Now On PS4
Damion Schubert
Danganronpa 2 coming out in America this Fall
Danganronpa 2 on sale!
Danganronpa Headed To Steam
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc out in the US today
Danganropa: Trigger Happy Havoc coming to European Vita next year
Dangonronpa 2 Trailer Appears in the Wild
Daniel Craig gets poked in back to remember to promote QoS game
Dante Demo Coming For Christmas
Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II confirmed
Dark Souls II digital comic goes live
Dark Souls II digital comic lurkes out on 8th January
Dark Souls II European servers
Dark Souls II launch trailer
Dark Souls II Prologue trailer and PC date
Dark Souls II will get community inspired content
Dark Souls II, a beginners guide
Dark Souls map viewer views map in Dark Souls
Dark Souls patch to arrive tomorrow
Dark Void Zero Coming to iPhone and PC
Darkness 2 dev outed as Digital Extremes?
Darksiders II now available on OnLive
Darkstalkers Resurrection Dated For Europe
David Braben's Frontier develops cheap learning PC for schools
David Szymanski Reveals 'The Music Machine'
David Szymanski Reveals Next Game
Day one DLC for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Royale
Daylight Gets New Release Date
DC creating Gears of War comic?
Dead Age Hits Early Access
Dead Island trailer
Dead or Alive Coming To PS3 & 360?
Dead Rising 2 Confirmed
Dead Rising 2 launch trailer, mentions tape.
Dead Rising Movie Incoming
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Webisode #1
Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Webisode #2
Dead Space Movie Inbound?
Dead Space Movie on the Horizon
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Out Now
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Out Now On PC
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Released September 20th
Dear Nintendo
Deathsmiles 2 Coming To U.S Games On Demand
Deathsmiles Dated for Steam
DeathSmiles gets its UK release dated
DeathTank Coming To Live?
Deep Silver announce Risen 2: Dark Waters
Deep Silver Bringing Etrian Odyssey V & Strange Journey To Europe
Deep Silver Publishing Sega and Atlus Games In Europe
Deleted tweet sparks rumours about localisation of Danganronpa 2
Demon Gaze 2 Announced
Department of Health endorses Wii Fit Plus, re-ignites Change4Life flames
Deponia heading to PS3 and iOS
Design an XNA based game for 360
Destiny concept art
Destiny reveal ViDoc
Details of One Piece Unlimited World Red appear on the horizon
Details on Persona 5 emerge
Details on Windows Phone games and achievement implementation emerge
Detective Pikachu Officially Revealed
Deus Ex DLC Coming October
Deus Ex Getting A FIlm Too
Deus Ex Imagines Cities of the Future
Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets pre-order bonuses
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay Revealed
Devil May Cry 4 for 360 and PC
Devil May Cry film optioned by Screen Gems
Devil May Cry PC Port Dated and Specced
Devil's Third gets a Free-To-Play PC version
DICE confirms Mirror's Edge 2
Digital Devil Survivor 2 is Out
DiRT 3 launch trailer
DiRT 3 Monaco trailer
Disgaea 4
Disgaea 4 Gets Autumn Pal Release
Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Skills shots
Disgaea 5 Dated For Europe
Disgaea 5 hits up Europe in 2015
Disgaea 5 line-up?
Disgaea characters to enter the world of Demon Gaze
Disgaea Coming To PC in 2016
Disgaea D2 receives patch for European and American versions
Disgaea DS announced
Disgaea DS screens
Dishonored DLC News On The Way Tomorrow
Dishonored Immersion
Dishonored launch trailer
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Revealed
Dishonoured: The Study of Stealth
Doctor Who games to get second series
Does Team ICO job ad reveal anything?
Don't Disturb Clears Steam Greenlight
Don't Disturb Out On Steam Today
Don't Disturb Release Date Revealed
Doom 4 To Get Plot
Doom Reboot In The Works
Doom version 6.66 makes all the DLC free for everyone
Double Dragon IV hits Steam & PSN This Month
Double Dragon IV Out Today
Down With That Sort of Thing
Dragon Age 2 PC Gets Hi-res Textures
Dragon Age Anime Coming in 2011
Dragon Quest 2 Released on Android
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Dated For Europe
Dragon Quest Heroes Announced For PS3 and PS4
Dragon Quest Heroes heads west, but only on PS4
Dragon Quest IX Coming July
Dragon Quest Makes the News
Dragon Quest MMO For WiiU Confirmed
Dragon Quest Series Coming To Japanese Smart Phones
Dragon Quest VII Coming to 3DS
Dragon Quest X and FFXI crossover content for FFXIV goes Worldwide
Dragon Quest X Still Coming To Wii
Dragon Quest XI coming to PS4, 3DS and...Nintendo NX
Dragon's Crown 'Temporarily' Removed From EU PSN
Dragons Crown "Cross Platform"
Drawn To Life coming to Wii
Dreamcast Collection disc confirmed by Sega
Dreamcast is 10... again
Dreamcast XBLA/PSN ports not very enhanced
DriveClub developer Evolution Studios hit by Sony layoffs
Driver series making its way to PSP
Duke Nukem Forever Definitely Coming In 2011
Duke Nukem Forever demo key bundled with Borderlands GOTY
Duke Nukem Forever To Use Steamworks
Duke Nukem Forever trailer tomorrow!
Duke Nukem Forever Unkillable?
Duke Nukem Syndrome
Dust: An Elysian Tail Dated For PC
E3 2010 Microsoft Conference
E3 2012 rumourmongering IS BEGIN!
E3 coverage 2007
E3: Codenamed Eden
E3: Crysis 2 Announced
E3: Downloadable 360 Games on the Way
E3: Final Fantasy VII Gets PAL Release Today
E3: Kojima Castlevania Confirmed
E3: Metroid Prime Trilogy Dated
E3: Morning Wood
E3: Motorstorm 2 Expansions Coming
E3: Xbox Originals Are No More
EA Announce World Cup Tie-in
EA at E3 2009
EA Believe single gaming platform is the future
EA giving away old Command & Conquer games
EA not happy with 2007 output
EA Relaunch Syndicate
EA Sports Go Manual Free
EA Sports In Premier League Partnership
EA Team Up With Manchester City
EA to begin charging for extended demos?
EA: Crysis 2 Disappearing From Steam Not Us
Earth Defence Force Games Coming To PS4 and Vita This Year
Earth Defense Force 2 Portable to feature best Special Edition ever
Earthbound Reduced Tomorrow
Earthworm Jim and others to come to Virtual Console this year
Easter weekend releases
Echochrome demo
Edge does its top 30 of the year
Edge explores the link between gaming and celebrity
Edge speaks to vice chairman of Parilamentary games committee
Editorial comments disabled
El Shaddai Finally Gets Sequel: The Lost Child
El Shaddai Gets EU Release Date
Elder Scrolls company meets its Doom
Eleavator Action Returns!
ELSPA changes its name.
ELSPA to pitch new PEGI rating logos
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo released
Engrish isn't dead!
Enslaved Up On Steam Now
Epic Mickey 2 On The Way!
Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us gets dated, sort of
Ermagod! Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Dial Tone trailer is awesome
ESPgaluda 2 Heading To iPhone
Etrian Mystery Dungeon EU News Soon?
Etrian Odyssey 2 Gets 3DS Remake Treatment
Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 releasing in English this summer
Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl Coming to Europe in 2014
Etrian Odyssey V Revealed
EU PS3 to suffer n backwards compatability stakes
EU PS3's Impounded
Euro PS3 'Death' Edition Clarified
Euro Rock Band DLC more expensive too
Europe To Get Street Fighter IV LTD ED
European Release and Trailer For BlazBlue Central Fiction
Eurosport to run eSports documentary series
Evangelion-licenced music game to be handled by Grasshopper
Ever wanted a Pinball RPG? Rollers of the Realm has you covered!
Everton Scouting For Players On Football Manager
Every Extend Extra dated
Everyone Loves Activision
Evo 2012 lineup announced
Expenses Claim Rocks Gaming World
Extra Characters in EU Blazblue
F.E.A.R. developers want to frighten us all over again
F1 2010 Dev Diary - Tracks and Cars
F1 2010 Jumps the Start
Fable 2 on May 30th? Nope!!
Fable 2 to feature parenthood?
Fable II DLC Coming
Fable II DLC Due Next Week
Facepalm time, British public and tabloids...
Fairy Fencer F English Character shots
Fake Mortal Kombat Trailer Gets Own Series
Fallout 3 mod tools escape Bethesda vault
Fallout Lonesome Road Delayed
Fallout New Vegas first look
Famitsu ad hints at "The End" for Yakuza series
Famous Manga artists design Tekken Tag Tournament 2 costumes
Fan of a Great City - Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster trailer
Fancy Watching The Football Manager Film?
Far Cry 2 Focus: Dynamic Story, Buddies and Map Maker
Far Cry 2 Focus: Fire and Weather
Fashion Expert analyses Bullet Witch
Fatal Frame Four For February? Fantastic!
Fatal Frame IV not getting an English release?
Fatal Frame not coming to Europe after all?
Fate is getting another EXTELLA game
Fate/EXTELLA unboxing video
Fei Long Jump
Fewer parents allow kids to play 18-rated games than watch 18-rated films
Fez headed to other platforms
FFIX confirmed for PSN
FFIX may come to PSN after all
FFVII turns real
FFXIV to be free for lapsed subscribers this weekend
FFXIV: A Realm Reborn 2.1 update hits December 17th
FFXIV: A Realm Reborn patch 2.22 hitting later this month
FIFA 10 Dated
FIFA 10 to get premium Live Season service
FIFA 11 Gimmick Free
FIFA 11 Ultimate Team receives major update
Fifa 12 3DS Wont Have Online
Fifa 12 Release Date Announced
FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012 kicks off
FIFA Interactive World Cup second leg kicks off
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales coming to Europe.
