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Posted by Duane at 15:42

Thanks to the remote play functionality that exists on the Sony hardware I've found myself returning to Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XIV. I found GAME selling both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward cheap on PS4 and as I'd missed the chance to upgrade my PS3 ARR for free I took the chance to snap it up.

The problem I've mostly been having though is that my other half is sinking just as much time into the MMO that she plays, Lord of the Rings Online, that I have been FFXIV, but because hers is strictly tied to the PC I've been, as mentioned, using my Vita to go to Eorzea thanks to Remote Play.

I'm not actually all that fussed about this as, surprisingly enough, FFXIV features a hell of alot of single player content, its mostly fetch quests and the like but they're pleasent enough to play through on the handheld and the controls are mapped really rather well.

Where the game has sunk its teeth in most though is its version of Final Fantasy VII's Golden Saucer. Each day you can enter the "Mini Cactpot" lottery, essentially a scratch card. You can purchase 3 a day and this resets at 4pm, so I'll go over to the Golden Saucer, try and win a few extra MGP (which can only be spend at the Golden Saucer) via playing this and then maybe partake in a couple of the events that pop up and definetly get some Triple Triad going, the music to which I have engraved on my brain.

Its gotten to a point now that I have a seperate costume on my hotbar just for my trips to the Golden Saucer, its a cool tuxedo affair, minus the bottoms, which you can see in the image above.
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Posted by Duane at 05:47
Okay, you got me, FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was actually patched almost a week ago, I'm just catching up with everything I've been wanting to post.

So yeah, the latest patch, 2.22 Through the Malestrom came out Friday, reminding me that I need to resubscribe soon. the latest patch reveals Leviathan for the first time new quests for both the main and Hildibrand story lines and the ability to change the appearance of your gear, plus more. Check out the trailer below:

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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is currently available on PlayStation 3 and PC and launches on PlayStation 4 on April 14th.
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Posted by Duane at 08:52
The next content for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is due later this month. Titled "Through the Malestrom", the update will continue the Hildebrand storyline whilst also introducing Gilgamesh and Leviathan to the world.

Producer Naoki Yoshida will host his next "Letter from the Producer" event on March 21st at 10:30am GMT and will discuss the new beast tribe events, "glamour" magicks that allow you to alter gear appearance among other things. Whilst scenario writer Kazutoyo Maehiro will make an appearance to discuss where the games story is headed.

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Posted by at 03:09
Square-Enix have now announced the official release date for the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The game has been available on PS3 and PC since August last year, and the beta for the PS4 version is set to launch alongside the Japanese launch of Sony's latest console.

If you are already a FFXIV player on PS3 a press-release states that transferring to the PS4 version will be free, although I'm not certain of exactly what that means. Pre-order exclusive early access in-game items include a Mog Cap and Cait Sith minion whilst those who buy the PS4 collectors edition will also receive a Fat Chocobo mount and a Wind-Up Moogle Minion.
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Posted by Duane at 03:06
This weekend see's another instalment in the Final Fantasy XIV "Letters from the Producer", this time its discussing Patch 2.2 which will apparently feature the following:

The Coming of Leviathan The next primal in the game
Ruins of Amdapor The ruins of a lost civilization
The Binding Coil of Bahamut

The games producer Naoki Yoshida and assistant director Hiroshi Takai will also be discussing the games PlayStation 4 release, for which you'll be able to ask questions by heading here and submitting them.
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