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From: BITPARADE [#1]
 17 Apr 14:09

Talking It Down

Many years ago I wrote a God Mode On post called ‘Generation Game’, and now I regret it because I can’t think beyond that title for this post. I mentioned in the last God Mode On that it was something of a 2 parter, that my conversation with the 20 year old had led me down a mind path that brought me to this topic. If the extended generations, both from the prolonged PS3 and 360 generation, and the topical mid-point refreshing of the generation we’re seeing this time around. I don’t really have a problem of the 1.5 versions of the PS4 and the Xbox One, in fact I have a Playstation 4 Pro and am quite interested to see what the Scorpio can do, even if I can’t see myself picking one up. I feel like 5 years ago I’d be furious at the prospect of the console audience being split, the haves and the have-nots of gamers, the early adopters being punished with inevitably inferior versions of games. Honestly, typing this, I feel like that’s what this post should be about, but it’s not, I’m not that angry


From: beemoh (MARK) [#2]
 20 Apr 20:58
To: Ben [#1] unread

Don't worry about the cost of games, there's always Free-To-Play!



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