Uncharted 4
Multiplayer Beta
Posted by Ben at 05:58

Ok, so if you have a PS4 and PS+, and you've any interest in Uncharted, AND you weren't roped in to spending Mother's Day weekend at your parents, then you probably played some of the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta for yourself.

If you did the you probably had a good time, because it does indeed seem to be pretty good. I say in the video at one point that I'd never tried Uncharted multiplayer, that's actually not true, I did when Uncharted 3 came out. The maps here feel like you're pushed to move more, there's less cases of picking a spot and holding up, which you can do, but it's not a great idea

There's only 2 stages in the beta, that I saw at least, with the town level, featured in this video being the pick. It's less colourful, less interesting, but also less clumsy and a little tighter. The jungle level isn't without its charms though, it feels like a bigger space, and certainly has more tricks up its sleeve.

If you haven't played the beta then take a look at our video. You can see the potential for some good moments, certainly I've had fun with it

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