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Despite being the fastest selling PlayStation ever with over 20 million units sold, Sony's PS4 isn't doing quite so well in Japan, with lifetime sales for the region currently sitting at 1.3 million units.

The weak performance of all three current generation systems in the region last year likely contributed towards Japan's console market decline, now estimated to be worth just ¥369.55bn in 2014 -- down by almost half from its ¥688bn total in 2007.

Regardless of this, Sony does not appear to be resting on its laurels in garnering more PS4 support from Japanese publishers. Speaking with 4gamer (and translated by Siliconera), Nippon Ichi Software's president confirmed that all future titles developed by the publisher will strictly be on PS4 and Vita. He mentioned the following as one of the reasons behind this decision to drop PS3 development:
"Sony have been supporting us, so we’ve been able to make commercials, and have been able to get such merits for sales promotion.”

Last September, at Sony's pre-Tokyo Game Show event, the company revealed a sizable amount of PS4 titles and cross-platform PS4 and Vita titles from third party partners such as Falcom, Marvelous and Compile Heart.

At the time the support seemed strange, given PS3's far larger (and still fairly active given these kinds of games) install base. On top of that, these developers are used to working with the PS3 after many years of investment into the platform -- producing a PS4 version of games that'd comfortably fit the lower power PS Vita would be higher cost.

With Sony offering support to publishers who choose to invest in PlayStation 4, it all makes sense now, and it's a situation that's likely to pay off for both parties. Sony receives games it would prefer to have on its latest platform, and gets developers familiar with developing for its hardware sooner rather than later. Third parties benefit from increased visibility and promotion for their titles, and those developing cross platform PS3/Vita titles can make the switch to PS4 with less risk.
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