Final Fantasy VII most downloaded PSP title
Final Fantasy VII re-released on PC today
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core trailer
Final Fantasy VII: Voice's of the Lifestream
Final Fantasy XII UK Launch
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings trailer
Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 get 16-bit story recap
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns demo on XBox 360 and PlayStation 3
Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Strikes event hits Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
Final Fantasy XIV landing on PlayStation 4 on April 14
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 2.2 out now
Final Fantasy XIV Q+A this weekend
Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5?
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remix receives European release date
Final nail in SEGA Dreamcasts coffin?
Financial backers for Change4Life revealed
Fire Emblem meets trading card game in Fire Emblem Cipher
Fire Pro Wrestling creator passes away
Firebird Games' A Bird Story Revealed
First artwork for The Dark Eye - Demonicon
First day of World Cyber Games not good for UK competitors
First gameplay footage of Mirrors Edge
First screenshots of 'Lost' released!
First SFIV sequel shots?
First trailer for PlayStation VR lands as headset receives new name
First Valkyria Chronicles 3 trailer, straight from TGS
First wave of Amiibo cards appear to be in short supply
Fist of the North Star Bloodier in the West
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 Trailer Released
Fith Resident Evil Movie On The Way
Flatout 4 Coming in March
FlatOut 4 Gets Date and Release Trailer flatout
Flower Priced & Dated
Footage of Torchlight on XBox 360
Football Manager 2008 set for release
Football Manager 2013 Hits Android & IOS
Football Manager 2013 Pirated 10 Million times
Football Manager 2014 Vita Due In April
Football Manager coming in November
Football Manager Improves My Commute
Football Manager Live
Forced Showdown Gets DLC
Forced Showdown Out Of Early Access
Forced Showdown Revealed and Dated
Forgotton Anne gets new Story Trailer
Forza 3 in the garage?
Forza Motorsport 2 final car list
Free DLC Coming To Hyrule Warriors
Free Half-Life 2 games
Free HDMI Cable for PS3
Free Level Cap Increase In Claptrap's Revolution
Free Nes Games Arrive On 3DS
Free Points with Lost Odyssey at HMV
Free Ubisoft games
Free Xbox Live Weekend Incoming
Freedom Planet 2 Announced
Freedom Planet Coming To PS4
Freedom Planet Coming to WiiU eShop
Freedom Planet Updated With Milla Adventure Mode
Freedom Wars Gets A Physical Release
French sex toy company move to console Diablo 3 widows
Fresh Prince of Halo
Friday 8Track - #1 Racing games
FROM Software to patch Japanese PS3 Dark Souls
Frontlines: Fuel of War demo
Full Shinobi 3DS Trailer Revealed
Fun with Metal Gear Solid 3's camera mode
Further evidence of videogames' influence on behaviour uncovered
Future of 1 vs. 100 in doubt?
Futurlab "match-3 puzzler" hits PSN on February 5th
Fuuka and Rise enter the Labyrinth
Gal Gun Double Peace Out On Steam Now
Gal*Gun: Double Peace Heading For Steam
Game Buy Gamestation
GAME no longer selling "Older" XBox 360's
Game Over Yea...NO!
Game Pack 10 out for Game Room
GAME to actually stock new title on release
GAME to take pre-owned a step too far?
Game-to-real-world violence a racial issue? Awards 2006: game of the year
GameCentral survives Teletext cull
GameCity festival to see launch of videogame archive
Gamer LOL #1
Gamers can control dreams
Gamers' Voice founder Tom Watson MP on Have I Got News For You tonight
Games "causing child obesity"
Games Are Definitely Good For You!
Games are for Paedo's...
Games BAFTAs getting a TV airing
Games designers share their views on common game gripes
Games industry denied tax breaks, David Braben cries conspiracy
Games normalise violence
Games publishers confirm appearance at future MCM expos
Games Study Launched
Games To 'Eclipse' Other Media
Games To Outsell Music & Video In UK
GamesMaster to return to Channel Four in 2009?
Gamesmaster To Return?
Gamestop Not Buying Woolworth Stores
GameStop To Increase UK Presence?
Gaming blamed for man's death
Gaming Mags on the way out?
Garry Schyman to score Dante's Inferno
Gary Gygax dies, aged 69
Gas Powered Games asks Kickstarter for $1.1 million
Gay Tony's potential conquests listed goes offline
GDC: XBox 360 Memory Unit
Geo Wars 2 going cheap
Geometry Wars remix
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2
Get your first hit free!
Getting Fat off Profits
Ghost in the Hell
Ghost In The Shell series licenced by F2P MMO company
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Dated
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Revealed
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Trailer and Gameplay footage
Ghostbuster to be minus two of its stars?
Ghostlight Bringing Lost Dimension to Steam
Go 8 Bit DLC doesn't expand upon main show's success
Go 8-Bit gets third series, also second
Go 8-Bit seems to be doing the business for Dave
Go behind the scenes of Epic Mickey 2 with Warren Spector
God Eater 2 trailer and character artwork
God Eater Burst anime introduction and more assets
God Eater Burst artwork released
God of War 1 & 2 Remakes On The Way
God of War Collection Coming To PSN
God of War man working on Mad Max
Goldeneye 007 Parody
Good first day for UK competitors at the World Cyber Games
Good Old Games emerges from cocoon, is alright-ish swan
Good Old Games folds
Good Old Games not so much "folded" as "Curled up in a cocoon-like state"
Good Old Games open to all
Google announce Google Maps 8-Bit for NES
Google Stops Calling Free-To-Play Games "Free"
Goomba Beanie
Gordon Freeman calls radio station about the G-Man
Grainger Games to attempt southern expansion
Grandia 2 Coming To Steam
Grandia 2 HD Dated
Grandia Creator Passes Away
Grasshopper Announce Black Knight Sword
Grasshopper Manufacture snuck out a Sine Mora video and didn't tell me
GRAW 2 Demo First impressions
GRAW 2 Demo on XBox 360 Live soon
GRAW 2 Multiplayer Demo now available
Grisaia Kickstarter campaign is a-go-go
Groove Armada Live in Your Home
Grow Home Revealed For PS4
GT5 Prologue available 26th March
GT5 vs DC
GTA IV patch on the way
GTA IV Preview overload!
Guardian Heroes HD Coming to XBLA
Guess who's back?
Guild Wars 2
Guillermo Del Toro officially working alongside THQ
Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign- Arrives on Steam
Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR Dated
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -REVELATOR- Is Available Now In Europe
Guilty Gear Xrd Finally Dated For Europe
Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 out Now On Steam
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator EU Releases in June
Guitar Hero 80's
Guitar Hero III songs announced
Guitarcade Hero
Gunman Clive 2 Dated For 3DS
Gunman Clive HD coming To WiiU
Gunman Clive HD Releases This Week On WiiU
Gurumin 3D releasing in July
Gutar Hero III to offer Halo theme as free DLC
Guwange release date confirmed
Gyllenhaal Wants Prince Franchise
Half Minute Hero receives a sequel
Half-Minute Hero heading to XBLA?
Halloween Steam Sale
Halo 3 Beta now available.
Halo 3 Due in Sept.
Halo 3 multiplayer video leeked.
Halo 4 "Majestic Map Pack" leak
Halo 4 "Majestic" Map pack detailed
Halo Anniversary Edition Mega Blocks toys to hit the market
Halo beta no show
Halo film potentially still on, but TV series more likely
Halo Legends Anime Announced
Halo Movie Still Probably Almost Definitely Coming
Halo Night
Halo story refresher
Halo Wars considered successful, sequel not ruled out just yet, Kinect maybe involved
Hanabi Festival #3
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f 2nd is coming to Europe
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F gets US release date
Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f out now on PS Vita
Have some Alien shooting Earth Defense Force 2025 screenshots
Have some more Persona Q gameplay
Haze Developer Diary
Headup Games Announce Toby: The Secret Mine WiiU Port
Headup Games Reveal Looterkings
Heart of Gaming relocating, closing temporarily
Heart of Gaming to re-open next month
Heart&Slash Coming to PS4 This Month
Heavenly Sword TV Spot
Heavy Rain Delay Detailed
Here are some of Conception II's "Star Children"
Here are your Ken and Naoto Persona Q trailers
Here's a Creepy Rise of Nightmares Trailer
Here's a Phoenix Wright Movie Trailer
Here's A Puzzle Agent 2 Trailer
Here's a Trailer for the Ratchet & Clank Movie
Here's a trailer for The Wolf Among Us episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors
Here's Fuuko from Conception II
Here's how the 3DS's Circle Pad works
Here's Junpei and Yukari from Persona 3 in Persona Q
Here's Senran Kagura Bursts advertising campaign
Here's Some Fifa 11 Details For You
Here's some Natural Doctrine multiplayer footage and screenshots
Here's some US dates for Danganronpa 2, Fairy Fencer F and Disgaea 4
Here's Some Vague Uncharted Movie News
Here's the Deus Ex Mankind Divided Launch Trailer
Here's the Disgaea characters in Demon Gaze
Here's the E3 Trailer For NieR: Automata
Here's The Steins;Gate Launch Trailer
Here's two NAtURAL DOCtRINE walkthrough videos
Here's What Dragon Quest Monsters Is
Here's what happened to UK software sales in 2014
Heres Frozen Synapse Tactics
Heres your first English shots of Danganronpa 2
Heres Yukiko and Shinjiro in Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth
Heroes of Might & Magic going web-based
Hey, You, Pikachu!
Hi-Def Heroes
Hitman Gets Bonus Summer Episode
Hitman HD Trilogy screenshots
Hitman Sequel on the Way?
HMV no longer forcing PSP down gamers throats.
HMV to force PSP onto PS3 Pre-Orderers
Holy shit! Man Hacks!
Honours list time again
Hook makes it to Steam
Horstachio cake!!
Hot XXX Assassin's Creed voyeur action!
