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Posted by Duane at 02:55
IGN have uploaded nearly 9 minutes of footage from the Japanese version of Atlus' Persona 5 and it looks utterly brilliant. The video shows the series dai/night cycle and shows the main characters attending school, visiting the cinema and heading into whatever Atlus are calling the new version of Tarturus/TV World to battle and, more importantly, seemingly negotiate with new Persona in order to be able to use them.

Also, can we get a shout out for the soundtrack!? Hell yeah!.

Persona 5 will release on Valentines Day 2017 in the US but no date has been set for Europe yet.

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Posted by Duane at 04:57
Which would you choose?

Square-Enix appear to be asking JRPG fans some serious questions as they are apparently considering a Summer 2016 release date for the latest release in their biggest franchise. Whilst nothing has been explicitly stated, it does appear that Square released a survey in Japan in which 2 of the 50 questions involve Atlus' highly anticipated RPG.

Question 47 asks " This is a question for those of you looking into purchasing both Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV. If both titles were to release at the same time, which one would you prioritize?

~Final Fantasy XV
~Persona 5

" Whilst the following question goes a little further and asks fans what attracts them to Persona 5.

Whilst all this doesn't strictly mean that the two will release at a similar time (in Japan), it does raise an eyebrow that Square-Enix have even thought about it.
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Posted by Mark at 17:12
At this year's TGS and the flurry of sideshows which come with it, two games series were announced to be getting animated adaptations.

The first is Ace Attorney, which is getting a TV series to air in April. There were no other meaningful details announced apart from that Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Maya Fey would be the main characters.

This isn't the first adaptation for the series, as it had a number of manga adaptations, some of which have made it to The West.

The other is Persona 5- the latest in a series known for its spinoffs- whose adaptation was announced at the Persona Special Stage event.

Siliconera points out that this has been described as a "Special Program" anime, suggesting that this might be a promotional or one-off production, rather than the two TV series Persona 4 got, or the movies Persona 3 was made into.
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Posted by Duane at 14:28
Atlus have today announced that the four Persona titles announced for Japan late last year will be making their way over to the US.

3DS Dungeon Crawler, Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth will be available Fall of this year as will Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, a seqwuel to Persona 4 Ultimate on PS3.

Lastly Persona 4: Dancing All Night (Vita) and Persona 5 (PS3) are both slated for next year.

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Posted by Duane at 10:40
Persona series director, Katsura Hashino, recently conducted an interview with Persona Magazine in Japan, a full breakdown can be found here.

The text of which, in regards to the plot of Persona 5, suggests that the game could possibly be about a group of people trying to escape the grind of their daily lives and the things that hold them back.

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