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As per usual, completed a game (Binary Domain) and have stalled starting anything else. I've inched a bit ahead in Pokemon Black, not enough to spend any sort of time writing about it, although they have just introduced some sort of 3-way rotational fight which feels a bit too random to be fun.

I have started SSX though, I still feel way to early to pass any sort of judgement on it. It feels like the game could easily start kicking my arse and I could do nothing about it. Things like the multiple routes feel like they could be exploited by the A.I. while I just bounce off the scenery.

The tricks don't feel as involved as they could be either, there's no real skill to them. It's fun though, really fast, smooth, and I'm aware I've made multiple judgements after saying I couldn't.

Over the weekend I played some Metal Slug XX co-op with a friend, I remembered it being something that felt doable without a million continues, apparently not though. It's also not the fresh feeling Metal Slug I remembered, I'm starting to think that was Metal Slug 7, but I can't remember what console I bought that on.
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