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In different kind of news, Women in Games have launched a new ambassador program, which is now sponsored by Google's Women Techmakers

I'll admit to not knowing who/what Women in Games was, but after reading a bit about them, they're a non-profit aimed at encouraging women's involvement in the games industry. The ambassador program is designed for the purpose of:
"Ambassadors are expected to reach out to young women at school, college and university locally in their region to encourage them to consider the games industry as a career. They will also reach out to the local public, regional industry and educational leaders and local government to form partnerships and long term strategic relationships."

So, whatever you think about about this, and I'm not here to lecture you, the last part, the bit where they go and talk to people in positions of power about gaming, is a good thing for us all. Gaming has begun to be taken more seriously, or at least become more accepted and openly talked about, but it's still got a long way to go

The ambassadors include the likes of Jessica Curry (who did the music for Dear Esther), and if you want to find out more head to
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