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Bitparade has a bit of a history with legendary epilepsy-fest Polybius. Duane wronte an in-depth piece on Polybius many years ago.

As for the Nine Inch Nails link, Nine Inch Nails are fucking great and Trent Reznor's Quake soundtrack was superb

Given Trent Reznor's links to gaming I guess we shouldn't be too surprised that there's a videogame theme to Nine Inch Nail's new video, LESS THAN. It's maybe a bit of a surprise that said game is Polybius, Jeff Minter even gets his name featured!

The video is posted below, it's good, I'll join the people saying it sounds more 'The Fragile' than some of his more recent output, although the electronica of LESS THAN isn't miles off the more recent Hesitation Marks. The EP LESS THAN comes from is called ADD VIOLENCE, and it's out on the 21st July

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