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Atlus are clearly big fans of our Grandia Let's Play series as they've sent us a Let's Play video of their own, featuring Erika Harlacher playing some Persona 5

It goes without saying that this Persona 5 video is going to be a bit spoilery. It looks very early in, there's a tutorial explaining about being surrounded by enemies, so I'd guess maybe the first or second dungeon, but I know some people want to go in completely blind.

Erika Harlacher plays Ann Takamaki in Persona 5, and this dungeon seems to focus on her a bit. Again, to stress, don't watch the video is you don't want some scenes spoiled, but Persona 5 is looking pretty good.

On a related note, Atlus have also announced that Atlus have also made some PS4 themes and avatars available for free until the 21st March, so you've got a week to grab those

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