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We started the week off telling you that the [url=]Wii had finally been released in Korea[/url], and showed off yet another person [url=]performing the Mario theme in an alternative way[/url] that news post also carried a disturbing video of some bloke singing "Do the Mario", but the less said about that the better, and we also put up some gameplay footage of [url=]Soul Calibur IV[/url]. Lastly, [url=]Tony Christie meets GTAIV[/url]. [url=]We're still beating up Ben[/url], and this weeks free game was [url=]City Scrawlaz[/url], and I wrote an article detailling my personal [url=]top ten racing games.[/url] Whilst I also had a rant about a slight [url=]bias towards Nintendo in the media[/url]. Lastly, our reviews, this week we covered [url=]Crisis Core: final Fantasy VII (PSP)[/url], [url=]Dr. Reiner Knizia's Brain Benders (DS)[/url] and [url=]Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star (DS)[/url]

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