HOTD Overkill Getting Limited Edition
Hotline Miami coming to PS3 and PS Vita Spring 2013
House of the Dead Overkill 2 Next Year?
House Of The Dead: Overkill officially swearingest game ever
How "Typing of the Dead: Overkill" almost wasn't
How Football Manager Helps Out Non-League Clubs
How the Gamecube was born
How to Discipline an Ungrateful Child
How To Kill A Brand
How To Play...
How To Play... returns!
HSBC Bank join the "Videogames are bad" brigade
Humble Indie Bundle Returns
I Am Alive (Re)Announced!
I Am Alive Actually Coming Out?
I Am Setsuna Out Now
I Am Setsuna Ready For Switch Launch
I think I've got a trailer, Professor!
I Wont Be Getting A Steam Machine
Ian Livingstone handed CBE in New Years Honours
Idea Factory "Why we've censored Monster Monpiece"
Idea Factory discuss Monster Monpiece's Western release
If it's a top-post war Duane wants...
If Nintendo made Halo
Ignition Entertainment to Focus on Social Games
Ikaruga Comes To Android
Ikaruga Dated on Steam
Ikaruga dated?
Ikaruga Greenlit on Steam
Ikaruga this Wednesday
Implementation of Nintendo's playing-self feature announced
Improved WiiU Gamepad Battery Coming To Europe
In Between 10p On Google Play
In Between Coming To Xbox One
In Between Out On Xbox One Now
In-game news service launches
Independent developers to see relief from the rigmarole of age-ratings processes
India's Got Talent sees SMB re-creation
Indie "Stealth-Horror" title Kodoku heads to Vita and PS4 in 2015
Individual sets Sonic 2's ending music to lyrics, reason not immediately obvious
Inferno Climber Available on Steam Early Access
Inferno Climber Out Now
Insert your own joke about "plastic" here
Intel Extreme Masters documentary hit for Eurosport
Interactive Distractions helping kids with cancer
Interview with the man behind Farming Simulator is a masterclass in "expanded market" discussion
Interview with Worms Open Warfare 2 developers on Radio Ninty
iPhone Street Fighter Gets New Characters
Iplayer Coming To PS4 For Launch
iPlayer Coming to Wii
iPlayer Coming To WiiU
Is Sonic Adventure Being Remade?
Is This The Way To Liberty City?
It looks like Wii Music is getting a sequel
It's a Dead Space 2 multiplayer video!
It's another Okamiden trailer!
It's been a while since we posted a funny/silly/not-a-trailer video...
It's getting Crowded in the Dark
It's Now Officially Official! NiGHTS Wii Confirmed!!
It's Over: GeoHotz Settles With Sony
It's the 3DS launch lineup!
It's time for some more event Pokémon- Shiny Raikou, Entei and Suicune
Itagaki: "Japanese Games Industry dying"
Italian retaillers break street date.
ITV Player to hit PS3
Jam Sessions
Jam Sessions live performance
Jam Sessions out this year.
Japan goes nuts with the game-to-anime adaptations
Japan to begin implementation of GLaDOS on national scale
Japanese McDonalds to train staff via DS
Japanese sales: Fire Emblem if tops the chart, Persona 4: Dancing shifts PS Vita hardware
Japanese Voices in Fist of the North Star
Japanese WiiWare launch, 25 March?
Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA?
Jet Set Radio next Dreamcast game on Sega's list to ruin with a terrible XBLA port
John Woo is Making a Stranglehold Movie
Just Dance tops UK chart again
Kadokawa Games Announce Root Letter
Kadokawa Group acquire FROM Software
Kamiya wants to do a new Star Fox
Kamui and ALLTYNEX Second Released on Steam
Kane & Lycnh gets free DLC
Katamari Kancelled
Katase, Nomura and Nojima discuss the development of a legend
Kazushige Nojima talks about Final Fantasy X/X-2
Keith Vaz Does Not Play Games
Keith Vaz lies again
Keith Vaz, start your engine...
Ken Levine Writing Logan's Run Remake
Kenji Eno Has Passed Away
Kenji Eno Returns!
Kenka Bancho Movie Inbound
Kerbal Space Program Coming To PS4 and Xbox One In July
Kerbal Space Program Reconfirmed For WiiU
Key elements of Unsung Story to be typical Matsuno
Killer is Dead Coming to PC
Killzone 2 Gameplay footage
Killzone 3 Gets Release Date
Killzone 3D
King of Fighters 12 Delayed
King of Fighters 12 Finally Dated
King of Fighters 14 Announced
King of Fighters 14 Dated For Europe
King of Fighters 14 Japan Release Date Announced
King Of Fighters Collection Coming To Europe
King of Fighters UK Release Date
King of Fighters XII website goes live
King of Fighters XIII Definitely Coming To Steam
Kingdom Hearts 3 in planning stages
Kingdom Hearts III Trailer
KOF Movie Interviews
KOFXII redated
Konami announces "Marbles! Balance Challenge"
Konami choose Valentine's Day to announce a game with the subtitle "Bone Eater"
Konami drops Six Days...
Konami now delisting some older mobile titles
Konami to bring five Silent Hill concerts to the UK
Konami to re-release handful of PS2 games
Kotaro Uchikoshi announces first press hands-on time with third Zero Escape game
Kuru Kuru Kururin spins onto GBA Virtual Console this week
Ladies and Gentleman, Start your Engines.
Lara Croft, still sexy?
Last Guardian "On Hiatus"
Last Guardian Definitely Coming This Year
Latest SSX Trailer shows of Zoe
Layton movie airs on UK TV tonight
Layton movie to see UK DVD release
Lazy Town heading to consoles
LBP To Allow Picture Importing From Hard Drive?
Left4Dead on sale again
Legend of Grimrock 2 Amounched
Let's Countdown to a New Platinum Games Game
Let's Look at The King of Fighters Movie
Lets take a look at Demon Gaze's battle system shall we?
Level 5 and Capcom to make 3DS Layton/Wright crossover
Level 5 Fantasy Life RPG Dated
Life Is Strange Getting a TV Series?
Life is Strange: Episode 1 Free From Tomorrow
Life unhealthy at SNK Playmore?
Lightning meets Lara
Lightning Returns to get Yuna costume with release of FFX/X-2 HD
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shows Us Its Stuff
Like Final Furlong, but for casual gamers
Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts PSP is rather sexy
Link's Awakening 3D overworld completed
Lion's share of Puyo Puyo Tetris copies sold on Switch
Little Big Planet Dated
Little Big Planet Sequel On The Way
LittleBigPlanet 3 Dated for November
LittleBigPlanet beta work not to be wiped
LittleBigPlanet PSP cover and date leaked?
Live Action Gungrave On The Way
Live Dear Esther Performance at the Barbican
Live-action Pokémon trailer (probably fan-made) hits internet
Lollipop Chainsaw in danger of getting the film treatment
London Games Festival begins today
Lone Survivor coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita
Long Time No See
Looks like *somebody* has a book out about videogame films
Lord British's missing moon rover finally located
Lord of Magna arrives in the west
Lost Dimension Gets EU Release Date
Lost Planet spinoff "EX Troopers" gets first trailer
Lost Planet: EX Troopers not Lost Planet, or being released in the west
Love Film Hits PS3 This Week
Lovefilm Ending Game Rental Service
Low-poly version of TF2 characters
Madword Awarded 18 By BBFC
Mafia II takes 'swearingest game ever' crown from HotD, probably by force
Magazine cover passes for news
Magazine Cover: The Warios
Magical Beat Out On Vita Right Now
Mai in KOFXIII, but not in Intro
Man uploads GamesMaster to video sharing site
Manchester to host zombie walk to raise money for charity, promote Dead Island
Mandatory Trophies For PS3
Manhunt 2 - The End?
Manhunt 2 Banned again
Manliest men of Final Fantasy
Mann vs Machine
Mantis Burn Racing Coming To Switch
Mantis Burn Racing Full 4K On PS4 Pro
Mantis Burn Racing Gets DLC Today
Mantis Burn Racing gets Release Date
Mantis Burn Racing Out Now
Manual Samuel Out Now On PS4
Mari0 combines Super Mario Bros. with Portal
Maries confirmed as Week one DLC for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
Mario & Sonic 2 on the Way?
Mario All-Stars Wii confirmed as straight port
Mario Kart Sort of Dated
Mario Killing Spree
Mario Party 8 Dated
Mario Strikers Famous Faces
Mario vs. DK: Tipping Stars is about putting a value on shared content
Marky Mark to play Max Payne
Marvel vs Capcom 3 trailer
Marvelous news
Marvelous to bring Dicipline to Wiiware later this month
Masaya Nakamura, the founder of Namco, passes at the age of 91
Mass Effect 2 trailer hints that all is not well
Mass Effect DLC now available on Live
Max Payne movie trailer
McClaine and Lynch
MCV Launch Ad Complaint
Media overload for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Meet some of the inhabitants of Demon Gaze
Meet the characters of The Witch and the Hundred Knight
Meet Torri from Conception II
Mega Man Zero Collection screenshots
Mega64 Celebrity Special
Megaman 10 Reduced on PSN
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Coming to Steam
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Out Later Today
Mercury HG trailer and screenshots
Meridian: Squad 22 Out Today
Merry Christmas from bitparade
Metal Gear Awesome 2
Metal Gear movie in the works
Metal Gear Rising DLC Going Free
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Dated For PC
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance DLC Not Free For Europeans
Metal Gear Rising: Revengence boss battle trailer
Metal Gear sized Persona 4 trailer!
Metal Gear SOlid 5 Getting PC Release
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection gets dated
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Dated
Metroid Prime Pinball Release Date
Metroid Prime Trilogy No Longer Being Produced
Metroid Trilogy NOT Out Of Print
Mew next event download Pokémon to HeartGold/SoulSilver
MFGamers Video Podcast
MFGamers Video Podcast - El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron
MGS Peace Walker to remain uncut
MGS4 "One language per region"
MGS4 release date confirmed
MGS4 to arrive in June?
