Posted by Mark at 20:14
This week, an adventure game called Inquisitive Dave, where you play a man, called Dave, who is inquisitive.

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Posted by Mark at 17:00

Okay, I'm being a bit lazy here, given that this advergame for Bulletstorm a/ is an advergame, b/ has been covered by the rest of the gaming internet already today, and c/ I'm using a screencap from a playthrough video to make the image above, because I can't get the game to run on my machine. That said, it fits in with that post about metagames I made yesterday.

But anyway, Duty Calls: The Calm Before The Storm, downloadable here is a short freebie, gently ripping the piss out of the Call of Duty series for its po-faced seriousness, hyperlinearity, desire to obsessively shower the player in rewards and good, old-fashioned American nationalistic jingoism.

It might not be able to get away with that middle one, considering Bulletstorm's score attack-based gameplay, but it also manages to get a friendly dig in at Fallout as well, so we'll let it off.

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Posted by Mark at 16:07

Wow! Two in a row. Much like when we first started, it's almost like this is a series.

Anyway- this week's game is Z-Type, which is a vertically scrolling shooter, where you shoot enemies down by typing the words written near them, rather than regular moving-around-and-blasting-indiscriminately.

I managed to get as far as Level 22.

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Posted by Mark at 15:09

Blimey O' Reilly, it's a Wednesday Game. Not seen one of those for ages!

This week, it's a deceptively simple Flash platformer, Tealy & Orangey- you control both characters at the same time, through variably different levels, with an eye to guiding them both to the finish line.

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Posted by Duane at 13:24

Another platformer this week. Here you simply just have to keep running and collecting metal cog like tokens, avoid the massive alien space ship like thing hanging around trying to vapourise you at all times.

Hunted Forever is a browser based title, which you can play here.

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Posted by Duane at 07:08

Another "Paper" based game, although this has a "Paper Mario" style to it rather than using virtual paper as a puzzle.

Paper Moon is a simple browser based platformer that simply asks you to move the character from one side of the level to the other (as is the norm for 2D platformers) but you're also required to make the land pop in and out so you can navigate it properly.

It's all rather nice and enjoyable, although the music is rather repetetive and can easily annoy. You can play it by going to here, there's no need to register, you can play all of the games on the site as a Guest.

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Posted by Duane at 06:15

This week you can help science by playing foldit.

foldit is a game in which you fold protein chains in order to help contribute towards scientific research by helping analyse the folding patterns of certain proteins which could ultimately help in research for medicines or cures for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimers.

Yo can begin playing foldit by downloading it from the offical site, fold.it

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Posted by Duane at 07:01

Didn't post one last week, Ben had already mentioned Privates in a news post so left it at that for a free game. But I return this week with a nice little flash based title called Paper Cakes.

Paper Cakes involves you getting a little scribble drawn character called Doodle from one point on the page to another point where he will receive a giant cake. But to do this you have to guide him and fold the "Virtual Paper" to make sure his path is clear. Entertaining stuff.

Paper Cakes does involve you installing an extra piece of software to play it called "Bamboo Dock", which will download when you click on "Get Mini" from the Paper Cakes website

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Posted by Duane at 16:35

Here we have a 2D top-down maze shooter which is actually much harder than it sounds and first appears. Get it from the Teknopants website, here

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Posted by Duane at 16:39

Okay, it's actually not Wednesday, I intended to post this yesterday but have been busy.

Released this week on Steam is Alien Swarm, a game that blends twin stick shooter controls, co-op play for four people and all the atmosphere of the second film in the Alien franchise.

They're coming out of the god-damned walls!

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