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Actually that should say 'Games Complete' because I have been hard at it the past couple of days.

Actually that's not really true, but over the last week I've been playing Enslaved and today I finished it. I still don't think it's all that good a game, and if I could be arsed to write a blog post, or my netbook could hold a charge long enough for me to write something while sat out in the sun, I'd complain about the repeating game design.

What I will say about it though is that the characters are superb, the end is a bit cheesy, but the core cast are incredibly engaging. It's just a shame the combat isn't, the camera zooms in too close, you get locked in combos, and the framerate means it's not all that responsive. I also encountered a bug towards the end of the game where Trip wouldn't move some carriages, it took me 3 restarts before it would let me past.

I'll tell you what else I finished today, only bloody Pokemon Black. It's got a strange ending, I mean it's standard for Pokemon, get to the elite 4, beat them, get to the champion, then another fight and done. What makes it weird is that you get your legendary pokemon right at the end, no time to do anything with it, use it for a couple of fights and then it's game over.

You can carry on afterwards, which is what I did, even went so far as to bring in my pokemon from Diamond, but ultimately other than collecting classic pokemon and doing some more minutia it's not worth carrying on. Shame because once I'd got my new team together I wanted to use them for something
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