MGS4 voice cast announced.
Micro Machines World Tour Trailer Released
Microsoft announce European Halo 3 tourny
Microsoft announce XBox 360 price drop
Microsoft at E3
Microsoft chasing the whale in Germany with new Xbox One promotion
Microsoft confirm Halo Wars 2 for xBox One and Windows 10
Microsoft finally unveil Windows Phone, xBox Live compatibility
Microsoft not attending Tokyo Game Show 2015
Microsoft opens Xbox Japan blog
Microsoft start selling MARPS in sensible quantities
Microsoft strike deal with ASDA for
Microsoft to reduce price of 360 in Japan
Microsoft want another Crackdown
Mind Zero coming to Europe as download only title
Minerva's Den DLC Coming To PC Bioshock 2 Afterall
Minter "displeased" with OXM score for Space Giraffe
Mirror's Edge Impressions
Mirrors Edge screens!
Mitsuru and Akikho enter stage left
Mixed UK results for third day of World Cyber Games
Miyamoto locates Wii HD rumour fire, adds petrol
Miyamoto totally invented Facebook's "dislike" button
Miyamoto's BAFTA speech
Mizuguchi determined to better Rez
MMO Bomberman Is Here!
Modern Warfare 2 MP issue plot thickens
Modern Warfare 2 officially sellingest game ever
Molyneux to recieve BAFTA
Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Trailer Released
Monster Hunter Stories looks to be EX Troopers, but for Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter Tri launch trailer
Monster Monpiece only on PSN
Monster Monpiece set to leave Japan
Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess coming April 22
More Alan Wake At E3?
More Batman DLC On The Way
More Borderlands 2 DLC on the Way
More Call of Duty Film Talk
More details on the Short Peace shorts
More Dreamcast remakes!
More Evidence I Am Alive Exists
More Harvest Moon for DS and PSP
More Mario Music!
More Movie News: Infamous on the way!
More music
More New Marvel VS Capcom 3 Characters Revealed
More nursey footage from Silent Hill: Homecoming
More on NiGHTS 2
More Persona 5 Leakage
More Phantasy Star
More screenshots and artwork for Tekken Tag Tournament 2
More Sega 3D Classic On 3DS In 2015
More SNK VC Details
More sorrow for Woolies
More Tomb Raider Reboot Movie Talk
Mortal Kombat theme, on Tesla Coils
Moshi Monsters to get a second DS outing?
Most powerful person in the world
MotoGP 15 Announced
MotoGP16: Valentino Rossi Is Out Now
Motorstorm 2 trailer
Motorstorm 3 Revealed
MSN addition to XBox Live angers under 18's
Mugen Souls Z arriving in Europe May 23rd.
Multiple Persona announced for US in 2014 and 2015
Muramasa not getting American release
Murdered: Soul Suspect trailer
Mushihimesama Steam Release Dated
N+, plus
N-Gage 3
Namco Bandai announce "World Tekken Federation"
Namco Bandai announce Tekken Card Tournament
Name the race in Sonic RPG
Nanostray 3DS Announced
Napoleon: Total War takes Ivor Novello award for game soundtrack
Naruto brawler series adds more characters and moves
Nazo Waku Yakata 3DS Looks Crazy
NBA Jam To Return
Nearly 9 minutes of PErsona 5 gameplay
Need For Speed movie Superbowl trailer
Need For Speed series being waved at film studios by EA
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Coming to XBLA
Neo Geo Classics Coming To Switch
Neo Geo Handheld Confirmed
Neo Geo Handheld To Actually Be Ł500
Netflix UK Price Revealed?
Never Alone Gets Launch Trailer
New 0rbitalis Update Released
New 360 budget games, at a lower price
New affiliate
New Amiga Documentary on the Way
New Armored Core in development at FROM Software
New Black Ops 2 trailer to air during Champions League final
New Burnout Paradise DLC Revealed
New Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Details Emerge
New Catherine Release Date?
New Content for Borderlands 2
New content for this week on XBox Live
New Danganronpa V3 revealed, details thin on the ground
New Dark Souls II screenshots
New details on LEGO Indiana Jones
New Devil May Cry Feels Like 60fps
New Devil May Cry Revealed
New Dishonored Developer Documentary:
New DLC area for SKATE 2
New Dreamcast Game!
New Dreamcast Shooter?
New DS Chibi Robo
New DS Kirby Revealed
New Everybody's Golf tees off with a new trailer
New Fatal Frame 5 Trailer Released
New Final Release Date For SMG: Digital Devil Saga Overclocked
New Fist of the North Star Game Coming
New games accidentally revealed as THQ collapses
New GTAIV Trailer
New HD 2D Sonic Game Revealed
New import playing device for PS2
New King of Fighters Movie Trailer
New LEGO Lord of the Rings trailer from Gamescom
New line of Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing toys leads to betrayal of sequel plans
New Lost Dimension Trailer
New Mario game on the way?
New Marvel VS Capcom Characters Revealed
New Mirrors Edge trailer and developer walkthrough
New Monkey Ball on the way?
New Mortal Kombat Film on the Way?
New Need For Speed: Most Wanted Multiplayer trailer
New NiGHTS confirmed?
New Nine Inch Nails Track Features Polybius
New Nintendo Direct Released
New Nippon Ichi PSP title
New Okami Coming to DS
New Okamiden footage adorables out of Capcom
New old Rockstar games discovered in wild
New Persona - "Catherine"
New Persona 4 character unveiled
New Persona Q trailers for Mitsuru and Yosuke
New Phantasy Star Online 2 trailer shows new location
New Platinum Games title revealed as Vanquish
New Professor Layton Movie Japanese Trailer
New PS Vita colours not-so-harmonious
New PSP "for Teens"
New puzzle game announced for PSP
New Ratchet & Clank on the way?
New Resident Evil CGI Film in 2012
New Resident Evil Sequel Confirmed
New run of Backwards-Compatible XBox 360 games is a treat for fighting game fans
New SEGA Console!
New SEGA trademark suggests new "Valkyria" title
New Shaun White DLC available
New Silent Hill Film Starts Filming
New SKATE 2 trailer
New Sleeing Dogs Year of the Snake Details
New Sonic Generations Levels Leaked
New Soul Calibur game announced
New Splatoon Testfire Incoming
New Street Fighter IV Video: Chun-Li vs Viper
New Suda 51 game!
New Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
New Tatsunoko v Capcom Characters Detailed
New Team Fortress 2 map
New The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ EU Release Date Announced
New The Last of Us Trailer
New Tomb Raider Move on the Way
New Tomb Raider title now with screenshots
New Treasure 3D Shooter Incoming
New TRON movie trailer
New TV show takes Gran Turismo experts to the track
New Vanillaware trailer is inevitably beautiful
New WiiU Fatal Frame Game on the Way
New xBox Experience install load times compared
New xBox experience storage problem solved
New XBox Live Dashboard available
New Years' Honours list honours games-types
New Ys Game Announced For PS4 and Vita
News Years' Honours: just the one this year
Next game for the movie treatment: Saints Row
Next Generation Cover Archive
Next GTA IV episode release date confirmed
Ni No Kuni Coming To The West
Ni No Kuni Delayed!
Ni No Kuni demo coming December 5th
Ni No Kuni TGS Trailer
Ni no Kuni: The Another World
Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch launch trailer
NieR: Automata Coming to Steam
NieR: Automata Dated For Steam
NiGHTS 2 definitely in development!
NiGHTS Into Dreams HD Gets Movement Patch
Nine year old car thief, Playstation to blame apparently
Ninja Gaiden 2 gets EU release date
Nintendo 3DS Launch Line Up
Nintendo Announces 3DS Wi-Fi Deal With The Cloud
Nintendo appoints Tatsumi Kimishima as its new president
Nintendo at E3 2009
Nintendo bundles Amiibo with Wii U hardware
Nintendo celebrate Isabelle from Animal Crossing's birthday with a familiar font
Nintendo Characters Join Project X Zone 2 Mash Up
Nintendo delays series 2 Amiibo Cards to manufacture more series 1 cards
Nintendo do it again
Nintendo Drop 3DS Price & Offer Free Game Apology
Nintendo finally acknowledge the whole "not-making-enough-Amiibo" thing
Nintendo Humble Bundle US Only... For Now
Nintendo inexplicably neglect to mention Platinum Games Wii U collaboration in E3 show
Nintendo losing money on some Amiibo?
Nintendo Network now supports cross-platform purchases
Nintendo of America marketing embraces 3D again
Nintendo partnering with Facebook for Super Mario Maker launch
Nintendo prepares to unleash lawyers
Nintendo reveals its new long-term strategy: Utilise smartphones
Nintendo reveals price for Wii-Fit
Nintendo Software Technology might be developing mobile games
Nintendo talk Manhunt 2 on Wii
Nintendo to publish Story of Seasons in Europe
Nintendo transitioning Club Nintendo accounts to Nintendo Network
Nintendo Treehouse launch Tumblr blog
Nintendo want another go at films
Nintendo WiiWare: Cowboys & Castles
Nintendo's Japanese website receives mobile-friendly overhaul
Nintendo's stock price shoots up by another 25 percent
Nippon Ichi announce the EU release of 4 titles in 2014
Nippon Ichi bringing 3 more titles to European PlayStations
Nippon Ichi porting PS2 SRPG to Wii
NIS America sees Japanese sales gap widen as Disgaea 5 Complete racks up 114,000 pre-orders in Europe and North America
NIS to release Natural Doctrine in Europe
No Claim Bonus Stage
No More Heroes 2 Sort of Dated
No More Heroes Anymore (on Wii)
No More Heroes trailer
No More Undies
No Move For PS3 Portal
No Player Movement For Virtua Tennis Motion Control
No Porn On Wii
No Tekken Role for Chiaki Kuriyama
No UK PSP Price Cut
Nobunaga's Ambition: Rise to Power
Non-Mario game music played by high school brass band
None more White
Not Streetfighter Edition
Nyko making Wii-remote charge dock.
