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Surprise! Announcements like this, which completely appear out of nowhere, are the best. Moreso after the dust settles at E3.

But did it really come out of nowhere? A bit of sleuthing suggests that Mastiff have been dangling this version of the game in front of our very eyes, having created a Twitter account with the handle @Gurumin3D back in March, and tweeting that they were off to E3. It all makes sense now...

Anyway...Yes, Falcom's action adventure game, Gurumin, is heading to the 3DS in July courtesy of publisher Mastiff, and this is a release to get excited about. No, seriously.

In fact, I recently picked up the PSP version as part of my effort to revisit those games I missed in the PSP's software library, and I found it to be a charming action adventure title that has its own unique identity, enough to hide some of its shortcomings.

A 3DS version of this makes a lot of sense. Gurumin has a lot of platforming, and some of it can feel quite rote -- at least on a handheld -- due to the lack of visual feedback as to where all the platforms lie in relation to your character, Parin. So hopefully the developers will program in a good 3D effect to make the game's platforming feel natural and confident.

It's currently being developed by Opus Inc, who have done good programming in the past with the PC versions of Half Minute Hero, in conjunction with Falcom and iNPLAS, who, er, previously worked on this.

Please make sure the 3D effect is good, programmers.
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