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British retailer Asda appears to be winding down its stock of Nintendo products, including hardware and software for both of its current platforms, Wii U and 3DS.

As stated by a poster on HotUKDeals:
"All Asda stores will not be selling DS, 3DS, Wii or Wii U games in store as part of a range change in 8 weeks. Stores have been told to clear through at discretion with sale stickers. If your local store hasn't done this yet, they may just be holding on a while, as they won't get a credit for the markdown, and may be waiting on a central price change."
The move shouldn't come as any surprise given Nintendo's painful transition to the current generation. Both its 3DS handheld and Wii U console failed to match the mainstream success of their predecessors; last year the decline in Wii software sales last year wasn't matched by an equivalent rise in Wii U software.

Meanwhile, Wii U hardware sales went from small to small -- a 60 per cent rise on a small number isn't significant -- as Nintendo refocuses on its core fanbase in the run-up to bigger plans.

This isn't the first time Asda has dropped Nintendo from its in-store product lineup. In 2013, Wii U got the chop, a move that makes sense given post-launch sales for both hardware and software failed to reach even Nintendo's own expectations. Asda continued selling Nintendo's products online, which is likely going to be the case here.

This is all why Nintendo UK's decision to open their own online store is looking like an increasingly smart and well-calculated move. Operated by The Hut, The Nintendo UK web store spreads the company's risk as it lowers its reliance on retailers during what has become a short term slump. Asda's online Entertainment store offering happens to go through The Hut, too...
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