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Pretty much the worst kept secret in gaming, Bioshock: The Collection, has finally been announced and it's coming soon; September to be more or less exact

To be actually exact, the remastered Bioshock: The Collection is coming September 13th to America, Canada etc, and September 16th for everyone else* (*15th for Australia)

Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, the Bioshock Collection includes the original Bioshock, the underrated Bioshock 2, and the more recent Bioshock Infinite. The inclusion of Bioshock 2 is something of a relief, there was a lot of speculation that we were just getting the Irrational games. We're also getting all the single player DLC, which means Minerva's Den, arguably the highlight of the franchise, and the Burial at Sea DLC, certainly better than Bioshock Infinite

Trailer below, I've mixed feelings about the Bioshock games, but they're certainly something that should be experienced. It'll be interesting to see what the pc version turns out to be too. The original ports of Bioshock 1 and 2 had problems, Bioshock 2 in particular had bugs that were never fixed. Bioshock Infinite though looked fantastic, hard to see how it would need to be improved on PC at this point, so who knows.

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