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Posted by Ben at 16:40
Doom, fittingly considering it's a re-imagining of a game from my childhood, has managed to do that rare thing I haven't experienced in years. Even after finishing Doom I've gone back and played a level just for the hell of it (well, secrets)

Doom is a fantastic game, it will be on my Game of the Year list, there's no chance we're going to get 3 (or 5 depending on if Mark's played anything this year) games better than it in the next 6 months. You've already heard by now why it's good I'm sure. It's relentless, but it's incredibly responsive with peerless fidelity. Rage and Wolfenstein both had fantastic gunplay, Doom builds on that, you're capable of pulling off some ludicrous moves, and it's very easy to find yourself doing it.

Aside from Doom then, I've gone back to Stella Glow for a few levels. I intend to finish it over the next few weeks, we'll see I guess. It's still good, I'm on a level with lots of respawning enemies, I could do without that, it's making this level the length of the previous 3 combined, but the core game is still good. Fuck Ewan though, prick

Aside from that, we were sent a code for Meridian: Squad 22, an RTS that's in Early Access. I've only put about an hour in, but I struggled. There's going to be varied difficulties on the full release, and tearing a game apart before it's finished isn't really my style. I may do something though, for now I'll say lumping in characters who can't be allowed to die with the grunts is a mistake, especially as the game seems almost devoid of checkpoints
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DOOM Open Beta

Posted by Duane at 10:19

An Open beta for the latest instalment in the DOOM franchise was released today and runs until (I think) Monday, its the latest in a line of weekend long beta's that we've had recently (I know I've given the Trackmania Turbo and Battleborn ones a go), and like the others I decided to stream my first play of it to our Twitch profile.

As with those other video's though, I've not provided any voice recording, its literally the game being played, so my thoughts an opinions after a few rounds are as such.

DOOM feels very old fashioned, okay theres some CoD style Loadout menu's, but as far as being a modern shooter goes, thats about it; it runs at about a billion miles an hour, you pick up health, armour and ammo packs as you run around, enviornments are pretty much brown with a trim of brown and the odd dash of red whilst players can be any number of overly bright and garrish colours.

I've seen alot of criticsm aimed at EA/DICE's Star Wars Battlefront, accusing it of being rather lightweight and other such things but honestly, theres alot more going on in even that games version of Team Deathmatch than I experienced with DOOM's version of that mode. There are a couple of other modes that I am yet to play, so I'll hold fire on criticising that.

Gunplay is fairly basic too, just hold the trigger and see who dies first, I did try playing around with switching to the Super Shotgun but its reload speed when up against the Heavy Assault leaves you incredbly open on the rather large and fairly open maps that are available on this beta. Anyway, you can check out me playing DOOM in the video below.

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