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Platinum seem to be quite fond of their multi-game deals, bursting onto the scene with a deal with Sega and then moving onto what looked like a tie-up with Nintendo to make The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 and StarFox Zero.

Now, they're working with mobile publisher Cygames.

The first game is a console spinoff of their obscenely popular mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy, subtitled Project Re:Link.

It's going to be a 3D action-RPG, and the trailer looks to contain plenty of the spectacular fighting we're used to from the company:

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Oh, and Nobuo Uematsu off of Final Fantasy is doing the music.

There is no specific platform specified for the game yet, but it's interesting that Cygames seem to be looking to move beyond their mobile roots, also announcing Project Awakening for 'high-end consoles', which Platinum is ostensibly not involved with.

The other game, however, demonstrates that even Platinum aren't immune from having to dip into the mobile market, with their debut smartphone game Lost Order, a 'Real-Time Tactics' RPG, which Siliconera has screenshots of.

It's likely that this will be a Free-To-Play title, as this has been what Cygames has generally made their money doing, but this has as yet not been confirmed.

There are no release dates set as yet, and a blog post by Platinum even goes out of its way to stress that the games are not confirmed for the West at all.
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