Nyu Media Reveal Visual Novel Maker TyranoBuilder
Obama Gifted Witcher 2
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir EU Release Reconfirmed
Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir Gets Q2 Release in Europe
Of course, if the TV spot isn't enough...
Oh If Only
Okami art site launched
Okami DS game trailer
Okamiden Character trailer - Karude
Okamiden Character trailer - Kokari and Ume
Okamiden Character trailer - Mushi and Mushi's Mom
Okamiden demo hits Nintendo channel on the 21st
Okamiden To iPhone?
Okay, okay, so we didn't get that The World Ends With Two we were hoping for at E3...
Old Digitiser: Here
OlliOlli gets PC release date
OlliOlli Gets PS4 Retail Release
OlliOlli hitting Vita on January 22nd
OlliOlli is face planting onto PS3, PS4, Linux, PC and Mac
Olyphant May not return for Hitman 2
One More Heroes
One more Worms Reloaded trailer
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Gets New Trailer
One Piece Unlimited World Red coming to Europe in 2014
One Piece Unlimited World Red to receive all new content in Europe and Australasia
One Piece: Romance Dawn setting anchor in Europe on November 29th
Onechanbara Dated
Onechanbara movie sequel on the way
OnLive: the future of gaming?
Only in Japan!
Only One Bruce Grannec, There's Only One...
Only Sonic in Sonic HD?
Onset of Dementium planned for April
Ooh, I feel just like the editor of Zoo...
Opera Update For Wii?
Operation Flashpoint: Red River trailer
Opoona details
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Finally Out In Europe
Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Out 4th March
Osmos discounted in GfWL deal
Osu! Tatakae! Twoendan!
Overbearing EA Sports branding gets Sky into hot water
Overwatch patch decreases McCree's lethality.
Pac-Man and Google Ruin Economy
Pac-Man and Masaya Nakamura inducted to Hall of Fame.
Paedophile brags about using XBox Live
PAL PSN Update
Pang Adventures Out Today
Panorama addiction documentary beaten by sitcom, previous episode
PastaGames and DotEmu resurrect Pang from the grave
Patapon 3 multiplayer demo coming next week
Paul WS Anderson confirms that he'll be directing the next Resi film
PC Tales of Zestiria reaches all pre-purchase goals on Steam
Penny Arcade Game Gameplay Footage
Perfect Dark XBLA screenshots leaked
Persona 1 heading to PSP
Persona 3 gets film adaptation, trailer
Persona 3 Portable to receive European release
Persona 3 PSP?
Persona 4 Arena European Release Imminent
Persona 4 Arena Misses 2012 Date
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax battles over to the US
Persona 4 coming to Europe
Persona 4 coming to PS2?
Persona 4 Dancing All Night Naoto Trailer Released
Persona 4 Golden assets
Persona 5 Almost Confirmed
Persona 5 Announced
Persona 5 Coming To PS4 and PS3
Persona 5 Gets US & European Simultaneous Release
Persona 5 Will Launch With English Dub
Persona on PSP in September
Persona Q gets US release date
Persona Q takes on elements of Etrian Odyssey
Persona Q: Meet the protagonists
PES 2009 Transfer Update
PETA Pats Publisher For Primate Pulling
Peter Serafinowicz providing voice work for Dark Souls II
Petit Novel Series - Harvest December Heading to 3DS eShop in December
Petrol station now stocking 3DS
PGTV Episode 2, Madworld Studio
Phantasy Star 0 heading to DS
Phantasy Star Online 2 Leaked
Phantasy Star Portable coming to Europe
Phantom Breaker release date is moved
Phil Harrison leaves Sony
Phil Spencer reveals Microsoft’s new long term strategy
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Gets Bargain Price
Phoenix Wright manga on the way
Phoenix Wrong
Picture Lives! erm Lives!
Pikmin 3 "well under way"
Pikmin 3D On The Way?
Pimp My Chips
Pirates Of The Carribean game not very good, says PotC film director
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Coming to Xbox One
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Out Now
Pixelgrams: Pixel Puzzles out on ios and Android
Planet 51 trailer
Plants VS Zombies Dated For iPhone
Plants vs Zombies XBLA Bound
Platinum Games announce two new titles
Platinum Games Inc signed to SEGA
Platinum Games/Sega duet to continue
Platinum to release another title with Sega
Platinum wishing to make a MadWorld 2?
Platinum's newest game gets a name: Anarchy Reigns
Play Deus Ex On Your iPad
Play With Your Privates
Playdek and Matsuno's Unsung Story now on Kickstarter
Playdek discuss Unsung Story's development thus far
Playr makes triuphant return to British television
Playr to make a(nother) triumphant return to British television in June?
PlayStation 2 now Ł50
PlayStation 3 games to cost Ł39.99
PlayStation 3 Home
PlayStation 3 launch details announced!
PlayStation 3's possiby stranded off the coast of Devon
PlayStation Network (PSN) - PixelJunk Eden
PlayStation Palm Harm
Playstation Store Updated
PlayStation TV price cut reaches UK following Sony's $93m write-down
Pleasing 360 BC update
Pokemon Bank Up In Europe
Pokémon Black / White European release now confirmed for 'before America'
Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions tour gets UK date
Politics man get videogames VERY wrong
Politics writer gets Mass Effect VERY wrong...
Popular Sith lookalike outed as non-gamer
Portal 2 probably still in beta, not releasing on time
Portal cosplay!
Portal ending sequence song
Portal manages to still be funny
Postal Strike
Posthumous Kenji Eno Project Announced
PQube Bringing STEINS;GATE To European PS3 and Vita in 2015
PQube Announce Fight of Gods
PQube Announce Ride 2
PQube Bringing Anima: Gate of Memories to the UK
PQube Bringing Root Letter To West This Year
PQube Bringing WRC 6 To The UK This October
Pre-Order Champ Man for Ł2.51
Premier Manager Returns!
Premium-priced mobile games seem to be working for Squeenix
Pretty pictures, with a tenuous gaming link
Prey For The Gods Kickstarter Launched
Prey for the Gods now Praey For The Gods
Prince of Persia gameplay footage
Prince of Persia now available on 3DS and Wii
Prince of Persia Trailer Time
Prince of Persia Trilogy gets HD Rerelease
Prinny 2 in the works
Prison Archiect has 250,000 players, not even finished yet
Prison Break Star For Bioshock?
Professor Layton 2 confirmed for western release
Professor Layton Dated
Project Draco Revealed, Looks Familiar
Project Needlemouse final result non-surprise
Project Needlemouse unveiled as Sonic 4
Project X Zone 2 coming in Autumn
Project X Zone gets western release date, screenshots
Project Zero Maiden of Black Water Dated With Demo
Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water goes Free-to-Start in Europe
Proof TV presenters should never be replaced with new people
Proper Okamiden trailer
Protect Me Knight 2 now has an English logo, name
Proteus Heading To PS3 and Vita Next Week
PS Home Within 10 Days?
PS Vita’s CPU frequency found to run at up to 444MHz, but it's a smart decision
PS0 Gets Euro Date
PS2 Games Coming to Android Devices
PS3 "Movie Pack" announced
PS3 "Platinum" range likely to come to Europe
PS3 'POP' Vending Machines
PS3 banned from Prisons
PS3 Browser Update On The Way?
PS3 Compatability List Launched
PS3 Dante's Inferno Slightly Hotter
PS3 Firmware 3.15 Announced
PS3 Gets Free Far Cry 3 DLC This Week
PS3 iPlayer Updated
PS3 Move Only Works With Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
PS3 On Watchdog
PS3 Price Drop Imminant?
PSN Gets PS1 Imports
PSN Gets Soldner-X 2 Exclusive
PSN Marvel VS Capcom 2 Delayed
PSN Store To Return Next Week
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update
PSN Update: Albums & Demo's
PSN Update: And There's No Rain
PSN Update: Demos?
PSN Update: Dramatic Names!
PSP Firmware 3.95 released
PSP Phone pics show systems actual size
PSPersona trailer
PSPgo unpopular in Japan
Pumpkins! Bizarre Creations closes its doors for the final time.
Purely to annoy Duane...
Putting the EA in Create
Puyo Puyo Tetris Release Date Revelaed
Quantum Theory Leaps onto 360
Quarrel "banned words" list shows Microsoft can't dig talking about shaft
Quick! Watch This Dead Space 2 Trailer
Rabbids Invading Your TV
Rabi-Ribi Dated for Consoles
Rack To The Future
Radiant Historia Remake Heading For 3DS
Radiant Silvergun & Ikaruga Creator Working on New PS4 Shooter
Radiant Silvergun Coming To 360!
Radiant Silvergun Hits XBLA 14th September
Radilgy 2 Coming To Wii
Radio Ninty #12
Rage DLC Due Soon
Rage Mod Tools Released
Rage Updated
Rage: The Scorcers DLC Due Next Week
Raimi 'Taps' Private Ryan Writer
Raimi to Direct Warcraft
Rampage Film In Development
Ratchet & Clank Movie Gets Home Release Date
Ratchet and Clank demo to hit PSN...
Ray Gigant Coming West In May
Rayman Raving Rabbids on DS Now!
Raziel & Kane and Kane & Lynch Coming to Lara Croft
Reach For The Stars
Read this: An interview with the developers behind Affordable Space Adventures
Read this: Dan Adelman explains the pricing of digital videogames
Read this: Natsume's localisation producer on bringing A-Train: City Simulator to the west
Real Life Tron
Reboot Reboot!
