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Posted by Ben at 02:13
I'm still in the remnants of moving house so finding actual time to play games is still a bit of a premium.

That said I did manage to spend a chunk of Saturday playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, which I'm quite enjoying. It's Shin Megami light, I may have said all this before last time I did a WWP, but yeah, it's even lighter than Persona for the most part

I think I complained last time that I had finished a mission and was dreading the downtime in between. It's not been that bad but it is the worst thing about the game I'd say. I'm at a similar point now, and I could just push on, but there's side quests to do, spiritual growth to acquire. Some of the dungeons seem to be better than others, the camera one I did last wouldn't rank amongst my favourites, hopefully the next one is better. Still though; Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a good game, I'm intending to finish it

In other # related gaming, I also spent some time with Chime Sharp (or Chime# I've really no idea which is correct anymore). I really liked Chime back on the 360, and kickstarted this sequel. I've posted a video so I won't dwell on it too much, but apart from a few issues with the UI (it's not that easy to see whilst you're in the midst of the game), and pining for some of my favourite bands on the soundtrack, I've been enjoying the snatched moments I've had with it
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