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Posted by Mark at 14:53
Well, we asked if you wanted us to cover the ratings for Dave's Go 8 Bit DLC spinoff show, and the people spoke. Which means we get to be the bearers of bad news!

The show's first episode didn't make the top ten programmes shown on Dave for the week of 15-21 May. The tenth most popular show for the week- Live At The Apollo, immediately before Go 8 Bit, clocked up 227,000 viewers.

Additionally, the main show itself only pulled in 378,000- low considering the first series only dropped below half a million once and while the other programmes on the list saw lower viewership than normal, the following day's Taskmaster hits its usual ratings of 830,000.

It's not all doom and gloom, however- 11PM seems to be the time Britain switches its TV off for the night, so the bar is lower and given that the show seems to have been made on a budget which may run into the thousands of pence, the show may not be considered to have failed- the superficially pricier Unspun With Matt Forde also never troubled the top ten, and that's got not only another series on the way, but it got a bonus emergency one in the run-up to the election.

DLC's lack of topicality means it can be re-run in the day- as shown by it getting a repeat on Saturday mornings, in the slot Videogame Nation used to occupy on Challenge, meaning while it may not be the headline success Taskmaster or Red Dwarf are, it may still be adding enough value to Dave's schedules to be worthwhile.
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Posted by Mark at 16:30
Dave have confirmed on Twitter that the highly successful panel show has been renewed for two more series.

Due to air next year, each series will contain ten episodes rather than the six the first series had, with team captains Sam and Steve both returning alongside hosts Dara and Ellie.

Comedy site Chortle has a few quotes from execs, if that's your bag.

There are currently no suggestions that Dexter Fletcher will be drafted in to ruin the third series.
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Posted by Mark at 14:52
The first set of ratings for the Dara O'Briain-fronted games panel show, which has its third episode tonight, have been released, and it's good reading.

Specifically: the show was the single most-watched show on the channel in the week it aired (5th- 11th September), according to BARB, who are responsible for measuring these things.

Clocking in at 576,000 viewers, this beats the next-most watched show (An episode of Suits) by over 120,000. A further 24,000 would watch the show an hour later on timeshift channel Dave ja vu, bringing the show up to a round 600k.

While Suits normally takes the top spot for the station, the last time anything on Dave broke half a million was the series finale of Taskmaster, on the 21st July.

So, it turns out that if you come up with a decent format, fill it with people who know what they're talking about, air it at a sensible time and actually bother to put some marketing behind it, it's possible to make a games show on television succeed- who knew?
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