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Posted by Ben at 09:03
I should probably put 'Game Complete' up there ^ but as neither game took me longer than an hour to get through it's probably isn't worth it, but we'll get to that later.

First up Binary Domain, which I think I'm approaching the end of, and thoroughly enjoying

I met up with my full squad, picked some favourites to regularly buddy up with and build trust. To be honest the team order mechanic hasn't been all that useful yet, and so neither has the trust meter. Granted I suspect they'd have left me to die when I need them to revive me if we weren't getting along, but beyond that I just leave them to do what they want.

You get a couple of other team members along the way, I wont spoil it here but the French team member is brilliant. You're also forced to team up with certain people at points, it forces you to mix up your team I guess, but it does mean that half the people in your team disappear for 5 hours.

Gameplay wise it mixes stuff up with some vehicle stuff and creative boss fights, but generally it's cover based shooting. Good cover based shooting, a bit feeble at first but once you level up your weapons it feels punchier.

Eurogamer were giving away a pokemon yesterday, that and my housemate playing XIII-2 have got me pining for Pokemon Black. I don't have much to say other than the process to get a pokemon into your game is a nightmare. In fact with all the web based stuff done I still have to find the woods where the pokemon have been dumped so I can add them to my party.

I also played Pocket Fighter and Vampire Saviour on my creaking Saturn. I think I posted that my UK saturn is now in the bin, and sadly my white Japanese one might not be far behind it. It loads discs fine, but the cart slot is knackered and it's really used as a fighting machine, which means capcom and the 4mb cart. they're still both good games, it's odd that it's easier to see their legacy now despite neither game getting a proper follow up. Vampire Saviour chains punches and kicks in the same way Marvel vs Capcom 2 did, and Pocket Fighter simplified things like Tatsunoko. And for what it's worth I'd love a sequel to both, or at least a handheld port of Pocket Fighters
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