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Posted by Mark at 15:52
Giving the show its third presenter in as many series.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, BBC Four editor Cassian Harrison announced a load of other programmes that don't matter as much alongside describing the format and announcing the presenter as Gregg Wallace.

Yes, that Gregg Wallace.

This Gregg Wallace:
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Turns out he's a big fan of Total War, if a tweet from Greg Jenner- one of the historians who worked on the Horrible Histories TV show- to gameshow blog Bothers' Bar is anything to go by.

The BBC press release confirms the competitive element we were expecting when the call for contestants went out:
The historical re-enactment gameshow puts two teams of battle enthusiasts against each other as they take control of ancient forces and compete against a computer, pre-programmed by historical experts The Creative Assembly, before taking each other on in one of history's famous ancient battles.
Still no airdate set as yet.
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Posted by Mark at 07:59
Clearly spurred on by the success of last weekend's revival of Robot Wars, the BBC have decided to exhume another nerdy early-noughties gameshow format in the form of the Total War-derived Time Commanders.

The show, where teams would operate a war room replicating a historical battle through the Total War engine is being rebooted, this time for smartarse arts-and-documentaries digital channel BBC Four, appears to be tweaking the format slightly, cutting the team size to three and pitting two of them against each other, rather than the simpler one-against-the-AI format of the previous two series.

There's no other word on who or what else will be returning from the previous two series (although if the experts and their postmatch re-enactments aren't involved, it'll be a huge loss), save for seemingly the same production company.

If you and two warmongering mates can get together a team and fancy yourselves as some kind of three-headed Sun Tzu, you have until the beginning of September to apply. Details are on the BBC website.

If you need your memory jogging, here's an episode from the first series: Show/hide video

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