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Posted by Mark at 18:57

For as long as the programme's been airing, I thought that doing Big Brother would be really fun, as long as it wasn't on television and I couldn't show myself up in front of the nation. We take that last bit away, this idea of having no contact with the outside world, being locked in with a bunch of strangers and given tasks to do would have been an interesting experience.

Then I moved into a new flat, had no internet for two weeks and I was immediately bouncing off the walls.

This shows how important the internet has become to daily life- without it, save for a few MP3s I had no music, no news unless I picked up a Metro on the way to work and no television until I cracked and bought an aerial lead a few days in, and even then I couldn't just pluck what I wanted off iPlayer, I could only watch what was on at the time, like our predecessors used to have to do in Downton Abbey times (I assume- it wasn't on that night so I wasn't able to check)

But most importantly is what it's done to games. Games was a thing I still had- or at least for the most part what I didn't have didn't bother me- I've always been a single-player gamer primarily so I didn't miss multi, and while many mobile games refuse to work without an internet connection, I basically don't play them so that's not a loss. Yet, I didn't want to set up the xBox because I thought my Achievements might not sync, or at least might have incomplete data, making a mess of my TrueAchievements stats.

I'm not entirely sure what that says about modern games, that not only am I not playing them owing to a lack of rewards external to the gameplay experience, but that I'm also not playing them so I don't have to play them again to get the rewards, but I can't imagine it's good. (And James will definitely be able to explain why)

Thank heavens, then, for the Wii U- this period saw much of Hyrule Warriors fall (Which itself has what is quite explicitly an Achievements system, but not one that ties into anything other than vanity Miiverse posts which I'd switched off when I started the game in the old flat) which I enjoyed much more than I'd expected to.

The return to a public transport-based commute means the 3DS has also seen some action- I'd started Weapon Shop de Omasse, the last of the Guild01 games, which was delayed massively as it's mostly text (the game's story is told through a Twitter-esque news feed, which went some way to reminding me of all that internet I couldn't have) which, while reasonably well-written, is perhaps a little too long to keep its joke running and isn't really carried by the rhythm-based weapon-crafting gameplay (although that does differentiate it enough from the superfically similar Recettear, which was an inital concern going in), and I've been able to dig a bit further into Persona Q.
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Posted by Mark at 09:04

Persona seems to be becoming Spinoff King Of The JRPGs, the last two games spawning enhanced remakes, anime series, films and stage shows, so it makes sense that it's going to start expanding out into other games. While Vita rhythm game Dancing All Night seems to be MIA in Europe, dungeon crawler Persona Q has made it to 3DS.

At its core, Q is a simple reskin of Etrian Oddysey- itself getting its own, Mystery Dungeon-flavoured spinoff soon- featuring the casts of Persona 3 and 4.

Each group of plucky high-schoolers gets their own, seperate story- although both involve the groups encountering two new amnesiac characters Zen and Rei, and then entering the labyrinths below their school in search of the new pair's memories.

Despite this, the game remains easily accessible to those who aren't familiar with the Persona series and its characters.

Very little has been left behind in Etrian Odyssey terms- it remains the same first-person jaunt through a grid-based map, being randomly attacked by enemies from the Persona games, dodging FOEs and keeping the curiously charming series staple of having to draw details on the map yourself.

What has changed is a more linear approach to levelling, where characters simply increase their level and learn new moves at a given time without player input.

Persona's typical presentation is also present- the stylish menus and other interface graphics, as well as plenty of dialogue in and out of battle which, while not laugh-out-loud hilarious, frequently raises a smile. The more surreal Persona world has also allowed the artists much more freedom with the environments than seen in Etrian.

A crossover game should be a tough sell to anyone not versed in either or both series, but Persona Q manages to defy this- never bogging itself down too much in the injokes, backstories and gameplay quirks of its source materials to the point of becoming impenetrable, but still managing to be a fitting tribute to both series.
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Posted by Duane at 04:52
The highly anticipated (at least around these parts( 3DS spin-off for the Persona franchise, which combines the casts of both Persona 3 and Persona 4 has received a release date from Atlus.

The dungeon crawler will be available from November 25 2014, whilst it was previously confirmed that Europe will receive the game on November 28th. Atlus have also unveiled the games intro movie, which you can watch below.

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Posted by Duane at 04:51
I think its safe to say this is my most watched title of 2014, and up to now most of the trailers I've posted have been of the characters that are set to appear in this Atlus crossover (featuring Persona 3 and Persona 4).

Again, all of this footage is of the Japanese version of the game, and we dont currently have confirmation of a EU release whilst the US release is simply down as "Q3/Q4 2014". The videos below show elements of Persona Q's battle system, including how battles pan out, Persona switching and the importance of exploiting enemy weaknesses.

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Posted by Duane at 07:42
It appears that Famitsu have revealed that the various assistants from the Velvet Rooms in both Persona 3 and Persona 4 will make appearances in Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth. I don't know if the characters will be playable but an image on the games official website shows four silhouettes, three of which resemble Elizabeth (Persona 3), Theodore (Persona 3 Portable) and Margaret (Persona 4).

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