Red Button Arcade
Red Dead Redemption DLC details announced
RedOctane speak out on Guitar Hero
Reggie begins the build up to E3
Rei and Zen trailers for Persona Q
Releases 14 March 2008
Releases 29/02/08
Releases, weekending 7 March 2008
Remastered Sonic 2 Coming to Android and IOS
Remote-Control Megadrive!
Renegade Kid Reveal Moon Chronicles For 3DS
Replay Expo confirms dates, name change, move to Manchester
Resi 5 demo only timed exclusive
Resident Evil 4 HD Getting A PC Port
Resident Evil 4 Wii dated
Resident Evil 5 demo heading to XBox 360
Resident Evil 5 gameplay footage
Resident Evil 5 limited edition coming to PAL territories
Resident Evil Afterlife Cast List Announced
Resident Evil Afterlife Trailer With Good Music
Resident Evil Afterlife Will Be In 3D
Resident Evil Confirmed For Console & PC Port
Resident Evil Retribution Details 'Leaked'
Resident Evil Revelations Coming to PS3 and 360?
Resonance of Fate Heading To PSN
Respected playwright takes videogames and talks a lot of sense about them
Rez Infinite Out Now On PC
Rez, Ikaruga and Every Extend Extra to make it to XBLA!
Rhythm Game Track Finder
Rhythm game VOEZ coming to Japanese Switch on launch
Rhythm Thief iOS's 'service' to be terminated this September
Ride 2 is Out Now
Ride 2 Release Date Revealed
Ride For XBox Delayed
RIDE Gets Gameplay Video
RIDE Gets New Release Date
Ridge Racer 3D screenshots
Ring of Fire
Rising Star Games confirm No More Heroes 2 for May 28
Rising Star Games to be partially sold by parent company
Rising Star to publish Coilworks' "Cloudbuilt"
Rock Band 2 Dated For Europe
Rock Band Dated
Rock Band footage
Rock Band Instrument Edition gets price cut
Rock band very expensive?
Rock Band: Unplugged full set list unveilled
Rocksmith gets first set of DLC
Rodea the Sky Soldier Confirmed for the West
Rodea the Sky Soldier Delayed
Rodea the Sky Soldier Gets EU Date
Rodea The Sky Soldier Trailer
Rodea: The Sky Soldier Back From The Dead
Roger Avary Sentenced
Roll7 working on OlliOlli patch
Root Letter Gets New Trailer & Release Date
Routine Getting Closer To Release
Rumour Mill: Rez for XBLA?
Rune Factory 4 3DS European Release Cancelled
Rune Factory 4 gets its first trailer
Rune Factory 4 makes it to Europe after all
Rune Factory developer files for bankruptcy
Rune Factory devs definitely working on a new game
Russia Today accidentally broadcasts documentaries about how Evil And Wrong all videogames are, gets slapped wrist from Ofcom
Ryo Hazuki to cameo in forthcoming game
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl available for free.
S.TA.L.K.E.R. Dated!
Sainsbury's to inexplicably launch xBox 360 app
Sainsburys To Expand Game Share
Saints Row 3 to lose competitive multiplayer
Sakura revealed for home console versions of Street Fighter IV.
Sam & Max coming to console
Samba De Amigo Developer Diary
Satoru Iwata, on the long-term status of Nintendo's partnership with DeNA
Save a Building! EDF2025 Launch trailer
Sayonara Umihara Kawase+ grapples onto PS Vita this spring
Scotland getting cinema screenings of CGI Resident Evil films
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Online DLC Actually Coming?
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Update Due This Week
Screenshots and artwork for Castlevania: Lord of Shadows - Mirror of Fate
Scribblenauts sees Eurodelay
Sealed Game Heaven
Seaman Coming to 3DS?
Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo coming to PS4 and Xbox ONE 2015
Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo Delayed Till 2016
Second Borderlands DLC Coming in Jan
Second place for Nintendo's Splatoon as The Witcher 3 takes top spot
Secret Files web comic
Section 8 Launch Trailer
See more of Xenoblade X's world this Friday
See The Future Fable II DLC to be released in future
SEGA 3D Classics Collection IS coming to Europe
SEGA announce Hatsune Miku: Project Diva to be released on Vita in Europe
Sega announce House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut
Sega Announce Rhythm Thief For Europe
Sega Announce Virtua Tennis 4!
Sega Announces 3D Classics For 3DS
Sega Are Teasing Something
Sega Bringing Brick People To iPhone
SEGA closes San Fran based studio
SEGA Dreamsdashed
Sega Giving Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 2, Gunstar Heroes 3DS 3D Treatment
SEGA News!
Sega Pull Streets of Rage Remake
Sega Reveal 2 New Sonic Games
SEGA Saturn to appear on Virtual Console?
SEGA Still Playing With My Dreams
Sega Sweetens the Yakuza Deal
Sega To Distribute Atlus Games
SEGA To Publish Conduit?
SEGA unveils two light gun games
SEGA updates Twitter page
SEGA's VC Games
SEGA/Sony Minutes Leak: PS2, Dreamcast, Imports Coming to PSN?
SEGA: More Adult Wii Games on the Way
Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson first trailer
Senran Kagura Burst Gets A Special Edition
Senran Kagura Burst Getting Retail Release in Europe
Sensi borked
Sensi coming to Live!
Sensible public awareness video regarding Pictochat?
Sensible Soccer, out Wednesday!
Set a date for Monster Monpiece
Shadow of the Colossus Being Made into a Movie?
Shark Attack!
Sheet now I am all Vet!
Shelter 2 Delayed To 2015
Shelter 2 Revealed
Shenmue 3 Definately (not) Happening
Shenmue coming to XBLA too?
Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter Gets UK Release Date
Shin Megami Tensai Devil Survivor 2 Order Update
Shin Megami Tensei 4 (sort of) Dated For Europe
Shin Megami Tensei 4 Dated and Priced For Europe
Shin Megami Tensei 4 Delayed Until October
Shin Megami Tensei 4 EU News
Shin Megami Tensei 4 Final Revealed
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Needs Help
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Dated
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked Dated For Real
Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga Coming To European PSN Tomorrow
Shin Megami Tensei IV dated
Shin Megami Tensei IV Final trailer Released
Shin Megami Tensei receives first official English release
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Reaches Goal
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor trailer
Shining Force To Return
Shinobi 3DS Gameplay Trailer Revealed
Shinobi 3DS Leaked
Shivering Isles Expansion for Oblivion to improve its services
Short Peace "A Farewell To Weapons"
Short Peace "Gambo" details
Short Peace anime anthology + PS3 hitting US in the Spring?
Short Peace confirmed for Europe
Short Peace gets dated!
Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day is out now
Shovel Knight WiiU Finally Dated for Europe
Sign Up For The Family Guy Online Beta
Silent Hill 2 Confirmed
Silent Hill Shattered Memories Headed to Vita
Silent Hill V scans in the wild
Silent Hill V screenshots
Simogo making something...for the Wii U?
Simultaneous global releases are possible, says Square
Sin & Punishment 2 Debut teaser
SiN Episodes definately dead. Ish.
Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Revealed
Sir Patrick Moore passes away aged 89
Skate 2 teaser trailer
SKATE 3 demo coming to PSN & XBLA
Sky Player Hits 360
Sleeping Dogs launch trailer
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake DLC Coming Soon
Sleepings Dogs extended DLC planned
Slime-San expandalone announced
Slime-San Gets Release Date
Slime-San Is Out Now
Slime-San Switch not launching with expansion
Sly Cooper getting a film in 2016
Smaller, Blu-ray-less Xbox One “Mini” rumoured for October reveal
Smash Bros WiiU Gets A Release Date
SMT: Strange Journey Coming to DS
Snatcher Getting Slightly Late Dreamcast Port
Sniper Elite developers Rebellion announce Strange Brigade
SNK announce new Neo Geo Pocket
SNK commemorate the NeoGeo's 25th birthday with a Humble Android Bundle
SNK's XBLA Fest!
So that's the Black and White starter pokémon named, then
So THAT'S what Demon's Souls/Dark Souls reminds me of...
So that's what the Ouya interface looks like, then
Softcover art book for European pre-orders of The Witch and the Hundred Knight
Solar Shifter EX Coming To Xbox One Very Soon
Some Demon Gaze screenshots for you this morning
Some Guitar Hero II: Rocks the 80s tracks
Some long awaited details on Unsung Story
Some new Mugen Souls Z screenshots
Some new Persona Q trailers plus some details from Famitsu.
Some new The Witch and the Hundred Knight screenshots
Some Ni no Kuni screenshots for you
Some suprises for 360?
Somebody has been crowned Pokemon World Champion 2012
Something Apple Related That Doesn't Cost Too Much
Sonic 4 Episode 2 misses own point, gets Sonic's friends involved
Sonic 4 gets A Date And Lots Of Prices
Sonic Adventure gets its XBLA release tomorrow
Sonic Adventure XBLA launch trailer
Sonic Classic Collection Coming to the DS
Sonic Colors gameplay trailer
Sonic Generations Confirmed
Sonic Generations demo to hit tomorrow
Sonic Generations Gameplay Trailer
Sonic Generations Revealed?
Sonic Generations Trailer Released
Sonic HD To Be Download Only?
Sonic is the new Mario, aparrently
Sonic Lost World Releasing on Steam
Sonic rollercoaster confirmed
Sonic Rush Adventure
Sonic Spinball to Return
Sony and Kojima to work on a new franchise
Sony announce new Jak game
Sony are localising Yakuza 5 for the west
Sony at E3 2009
Sony close Studio Liverpool
Sony files patent relating to second-hand games, inevitable histrionics follow
Sony finally get around to adding more games to Xperia Play lineup
Sony justifies PlayStation 3 gou-- erm, pricing
Sony possibly changing PS4 system software development processes
Sony release new 13 Sentinels trailer in pre-TGS show
Sony Reveal Free Playstation Mobile Games
Sony Spokesperson saves face, attempts to clarify PS Vita legacy platform comments
Sony supporting publishers that switch to PS4 in Japan
Sony to allow Freeview with PS3 and PSP
Sony to close PlayStation Mobile service
Sony to launch budget budget PSP range
Sony to release UMD games online
Sony's entertainment services adopt PlayStation branding
Sorry, can't stop drooling...
