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Posted by Ben at 17:27
I'm waiting for the day one patch for Deus Ex Mankind Divided to download, having switched to the Dutch servers because the UK ones are "fucked", so it seems like a good time to write a What We're Playing before starting something new.

And first up, a bit of Deus Ex

Not the original one, instead Deus Ex Go. I know I spent 3 on marketing material, I know I'm now part of some graph somewhere that shows "divergence" or some other office word, but I could do with something to play on my commute. Truth is I've not been that taken with the Go games. Lara Croft Go didn't really do anything for me, and while I think Hitman go is better, I still got a bit tired of it.

I do prefer the Deus Ex franchise though so hopefully that counts for something. It's very much the same sort of thing, move Adam Jensen from point to point, taking out guard or avoiding being spotted. Deus Ex Go feels a little more cobbled together in its design though, there's power ups that and traps that feel a bit glitchy. Hard to explain maybe, but triggering an enemy so he charges, then changing a floor tile to a red zone so he can't return back to his start point, he'll just judder in place. It feels a bit "Steam Server".

Talking of fucked, I went back to Batman Arkham Knight last week. I've posted a couple of times about the state of the PC release, and I can say it seems to be fixed now. Granted, since writing that article I'm now running the game off an SSD, which would help significantly with the data loading, but I had played a chunk of the game prior to the most recent fix and was still having significant problems even off an SSD.

When I stopped last time I felt pretty done with Batman Arkham Knight. The technical problems and how they were handled had really soured me, and frankly, it's not that great a game. Fortunately though, where I picked it up from (teaming up with Robin) it kind of felt like the second part of the 'season', after the winter break, where the writers have had a chance to sit and think about how to fix things a bit. I enjoyed it so much more. Not all of it, fuck the Riddler challenges still, but the story really picks up. The season pass is borderline theft if you paid full price for it, but at 4 or whatever it cost on CDKeys just before launch I can't complain, short as the story content is.

Anyway, it's all done, aside from the Riddler stuff, and some of the season pass stuff. I guess I can't really complain about it any more, but I think I'm done with Batman for the foreseeable

Elsewhere, I played some Merdian Squad 22, there's a First Play gameplay video for it and there might well be a review at some point. It's... well, I can't say I've enjoyed my time with it. Not that it's bad, I've just not enjoyed it. I'm hoping some of the other modes get me a way in on it
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Posted by Ben at 16:40
Doom, fittingly considering it's a re-imagining of a game from my childhood, has managed to do that rare thing I haven't experienced in years. Even after finishing Doom I've gone back and played a level just for the hell of it (well, secrets)

Doom is a fantastic game, it will be on my Game of the Year list, there's no chance we're going to get 3 (or 5 depending on if Mark's played anything this year) games better than it in the next 6 months. You've already heard by now why it's good I'm sure. It's relentless, but it's incredibly responsive with peerless fidelity. Rage and Wolfenstein both had fantastic gunplay, Doom builds on that, you're capable of pulling off some ludicrous moves, and it's very easy to find yourself doing it.

Aside from Doom then, I've gone back to Stella Glow for a few levels. I intend to finish it over the next few weeks, we'll see I guess. It's still good, I'm on a level with lots of respawning enemies, I could do without that, it's making this level the length of the previous 3 combined, but the core game is still good. Fuck Ewan though, prick

Aside from that, we were sent a code for Meridian: Squad 22, an RTS that's in Early Access. I've only put about an hour in, but I struggled. There's going to be varied difficulties on the full release, and tearing a game apart before it's finished isn't really my style. I may do something though, for now I'll say lumping in characters who can't be allowed to die with the grunts is a mistake, especially as the game seems almost devoid of checkpoints
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