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Not ones to shy away from a good cash-in, there's three new Persona-based games on the way from Atlus

The first is a sequel to Etrian Odyssey crossover Persona Q- it's just called Persona Q 2, but looks like it might have the subtitle "Take Your Heart", according to its one-page official site. That's hitting 3DS at an unknown point in time.

The other two games, with their own counterpart website are rhythm games, similar to Dancing All Night, this time based on two different games from earlier in the series: Dancing Moon Night, which is based on Persona 3, and Dancing Star Night, based on the more recent Persona 5.

Trailers for both Moon and Star have been released, and they'll be reaching PS4 and PSVita in the Spring.

I reviewed Q back when it came out in 2014 awarding it eight, while nearly a year later Duane was slightly less impressed with DAN, only giving it a seven.
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