Soul Calibur IV for PS3 and 360
Soul Calibur IV gameplay footage
Soul Calibur Legends
Soul Reaver Figures
South Korea to plough money into local games industry
South Park Stick Of Truth Dated For Europe
South Park Stick of Truth Delayed Again - Looks Great
South Park Stick of Truth Gets Yet Another New Date
Space Channel 5 Part 2 and SEGA Bass Fishing next Dreamcast re-releases
Sparkster Returns!
Spec Ops: The Line Dissected
Spike Chunsoft are working on a third Danganronpa
Splatterhouse Shoe News!
Split Screen Co-op Added To PC Portal 2
Split/Second release date announced
Square Enix Europe considering crowdfunding video game localisations
Square Enix not updating The World Ends With You to support iOS 8
Square Enix to flog off IO Interactive after announcing record profits
Square Enix updating TWEWY iOS after all
Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV Q+A
Square-Enix launch new TWEWY website?
Square-Enix remove Hitman app from Facebook
Square-Enix supply teaser shots for teaser trailer for upcoming Tomb Raider title
SSFIV Has the Luck of the Irish
Stanley Watches The New Trailer
Star-Child #7 is Feene
Starcraft and Facebook Combine
Starcraft tournament webcast
Stardust Going Cheap
Starting as they mean to go on?
Steam Bioshock 2 Gets Minerva's Den free
Steam Mid-week madness: Plain Sight 80% off
Steam Now Offers Refunds
Steam Sale Starts Tomorrow
Steam to gain more publishers
Steam Trading Cards For All: Sale Immanent
Steins Gate 0 Heading West
Steins;Gate Dated For America
Steins;Gate Gets Character Trailer
Steins;Gate Gets Confirmed EU Release Date
Steins;Gate Limited Edition Revealed
Steins;Gate Out Now On steam
Steins;Gate Release Date Leaked
Step-Mother of Murderer writes to Penny Arcade
Stephen King in support of videogames
Steven Spielberg's Reach Around
Stoic announce The Banner Saga 2
Stop motion retro gaming
Stop-motion retro game animation
Stormrise trailer
Story of the early British computing industry to be told in comedy-drama format
Street Fighter 4 Dated
Street Fighter 4 Sequel TBA?
Street Fighter HD PSN Delayed
Street Fighter III To Return!
Street Fighter IV AOU2008 Trailer
Street Fighter X Megaman Revealed
Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay footage from Comic-Con
Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer
Street Fighter: Later Years concludes
Streets of Rage 2 3DS Delayed
Streets of Rage Remake Complete
Strider out this month
Suda 51 X Shinji Mikami = Shadows of the Damned
Suda's back with "Killer is Dead"
Suda51 states the obvious
Suda51 wants to remake PS2 title Michigan
Suicide Prevention in Persona 3
Super Dungeon Bros Gets Beta This Weekend
Super Dungeon Bros Release Date Announced
Super Mario All-Stars to make Wii return
Super Mario Bros. Movie recieves comic sequel
Super Mario Doom
Super Mario World, by Louis Armstrong
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Coming To Wii
Super Street Fighter 4 Coming to Nintendo 3DS
Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition To Be DLC?
Super Treasure Arena Coming Next Week To Steam
Super Treasure Arena Gets Halloween Edition
Super Treasure Arena Is Out On Steam Early Access Now
Surf's Up
Surprisingly touching story about homeless Sims
Swearing! Yakuza 2 Heading to the West
Swimming chickens in Twilight Princess
Switcheroo! NIS switch some dates around
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments available from August 20th
Sykrim DLC Dated For PS3
Syntax Era broadcast date confirmed
Table Top Racing coming to Vita
Tactics Ogre creator wants to bring his latest game to consoles
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together launch trailer
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together trailer
Takashi Miike Helms Phoenix Wright Movie
Take A Look At Safety First!
Take-Two sues Jack Thompson?
Tales from Dunwall episode 1
Tales from Dunwall episode 2
Tales from Dunwall episode 3: The Mind of Madness
Tales fromthe Borderlands screenshots
Tales of Hearts R Coming To The West
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles out now
Tanya Byron applauds official adoption of PEGI
Tanya Byron picks up on Keith Vaz' lies
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Gets 4 New Characters
Team Fortress 2
Team Ico Collection Is 'Real'
Team Ico Collection on the Way?
Team Yosagami High launches into battle
Tears to Tiara II arriving in Europe this Autumn
Teddy and Aigis join the Persona Q cast
Tekken 7 Reveal trailer
Tekken Card Tournament
Tekken Movie Gets One-Off Showing
Tekken movie getting a prequel?
Tekken Revolution Free-To-Play Out On PS3 This Week
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 October update goes LIVE
Tekken X Street Fighter still in development
TellTale announce The Walking Dead Season 2
Telltale Games discount madness!
Tesco to sell GTA IV early?
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Jaguar trailer
Tetsuya Nomura tugs on heartstrings, teases TWEWY sequel
TGS 2010 Vanquish Story trailer
ThatGameCompany Going 3rd Party?
The 80's Are Back
The Adventures of Pip Dated For PC & WiiU
The Azure Palace Returns
The BAFTA Gaming Awards Are Tonight
The Banner Saga coming to Vita again
The Banner Saga marches onto consoles in January
The Banner Saga Vita edition "put on hold"
The BBC are relaunching Time Commanders and looking for contestants
The Binding of Isaac Getting Retail Switch Release
The Biscuit Is A Lie!
The Bust
The Club competition
The Club demo hits PC
The Culture of Gaming Radio Series
The Darkness 2 finally officially confirmed
The Darkness gets sequel, Starbreeze not involved. Also, platinum re-release to come
The Delusions of Von Sottendorff and His Square Mind Headed To 3DS eShop
The development of The World Ends With You ends with this postmortem
The Device Has Been Modified
The Elder Scrolls V: Pokémon
The European StreetPass bunny never looks sad when you refuse a purchase
The Fall 2 Confirmed for Q1 2017
The Fall Now 50% Off
The First Video Game Grammy Goes To...
The games bits of the Digital Britain report: PEGI is official ratings board, tax relief, education help on the way?
The Grand List Of Console RPG Cliches
The Greatest News Ever? Wii Freeloader
The Guardian join the act
The Horror...
The Inner World Arrives on Consoles Today
The Last Guardian definately at Tokyo Game Show
The Last Guardian is definetly still in development
The Last Guardian TGS Trailer
The Last Guardian to make TGS appearance?
The Last of Us Left Behind Trailer Released
The Last Story gets trailer ahead of PAL release
The Legend of Neil
The man who composed the music for Resi and Onimusha didn't
The Mario theme has lyrics!
The Music Machine Released
The Orange Box has tons of achievements
The PSP-Go?
The real reason they released a pink PSP
The real Silent Hill?
The Rest Of Nintendo's Q1 Line-up
The return of E3 is now complete
The Return of Kenji Eno
The Rhythm of Fighters Being Delisted
The Rivers of Alice Extended Edition Hit Steam
The secret musical aspirations of games journos revealed!
The sort of thing Bravia ads are made of
The Stanley Parable Dated
The Stanley Parable is Out Now
The story of Red Dead Redemption's soundtrack
The Streets of Rage Sequel We Almost Got
The Swapper Coming To Playstation Devices
The Telegraph chooses its favourite games of the year
The Telegraph counts down sixteen of gaming's artistic peaks
The Walking Dead coming on 11th December
The Walking Dead Season Two available on Vita this week
The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2: "A House Divided" trailer
The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Two available now
The way people play Mass Effect 2
The Wii U Difference, with Rufus Hound
The Witch and the Hundred Knight gameplay footage
The Witch and the Hundred Knight hits Europe on March 21st
The Wolf Among Us updates next week
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors available from Tuesday
The World Ends With You 2 At E3?
The World Ends With You mobile port comes to Android to remind you that they still haven't done a sequel
The xBox Live Christmas Sale, in handy alphabetical order
Theathrythym Final Fantasy Curtain Call heading West
Theatrhythm Spin-Off Sequel Gets UK Date
There's A Mysterious Cities Of Gold Game
There's a Sonic The Hedgehog Live-Action Movie... Sort Of
There's a zombie on your lawn
There's an Election Coming
There's TWEWY news!
They just don't make them like they used to
They're already doing another Harvest Moon
Things that never get old: real-life GoldenEye videos
Third day marks the end of the UK's World Cyber Games campaign
Third Zero Escape game seems to be some time away
This time it's Splinter Cell getting a HD trilogy re-release
This week on XBLA: Puddle
This week on XBLA: Quarrel
This weeks releases w/e 28 March 2008
This weeks Virtual Console additions
This weeks XBLA titles
This weeks XBLA: Brain Challenge and Bliss Island
Those BAFTA award winners in full
THQ and Double Fine announce Costume Quest
THQ and Zuffa to make Ultimate Fighting Championship
THQ Sequel Splurge
THQ Steam Sale
THQ Steam Sale: Day 2
THQ Steam Sale: Day 3
THQ Steam Sale: Day 4
THQ Steam Sale: Weekend Dawn of War
Tiger Woods Online enters beta
Time for your daily story from that interview the Sega guy did with Game Informer
Time to cancel that xBox One pre-order: Peggle 2 has been delayed
To The Moon 2 Announced
To The Moon Sequel Revelaed
Tobii Eye Tracking Supported in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Toby: The Secret Mine dated For WiiU
Toby: The Secret Mine Out Now For WiiU
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Coming To Europe
Tom Clancy's Air Combat
Tomb Raider movies to receive reboot treatment.
Tommy Wiseau Gets His Own Show
Too much freetime? Little Big Planeticator...
Top 10 Games to play while stoned
Top-selling UK WiiWare titles revealed!
Torchlight 2 DRM Revealed
Torchlight 2 To Have Co-Op
Torchlight Coming To Consoles
Torchlight on Steam sale again
Torchlight sequel announced
Toriyama wants to remake FFVII
Torment: Tides of Numenera Gets Story trailer
Torment: Tides of Numenera in Early Access
Total War: Shogun 2 limited editions revealed
Toukiden out in February, Demo soon
Track Mania Nations to recieve expansion
Trackmania 2 Canyon Now Out On Steam
TrackMania Coming To Wii
Trackmania Wii multiplayer trailer
Trackmania Wii track editor footage
Trailer for new DS game NEVES
Train Simulator The Holiday Express Surprise Release On Steam
Treasure try their luck on Steam Greenlight with Ikaruga
Treasure Working on 3DS Exclusive
Trenched Becomes Iron Brigade
Trine 2 Announced
Trine Finally Coming to PSN This Week
Trine On PSN This Week... Definately... I Think
Trulon The Shadow Engine Gets Launch Discount
Trulon: The Shadow Engine Coming To Xbox One
TV Go Game
Twinkle Star Sprites Hits Steam
Two at once! Chloe and Ellie from Conception II
Two Cave shooters sneak their way onto western Android stores
Typing of the Dead Overkill Multiplayer Out Now
Typing of the Dead Overkill Out on Steam Now
Typoman Gets Demo and Update
Typoman Released On WiiU Today
Ubisoft at E3 2009
UbiSoft confirm entry to Football game market
Ubisoft ditching paper manuals
Ubisoft Dropping Uplay Online Passes
Ubisoft looking at F2P on
Ubisoft offer chance to win the "Ultimate Zombie Survival Experience"
Ubisoft opens movie division
Ubisoft Reveal Movie Plans
UbiSoft unveil tablet game for treating Amblyopia
Ubisofts Controversial DRM Detailed
Ubisofts Mighty Quest for Epic Loot enters open Beta
UFC Undisputed 2010 Screenshots
UK All Format Chart
UK Charks: The Fallout
UK Charts
UK Charts
UK Charts
UK Charts
UK games industry tax breaks- the details
UK Nintendo 3DS Release Dates Confirmed
UK Sales Chart
Uncharted Cast Rumours
Uncharted Cast Rumours Confirmed
Uncharted Film Gets New Writers
Uncharted Film Might Actually Happen
Uncharted Movie in the Works
Uncharted Movie Loses Director
Uncharted Movie Might Not Suck
Uncut version of Manhunt 2 on the way?
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late Coming to Steam in July
Unfinished Swan developers announce their next title
United Front Reveal Sleeping Dogs Follow Up
Unity available on PS Vita
Unity engine to be made available for New Nintendo 3DS developers
Unsung Story gets its translator
Unsung Story has "no main protagonist"
Unsung Story Kickstarter goals changed
Unsung Story reaches its target
Update 02 - 26/3/2007
US Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth teaser trailer
US Republican presidential hopeful quotes Pokémon movie theme in debate
Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Phantasy Star Portable 2 dated for UK
Valkyria Chronicles 2 PSP Bound
Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed for PSP
Valkyria Chronicles 3 demo next month
Valkyria Chronicles Coming To PC
Valkyria Chronicles Getting New DLC
Valkyria Chronicles PC Version Detailed
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Dated
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered Gets Spring Release
Valkyria Chronicles To Continue?
Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Release Delayed
Valve break silence on next Team Fortress 2 update
Valve detail Day 2
Valve do something to Portal, internet explodes
Valve now offering 14-day refunds for EU customers on Steam
Valve Reveal Specs of Prototype Steam Machines
Valve shows off Steam Controller in new video
Vampire Hunter D hits PSP Comic Store
VAST for PS2 in action.
VC Update
VC Update
VC Update
VC Update
VC Update: Finally
VC Update: The Horror!
Velocity 2X dated
Velvet Room assistants are in Persona Q
Video Gaiden returning in 2016
Video games grow up as adult ownership increases
Video Standards Council cast doubt over compulsary age ratings' future
videoGaiden series three
Videogame marketing, in casualwear
Videogames improve the reading skills of dyslexic children, says science
View the world through Luigi's eyes at the arcade
Virtua Tennis 2009 Announced
Virtua Tennis 3 Demo now on Live
Virtual Console releases 16/03/2007
Virtual Console Update
Virtual Console Update
Vita ARPG Fantasy Hero Gets Dated
Waht to Expect From the Gears Movie
Want some Shenmue 3 footage?
War, war never changes
Wario Ware: Dr. Brown
Warning! Bullshit imminent
WASD The Matter You?
Watch Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on Twitch tonight
Watch this awesome looking Velocity 2X trailer
Watch this footage of someone questing in Monster Hunter 4 dressed as Link
Watch this Short Peace trailer and tell us you don't want it!
Watch_Dogs Delayed Until 2014 lists a series of 'Metagames'
WCG 2011 Day Two: highs and lows for the UK team
WCG sees adequate second day for UK team
We Are Curators!
We should have seen it coming
WEEE your Wii
West-End musical re-imagines self through videogame-coloured lens
Western Version of Bravely Default is Bravely Default: For The Sequel
What do we want? Manhunt 2!
What if tetris had lyrics?
What the TF2 spy's favourite song is
What you've all been waiting for.. GTA IV
What's happened to Kalimba on PC?
Wheatley puppet!
When There's No More Room In Hell
Where are they now?
Where there's blame, there's a claim. Even if there isn't actually any blame.
Whisper it quietly... Yakuza 3 Coming To The West!
White Strops
Who wants a new Criminal Girls trailer?
Who wants to see a car somebody's ruined by covering it in Mario pictures?
Why the Millennium Dome failed
Why they keep making terrible game films
Wii and DS shortages nothing new?
Wii gets TV on demand service
Wii Internet Channel now free
Wii Monster Hunter Tri servers to be shut down
Wii Pal Disc-Swap trick
Wii Price Cut Confirmed
Wii re-make of RE re-make getting launched in June
Wii Shooters
Wii Speak Channel, Wii Speak accessory and Animal Crossing Wii dated.
Wii U Deluxe Digital Promotion Detailed
Wii U Virtual Console still inexplicably going strong
Wii Virtual Console Update
Wii Virtual Console: Such A Groovy Guy
WiiU TVii Still Might Come To Europe... Maybe
Wiiware finally launches in Europe
WiiWare Update
Wiiware Update
Wiiware Update
Will Wright signs with... The Science Channel?
Win! Win! Win! Signed Mizuguchi Artwork
Wired's Geek Dad recounts how Passage introduced his children to death
Witch and Hero 2 Out Next Week
Witcher 2 free to everybody on XBox 360 to mark XBOne Backwards Compatibilty
Witcher 3 DLC Free on PC
Witcher 3 To Be Announced Soon?
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Officially Announced
Women in Games Partner With Google
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Adds Wonder Girl
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Being Remastered
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Dated for Consoles
Wonderbook "still a thing" - report
World of Final Fantasy is Getting A Demo
Worlds Collide: Mortal Kombat vs DC Comics
Worms Reloaded single player trailer for your viewings
Writer of "...Colossus" film says he won't screw it up, promise
XBL Indie Pivot Database
XBLA releases 19th December
XBLA: Age of Booty
XBLA: Costume Quest and Super Meat Boy
XBLA: MLB Stickball
XBox 360 Cache clear code discovered.
XBox 360 game to be released specifically for the XBOne Backwards Compatibility market
xBox 360 Sky TV service to kick off next month
Xbox Friends List To Be Updated
xBox Indie Game finds non-Indie publisher
Xbox Japan to hold Xbox One events in Tokyo and Osaka
XBox Live Arcade 30/01/2008
XBox Live being attacked by Phishers
XBox Live Prices Set To Rise
xBox Live to reach new territories
Xenoblade Chronicles enters the chart
Xenoblade X fans love Xenoblade X
XLeague TV starts testing
Yakuza 0 Confirmed For Europe Early 2017
Yakuza 0 Dated For The West
Yakuza 0 Gets New Trailer
Yakuza 2 Dated
Yakuza 3 'Not coming To America'
Yakuza 3 Not coming To Europe Either
Yakuza 4 confirmed for West
Yakuza 4 gets western release date
Yakuza 4 screenshots
Yakuza 5 Finally Comes Out This Week
Yakuza 5 Includes All DLC
Yakuza 5 Priced For EU
Yakuza 5 screenshots
Yakuza Coming To WiiU... Sort Of
Yakuza Drei ist Go?
Yakuza Of The End Revealed
Yakuza Of The End to feature forklift truck riding, Shenmue fans' tears
Yakuza Officially New Shenmue
Yakuza The End Gameplay Trailer
Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Readies For Release
Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm Release Date Announced
Yay, a non-Mario performance
Year walk Coming To WiiU
Yep, it's Portal 2
Yep, that's Valkyria Chronicles 3 pretty much confirmed
Yesterdays "secret" Capcom announcement
Yet another Government petition
Yoshinori Ono isn't going to get Darkstalkers
Yoshinori Ono really wants Darkstalkers
Yoshinori Ono still really wants Darkstalkers
You Dont Have To Wait Thong For More DeathSpank
Your Rock Band 3 Instruments Will cost This Much
Ys Memories of Celceta Gets Release Date
Ys Origin Out Now For PS4
Ys VIII Summer 2016
Ys: Memories of Celceta Gets EU Publisher and Possible Date
Yu Suzuki Developing Kinect Fighter
Yu Suzuki Talks Shenmue 3
Zak and Wiki flash demo
Zelda manga on the way
Zelda on Robot Chicken
Zengeki Warp Out Now On Steam
“Persona 5 For PS3″?